Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Vintage Vintage...

Rule number one for Sinister Delicious.... Following every good Music Post should be a blog about Clobber. Wouldn't want to break my own rules would i? So we're delving head first into a Vintage soiree.

Vintage Clothing and styles has become BIG business with online eBay boutiques plentiful and second hand clothing shops scattered all over the creative districts of various city's. But let's be honest, a lot of the stuff that end's up in these sort of places is absolutely bunk. However, every now and then a few little nuggets of vintage gold wash up and can make for a bargain purchase.

Now I'm not one of these chaps who dress head to toe in Vintage, i much prefer to mix it up... i have a few choice items in my wardrobe that i still wear to this day and no doubt will continue to do so. At the end of the day, some things are timeless and if something looks good then it looks good. It's definitely how you wear it though. I have always been a sucker for windbreakers, it's just a look that i like. Peter Storm, Izod Lacoste etc - I prefer brighter colourways and a windbreaker is perfect for summer or rainy days alike.

With a visit to one my Favorite cities on the horizon, Manchester, this coming Friday (Joy) I have posted a couple of pics of stuff I've picked up as far and wide as Wood (Bags of Flavour) In Mancs Northern Quarter, to other vintage havens from afar. Enjoy.

(Top Pic)
Izod Lacoste Windbreaker (Wood, Manchester)
Lemon / Light Blue Pringle (SuzieHigh, London)

(Bottom Pic)
Hunter Leather ( Wood, Manchester)
Izod Lacoste Windbreaker (US eBay)

Tales from a Record Box....

Okie Dokie, after a long weekend involving work and fun I'm suitably refreshed to get some Blogging done. During Friday nights antics i decided to dust my decks off and get my Vinyl out. Since technology rules the roost these days when it comes to Dj'ing activities and playing music as a general, I have neglected some of the gems that i acquired while i was banging away at a battered pair of Stantons. So, with the weather in fine form and being in a rather chipper mood i'm going to lay down a couple of tracks dug from the depths of my modest but rather eclectic little box of goodness.


1. Junior Boys - In the Morning (Hot Chip Remix) / Junior Boys - FM (Tensnake Remix)
Having been a fan of Junior Boys anyway, when i first heard this i was rather excited and hence bought the Vinyl pressing. The cool, understated dreamy electronic vibe builds softly and delicately into a rather cosmic sounding mantra of calm and soothing sounds. As it builds, a rousing and unexpected deep bass line creeps with it, eventually dropping and with it comes the distinctive vocals of Hot Chips Alexis Taylor. The record quickly passes it's 10 minute play time in a hazey whirl, leaving the listener in a relaxed and mellow vacuum. Best listened to post-club comedown time when everybody is a little bit battered. Best served with a tangy spliff (If that's your thing)

Not taking anything away from the Hot Chip remix, i would rather imagine it's not really to every ones tastes, each to their own and all that. Instead the flip side, a rather dramatic yet brilliant remix from Tensnake, the Junior Boys track this time being FM. Tensnake is a varied producer and this is homage to that fact. This is the total opposite side of the fence to the Hot Chip offering. Tensankes effort is a moody, atmospheric winner, It builds with tension at every beat. The drop is rather luscious with haunting vocals cascading through this emotional dose of Tech House that's being served up but as the record nears it's pinnacle, an upbeat feeling is created leaving an ending that smashes the lot to bits. Like a long overdue sun rising from behind a dreary grey cloud, it brightens the whole thing to joyous levels.

2. Cut Copy - Lights and Music (Boyz Noize Remix)
Let me just start by saying, Moi Jaime' le Cut Copy... In English, i fucking well adore the Australian outfit of Ghosts in Colours fame. They make cool sounds for all occasions and some of their remixes are of EPIC proportions. This is an Ace record and one i had forgotten how good it actually sounds. So as i sit here and type my little review, i've got it pouring from my speakers at neighbour-annoying levels of volume. Complete with a smile slapped across my face as big as this shockingly good remix from Boyz Noize. Boys Noize isn't usually a producer or Dj i would get excited about, his sound is very glitchy and tech/electro. So how he manged to pull of this devilishly handsome remix is rather impressive. It's Disco, It's House, It's Electronica, It's Summer.... Get on it and throw a shape!

