Wednesday, 29 September 2010

If I had a time machine...

It would most definately be game on at this 60's London Womens Boutique... Did i mention that I was fond of stripes?

That is all...

Saul Wilks.

I'm feeling a little distressed...

We all get that longing feeling when we see something we want. Whether its a Bird, a pair of trabs, a special release DVD, a rare record or in this case the very stunning and eye catching Barbour Carbon distressed Bedale jacket, in a scrumptious gorgeous worn-in knackered red.

The distressed Bedale Jacket is a fusion of this classic style, with Barbour's horse-riding heritage. This new fitted version uses refined tailoring, creating a modern take on this classic shape. Finished in a distressed red waxed cotton.

I decided to take the plunge on this earlier and managed to source it for a few quid less than most online boutiques are pushing it for which was most welcome.

The last piece of Barbour I bought was the Duralinen international, an admittedly ace bit of kit for the days when the weather doesn't really want to make up it's mind. However, as with a lot of Barbour I find the sizing quite big - I copped for a small in the Duralinen and I have to pull it in pretty tight around the waist to get my desired fit.

However, having been the owner of a Bedale before, I know what to expect from this gem - and anyway, I think this jacket will look a lot better loose, almost to the point of hanging off me. I've actually surprised myself because I'm usually staunchly all for hooded jackets and coats (A surviving habit from football going days) ... Where as of course, unless you order one especially from Barbour the Bedale in this case comes hood less.

Barbour are one of those labels that I don't always necessarily check out first, but then I'm definitely someone that knows instantly if they're into something or not.

The Colour and overall look of the Carbon distressed Bedale fits very nicely into my current crop of outwear and will be getting it's due wears on the damp and overcast days that are now well and truly knocking at the door.

Saul Wilks.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Get your grind on...

I'm in an ace mood on this fine, sunny day in South Wales... I have one more shift in work and then I'm free from the constraints of the dirge that is being sensible...

I'm also happy because on Friday I will be travelling over the Seven to get down at the crucible of Discofied sounds in the South West... The magnificent Futureboogie who have London's ultra chic and ultra cool Horse Meat Disco down to play.

With this in mind, I've selected a few records that have got me all hot under the collar at the moment! BIG BIG sounds, the perfect soundtrack for pulling a pout like a gurning trout and grinding up against some fine young thing, Or maybe thats just me... Because at heart, when all's said and done... i'm actually a massive wrong'un.

Whatever your doing, stop doing it, turn up these sounds and get SLEAZY!

Cole Medina / Sleazy McQueen - Anna Due (Social Disco Club Remix)

Cole Medina / Sleazy McQueen - Anna Due (Social Disco Club Remix) by Social Disco Club

Master C & J - Face It (Leftside Wobble Edit)

Master C & J - Face It (Leftside Wobble Edit) by Leftside Wobble

Watch this space for new mixes coming soon!

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Temptations of a technical kind...

Apart from the fact that Patagonia is a Welsh speaking region in Argentina, my interest in the label has been pretty non-existent. I did have a brief spell when i flirted with vintage Berghaus technical jackets but that was as far as it went for me as far as technical outwear was concerned.

However, I have had my beady eye cast on this rather stellar, down-bubble effort from the US outfit since it first cropped up on Peggs and Sons a little while ago. I'm not sure what has drawn me to it, It's at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to what I would usually source for myself, but I have definitely noticed a leniency in my purchase choices of late.
Whatever the hypnosis behind my new found longing for the mustard yellow version of this jacket, it's pretty simple really - I have a quite varied taste in clobber and if I think something looks cool then I'll cop for it. I've been picturing this matched up with a pair of Red Wing Wabasha Hiking boots and suitable shirting accompaniment for a little while now. It's more 'Man on a Mountain' than 'Man About town' but I've been pretty tempted by it. The only thing that puts me off is that my wardrobe will start looking like a Banana plantation if i have any more shades of yellow included in there...

Then again, there's always the Royal Blue colourway to temp me out of a cheeky two ton... The decisions one must make when acquiring his wears is no ones business!

With the amount of quality gear being feature on internet thread peddlers 'Latest Products' sections, it's hard to say whether i'll take the plunge on one of these for this coming winter. However, it just goes to show that when we think we've found our niche' in the way we like to turn ourselves out... There's always something a bit different that will lead us into temptation.

Saul Wilks.

It's a dogs life...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Grey Streets on a Silver Screen.

I've always been a fan of British cinema. It's usually gritty, Witty and watchable without the computer generated pap that has the likes of Avatar raking in millions upon millions of dollars on it's opening day and i find that quite comforting. Creativity can be displayed in many forms and I've always been of the opinion that using computer graphics and big buck affects just looks gash on the big screen. All very American and soulless.

