Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ardour Hornets, College goodness and Heavyweight denim...

Continuing our love affair with classic college sweatshirts & taking inspiration from the 1950's state jerseys we have finally released our Hornets sweatshirt.

Using a traditional colour scheme of Maroon and Mustard, together with original font, we feel we've captured that healthy competitive fervour that was evident between the Ivy League sporting fraternity's with a sweatshirt that gives an admirable nod to days gone by.

Pictured below with our coach jacket which is due for release next month, showing how the I V Bear range is going to shape up over the next few releases.


Following on nicely from our initial college sweat and continuing with the I V Bear line we've kept things on a vintage sportswear tip with a new colourway of that original design.

Using a beautiful clean combination of Bottle green and cream, our college sweater befits the classic varsity sports look, complete with our large AB insignia.
Versatile enough to be worn in a number of ways, whether that's over the top of a neat button down Oxford and pair of chino's, or with a pair of your favourite worn denim for a more laid back look.


And finally we are proud to release a premium piece in the form of our Labourer shirt.

Made In England.

A heavyweight shirt that is made from 11oz hickory denim and made to a very high standard.
We have limited this release to 20 pieces worldwide with no re-run, safe to say you won't see anyone else in one.

The distinctive Hickory stripe is synonymous with classic work wear, a traditional reminder of bygone days and working attitudes seldom seen in today's times.

Our Labourer shirt takes reference from both American and British work wear heritage, fusing together details from rail road attire and factory labourers shirts with a modern cut to create a contemporary take on vintage work clothing.
Adorning the chest we've added a single tab fastened pocket complete with button closure that's perfect for keeping your daily writing essentials close at hand.
To round things off nicely and to give the shirt a more modern guise we've added our glasses tab's, perfectly balanced and cut to provide a neat and handy way of keeping your eye-wear safe when not being worn.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ardour Brand I V Bear Coach jacket sample

We have finally received the sample back for our maroon coach jacket.
With a few tweaks to make we will be going into production with a view of release on May 5th.

Below is the sample of the Maroon version but it will also be available in a mustard yellow.

Made in England carrying a retail price of £160.

We wanted to make the jacket substantial enough to wear throughout most of the year so we have put a twill lining in and beefed up what would usually be a shell with the following features…

Reinforced collar as the photo below
Hanging loop on outer and inner
Rounded collar
Inside pocket with I V Bear patch sewn on
Steel popper fastening
Cuff adjustment via poppers