3. Phoenix - Too Young / Phoenix - If i ever feel better.
Phoenix are French indie hero's and i managed to catch their set last year at Latitude festival and although the middle England Toff crowd didn't look to impressed, myself and then girlfriend had a pretty top time tripping on space cake bought from some old New Age traveller to these records. Too young was one that they played which is probably my favourite by the band along with "If i ever feel better" (Blogged next) Too Young is a light and fluffy French indie record that i first heard sometime back in a set by Annie Mac (Before she started raping Dub Step) It's a nice, fresh and uplifting kind of track that is nice to have in your ipod on days like today.

If i ever feel better is all about the lyrics. No wait, It's all about that groove... Yeah, hear it? It's good, yes? Add this to your BBQ play list and get some Mojitos on the rip and instant win! Over sized shades optional.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The first picture of Summer....

A small post on this fine summers evening in South Wales... Lets hope the weather continues so more scenarios like this one can be played out the land over. Delightful...

Friday, 16 April 2010

Denim Heaven...

Its an area of dress that is often neglected, even ignored by some. How this can come to be is beyond me, a good pair of denim is an absolute essential. If truth be told i have bought pair after pair and unfortunately some have only had a few wears because we all have a favourate that we keep going back to. Mine are a pair of well battered Nudie Long John. I have never washed these since purchase and have worn them at least 5times a week since getting them. This is how many denim affectionists prefer to operate, having a sole project that they wear until the fades of their wallet and phone are clear to the eye. A second skin, as Nudie states. There are too many decent denim supplyers around not to have something that looks killer on your legs, My personal choices centre around A.P.C. Edwin, Levi and of course Nudie. I havn't bothered posting nice spanking new Thinn Finn or Partly worn Petit Standards. I've posted my favorates and most loved and therefore i have killed them... But they look ace. Unfortunately my camera phone is naff and my digital camera is knackered so these are the best pictures i could get at short notice.

Tee for two?

With festivals now very much on the horizon, both 5 day sessions (Glasto) and the likes of East Londons all dayer (Field Day) It's time to think ahead pick out some appropriate wears. Although Glastonbury is traditionally a Mud bath, in more ways than one... It's always best to have something to change into that you havn't scoped out from the bottom draw. I've picked out two of my favourate Tee's that will be getting alot of love this Festival season....

Starting with the cloud tee from Scottish originating label Folk. I nabbed this when it first hit the shelves as i thought it would be perfect for warmer months and when out on those long sun-drenched weekend sessions... It's quite a strange fit if truth be told and i had to take it back twice for a better fit. I settled on a size 2 which in Folk terms is a size medium, however this can be misleading as a size 3 in Knitwear/cardigans is of the same deimentions. I like the design, quite unusual and Royal blue is always a winner. The neck is quite wide but i guess thats the summery look that they're going for. Also available in a rather dandy "Multi" colourway, a tidy addition for the fifty bar paid.

The other Tee i've picked is from Paul Smith diffusion line R.Newbold. I love R.Newbold stuff, it's just scarse to acquire unless you're on the ball with Oi Polloi or can speak Japanese. I was lucky enough to get this the first day it came online on Manc based Oi Polloi and was extremely happy with the purchase. I'm bit of a sucker for a nautical inspired look and this ticks the right boxes. Effortlessly cool, with a slight twist of the top stripe in warning red. This is something that i'll no doubt wear into the groud over the coming months. The material is quite heavy for a t-shirt but the quality is in abundance.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I've got Soul but i'm not a soldier...

No, this isn't a post about the Killers. Thankgod! I hear you screech. Yeah, well.