I much prefer films that I can relate to in some way and that use relatively unknown actors and actresses. Those that are set on the shores of the UK are usually worth a watch. However, I'm not saying that every release courted by the British film council should be in your DVD collection but there is some ace British cinema out there for you to search out and enjoy.

With the likes of Danny Boyle, Guy Ritchie and Shane Meadows high on the list of British directors with films that have been critically acclaimed, British cinema is indeed a fascinating landscape of talent and there are some real gems to be found in the archives of British film. So for whats it's worth here's a selection of the lessers known productions and my favorites from the big screen of blighty.

Shane Meadows is everywhere it would seem. With This is England 86 all over the television and hyped all over the Internet and with films such as 'Dead Mans Shoes' and of course 'This is England' included in a back catalogue of varied films, 'Somers Town' is often one that is overlooked. Probably my favourite Meadows film, a charming tale of a young Polish lad who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a Nottingham runaway played by Thomas Turgoose (better known as Shaun from This is England) Set within the confides of North London and just south of Camden Town, The story captures the differences within the Multi Cultural metropolis and the challenges encountered while being young. With all the hallmarks of a Shane Meadows film, Somers Town is certainly worth a watch for anyone a fan of the Midlands born director.


Tube Tales is one of my favorite films ever, I remember coming home from a mates one night after a heavy smoke and this was on, It got me thinking that much that I actually whitied...
Tube Tales is a collection of nine short films based on experiences of London Underground passengers as submitted to Time Out magazine. The stories were scripted and filmed independently of each other. Filming took place on the London Underground network in 1999 by nine directors including Stephen Hopkins, Charles McDougall and Bob Hoskins, with directorial debuts by Ewan McGregor and Jude Law. The project was produced by Richard Jobson. The collection of stories often made me laugh but also invoked me to think, in some parts touching, in some parts dark. My favorite out of all 9 films is the last one, 'Steal away' which is the most thought provoking and clever in my opinion. I have often tried explaining the plot of 'Steal away' to many a person while discussing films (usually while chemically imbalanced) and I always get some pretty confused looks. So without me trying to do so now, i would urge you to go forth and buy Tube Tales, which is without doubt, one of the finest British films ever made.

Shifty is based upon the everyday life of a small time drug dealer and the predicaments he encounters with some of his unsavory clientele. However, when your sitting on that side of the fence things can often turn very nasty and very dangerous as Riz Ahmed (Shifty) soon finds out. Directed by Eran Creevy, Shifty is a thriller that De-glamorises the life of your every day drug dealer and portrays the real dangers associated with council estate mentality and the money encouraged betrayals of so called friends. Tough and gritty, Shifty is definitely worth a watch for those who like urban-set British thrillers.


Like most inner-city based British films, Sweet 16 packs a harsh punch and takes you onto the grim estates of Greenock, near Glasgow. Run down, grimy and with very limited prospects in the hole that lead actor Liam finds himself, he quickly spirals into a life of petty crime before moving into bigger and more lucrative drug dealing after his potential is recognised by the more senior crime figures in the community. All set on the dreary and miserable streets of poverty stricken Greenock, mixed up with the limited social outlets and brutal reality of kill or be killed that young Liam is faced with, Sweet 16 makes you realise that although your home town may be a dreary shit hole, in reality there's far worse shit holes you could be living in. After seeing Greenock, however dramatised Ken Loach may have made it, Newport would seem like St Tropez in the height of summer!

Last but not least in the dark and disturbing drama/thriller 'London to Brighton', the story of a prostitute and her young friend on the run from a revenge seeking gangster. Probably not for the faint hearted, tackling issues such as paedophilia and prostitution head on and with a grit that can only be associated with real life British film making. London to Brighton is a classic from Paul Andrew Williams that will have you on the edge of your sofa and cringing at the harsh reality of life on the streets for a young women on the game.

If you're into cinema on any level at all then I would passionately suggest that you search out and support British film making. There are some superb works available for you to discover and some ace homegrown talent to ponder over.
Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cool Cat in a Hat...

Its a dark November night and the Glorious Cold is biting at those ears... What you gonna do? Your all scarfed up, got your Smedley knitted or Dent leathers protecting your mits so all that's left to do is sort your bonce out before you get a head cold and end up in bed with flu. Right?

Seeing as Sinister Delicious is the conscious and caring blog for the self-asserting gent, here's a selection of head wear that you may, or may not fancy treating yourself too for the imminent onslaught of frosty nights and early morning adventures.

Christys Hats - Tweed deer Stalker.