This is a little music post that must be shared. I'm lucky enough to have grown up with a mother and father totally commited to Northern Soul. Both are still heavily involved with the scene today and often attend allnighters (No wonder i turned out the way i have, wouldn't have it any other way). Young memories i have of being picked up late Sunday afternoon after they had come back from whatever all nighter are a happy one, we would often go back and Dad would have his record box out, playing sounds straight out of Detriot. At such a young age i was certainly priviledged. Such sounds are imbedded deep in my inner making and i truely believe that i love the things that i do, and am passionate about music the way i am because of such scenarios. Taking on my old mans love affair with Vinyl and all things soulful and funkfilled here's two records i'm lucky enough to have in my box.

1. Nolan Porter - If i could only be sure (ABC records)
Quite rare record to obtain, costing around £40.... A smooth soulful groove with great backing beat. Haunting.

2. Tyrone Davis - Turn back the hands of Time (Dakar records)
My favourate of the two, what a sound. Great voice and 100% groove, listen to the lyrics, we've all been there...Proberbly. Absolutely Sublime.

Some light and not so light reading. . . Part deux.

So, part two goes to "The New English Dandy" and its worthy of such an acolade. This, another picture feast frenzy (i can read words, honest) of all kinds of weird and wonderful chaps in their personal splendour is interesting. If i ever need to know what the correct way to wear a tie is then i'm sorted. Some rather speculative efforts from London included, i should know, as a stroll through East London on a good day and you're sure to come across some of these, eh, Dandys. However, comical charactors aside there are some excellent examples of personal style and individuality put into practice and a small section on "Terrace Casuals" with some rather natty threads on display and ummm a guy in an all tweed get up with a pair of ski goggles on his nut. Excellent viewing and worth having around.

Some light and not so light reading. . .

Okay, since this is my first day of blogging, i have gone into overdrive with it and can't help myself posting more and more. So far i've skirted around the outline of clobber, flirted like a cheeky chappy with music and mused over Red Supergas.... Now its time for the more sophisticated stuff. Books.

However, i've chosen not the hardback novels and classical Shakespear that adorn my bookshelves. Instead i have focussed on a couple of reads that are a cool addition to the Coffee Table and that i generally leave lying around when i'm trying to impress a bird.

First up is this excellent Pictoral journey through the many youth cultures that have clutched the U.K starting with the oringal skinheads, Punks, Mods and right through to Rave culture. PYMCA (Photographic Youth Music Culture Archieve) Is an excellent record of the things that shape todays modern style and attitudes. Plus the pictures of the original Skins are class. Although not available for purchace (I was lucky enough to have this given to me by someone who works for the organisation) The website is worthy of a few hours surfing time. Lots of photos of interest and a rather good gander.

Summers Footwear of Choice

A small post, but an important one all the same. As you can proberbly tell by now, i'm a big fan of all things summery. So just a little taste of footwear that wil be getting a fair old run-out this summer time.

Now i'm not going to get into the age old debate on Supergas... I have come to the conclucion that they are the marmite of footwear for chippa chaps across the land. You either love them or you hate them... Safe to say i have a BIG heart next to mine. They are damn sexy.

These were actually bought for me as a present at XMAS time by a pretty cool Girl, i mean... Red Supergas off a chick. Definately Ticks boxes this end. Anyhow, here they are in all their glory. A vital part of this years looks and hooks. Splendid.

Get your Groove on...

Decks at the ready, Ipod's primed and ears throbbing for some sounds. I'm going to get stuck straight into the action and lay down a selection of 5 tracks i'm digging with a big funky spade at the moment.
Right then, enough of the small talk....

1. Dee Jay Punk Roc - My Beatbox (Les Rythmes Digitales remix)

Make no mistake, this isn't a new record... Released in 1998, some might say - why's he blogging about tracks that old for? Well listen and find out - heard this on a C90's mix and acquired a copy soon after. Les R D was certainly lightyears ahead of his time, just listen to that drop! Electro anyone? Purely genius and a no-doubt dancefloor destroyer... A definate keeper and weapon of choice.

2. Flight Facilities feat Giselle - Crave you (C90's remix)
Flight Facilities are an Austrailian twosome whose identity is widely debated. One thing is certain though, they produce exceedingly good records. Crave you is a sultry jam that oozes sexual tention from every beat, Giselles' voice pleading for recognition from an unknown entity. The C90's crank up the sex to almost orgasmic levels with their moody, prowl like Nudisco killer. Absolutely gorgeous. Yes, i am aroused.

3. Cheryl Lynn - Got to be real.

Yes Yes, i'm shamelessly plugging this from An M&S advert but i've been a lover of this record long before Twiggy started suggestively gyrating around in her undergarments (Not that i'm complaining, What a cougar!) Classic Oldskool sound and timeless with it, 100% groove and get down with your bird sound suitable for dreamy dates or booty calls alike. Get on it, it deserves a play or two!

4. Chic - I want your Love (Todd Terje edit)

This has been around for a good while, a flawless edit from Mr Terje and what a nice job he's done (Proper buzzing about seeing him next Saturday at FutureBoogie In Brizol). Extremely good memories of Greg Wilson dropping this in the back room of Matter while surrounded by loads of pretty girls... I'm not sure whether it was my animal magnatism or the fact that alot of blokes in there didn't seem too comfortable dancing to these sorts of sounds. Oh well, their loss as i cut that floor to shreds... Woooosh! WHAT.A.RECORD! Just listen to it, it's cosmic, sexually-charged wanting is enough to make me get up and clean my laminate flooring with the soles of my feet. Perfect summer record. Will never get bored of hearing it!

5. Golden Bug - Last dance in Tokyo (G.L.O.V.E.S remix)

Moving on from the sentimental sounds of yesteryear (timeless they may be) This little number is full on electronic-funk all the way from the land of Kangaroos. Golden Bug himself is a stable mate to Aus label Bang-Gang Records but not hailing from there himself, remixer G.L.O.V.E.S certainly does. Sun Drenched and gloriously funky, a backdrop of chrome bars and exotic skylines wouldn't be far out of place for this record, it continues to haunt my record box and thats certainly not a bad thing.

Latest Pick Up's - Shirt Splurge...

Okay, Over the past two years my love of shirts has grown into a rather smutty affectction. Every young chaps wardrobe should boast an array of shirts, correct? Well i used to save shirts for more formal occassions, or wear them soley under a roundneck / cardigan. All aboard the boat of change, perhaps it's because i'm getting older but its safe to say my transofrmation into fully blown shirt aficionado is complete, none better displayed in my recent pick ups....

Three shirts of different stature and for different occassions. From left to right, Albam Jude check shirt. Perect weight and a nice fit one would come to expect from the London based label whose quality and understated coolness is a thing that cannot be questioned. The details are ace and the check is vivid but not overpowering. A nice addition if i do say so.

Next up is my personal favorate out of the three. I've been searching for a decent Chambray for a while and almost opted for Universal Work's indigo effort, but i wanted something more chilled and relaxed... This MHL by Margaret Howell is perfect, make no mistake - i'll be droping this gem with a pair of Deck shoes and newly acquired AM bamfords while ambling around the seaside somewhere.... Perfect, Now where's my yacht keys?

Last but certainly not least is this fruity little number from Swedish label Velour. There's something about the colour combination that really gets me and therefore it now has a privileged position in le' wardrobe. The fit is kind of loose, but i like that with this particular shirt... I'm thinking nice pair of Chore Shorts from YMC and Red supergas and Vola, dressed to kill and ready to hit the beer garden...

All in all, a decent trio of summer flavoured shirts that can be worn in an array of outfits and alas, one happy chappy whose looking forward to long summer days and outside parties. Beautiful.

Sinister Delicious Opening party...

As this is my first post inside of the blogging trajectory, i have resided to myself that today shall be a party day... Please, Fill your glasses with whatever is to hand and explore with me the ritual happenings of everyday life. This blog is definately intended as a guide to whats good and wonderful in the universe, so if you're a poncey know it all who doesn't enjoy reading somebody elses ideas then please, use the door at the back and scuttle off into the vast emptiness of the interweb....

For everybody else, welcome and please follow Sinister Delicious though the Up's and Down's of everyday shenanigans. This Blog will feature regualr updates centred on the all important subjects of Clothing, Music, Nightlife and other necessitys for the young, self conserting dandy.