I thought i would open up with the hat least likely to tick the boxes of the majority, but you know, that's fine because after all this isn't a blog for the majority is it? The Deer Stalker holds it's place in many an old Victorian scene in foggy London cobbled streets with it's most famous model being that of the magnificent Mr Holmes. Like most things that are not usually spotted being worn around city streets, football terraces or wherever else relevant, it takes real panache' to pull off a deer stalker in an urban environment and is something that should look effortlessly cool, otherwise it just isn't going to work and you'll probably end up looking like bit of a knob head.... And no one wants that do they? Still, if your a confident agent then this charming number from tradional hat specialists Christys should be on your radar for the coming cold.

Barbour - Hunting Cap.

This is probably my favourite out of all the hats I've blogged. I love the check used and have it on an array of items including scarfs and bags etc. I used to have an ace beadale in waxed cotton which was this check all over. Sadly though, like most things we get shot of when we're craving after something new and need the readies, i let it go for a song and I've not seen another since. However, Barbour have just released a waxed international which is this check all over... It's not as nice as the beadale but then beggars can't be choosers i guess. Tangent over and back to the hat, Barbour have also dropped a lugger style hat in this check, possibly aimed at Siberian Dressers, such is it's warmth qualities.

Norse Projects - Hunter Cap.

Norse Projects are easily my favourite label at the minute, they keep turning out quality garments for all occasions with a heavy street wear / nautical / outdoor inspiration running through their styling. I spotted this wool - 5 panel Hunter cap and think it looks the business. I'm not usually a grey type of person, as I'm sure you're aware from past purchases. However, I think it works really well and would compliment most outdoor get ups impeccably in my humble opinion. A steal at the price and I'm sure the quality is guaranteed if my last couple of purchases from the Danish outfitters are anything to go by.

Brixton Hats - Raglan Cap.

This Military inspired cap from Brixton reminds me a lot of the Filson outdoor waxed efforts from a few seasons back. The wrap around feature can obviously be used as a neck warmer - something I'm sure this wool number would do quite nice and snugly. If you're into this the i suggest you hit the Brixton online store up as it's currently on sale for a rather menial sum, so off you scurry and make haste your head wear purchase drooghi!

Saint James - Knitted Finshermans Hat.

Ahhhh, wasn't long until I got some stripes involved in the equation... French nautical specialists St James turn out this rather natty knitted Fisherman's hat that I'm digging in this Ecru / Blue stripe colourway. I'm sure if it's meant to keep greasy French Fisherman's heads toasty while they're out catching fish in the freezing channel then it will suffice for the everyday dandy going about his business this winter. Although I'm not a great lover of this style of hat, the colours and stripe pattern strangely allure me, once again my stripe addiction rearing its beautiful head.

So, there you go... That's my two pence worth on what hats are taking my fancy these coming colder days and nights. I'm on bit of a winter brown-nosing trip at the minute so expect some blogging on other Winter essentials such as scarfs and knitwear soon!

I'm off to prime my sleigh. See ya.

Saul Wilks.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Oliver Spencer...Pushing my buttons (or was that toggles) again.

Navy waxed cotton duffle coat which is an exclusive to my-wardrobe. Only eight will be on sale worldwide. Coat features a red check lining to the body and hood. Coat has traditional wooden toggle front fastening with brown leather trim, an adjustable button tab and cream corduroy lining to the cuffs and two front pockets with a cream corduroy lining. Coat hood is attached by button closures. Coat lining has two pockets, including one button down pocket

I've been searching around for some Winter jackets or jackets a little more suited to the climes that are starting to pepper the country... As I write this, i peer out of the window of my apartment and its howling outside, grey, miserable and cold looking. Ace.

I've had a few quid to play with this month so i decided i was going to wait and take my time in the hunt for the perfect jacket. I've dabbled with M of Tokyos wine houndstooth mountain parka and the amount of times the cropped Garbstore parka in royal blue has been in the virtual basket only for me to bottle at the last click is no ones business.

However, Oliver Spencer, although not the quickest in updating the online store, tempted me with the waxed brown Peasant duffle coat... The brown wax put me off if I'm honest - if only i could find it in a different shade. So, after looking around i stumbled upon this marvellous piece on my-wardrobe in a more classical navy.

My-wardrobe informs that this is an exclusive item to them and only 8 are on sale world wide... Two pieces per size.

This makes me feel rather elated, i wonder who the other 7 lucky chaps are going to be? And what streets they'll be adorning in this quality effort from king of cool, Oliver Spencer.

One thing for sure is this, One's now on its way to the glamorous hamlet of Newport for a rather pleased Welshman.

Saul Wilks.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Dust off your crepes kidda, there's some parties going down...

As I'm currently on my weekend rota of working, to comfort myself from this horrible fact I've been excitedly going through what nights I'm planning on hitting when they come around...

What follows is a fresh and upfront selection of some truly ace nights and parties that are going to be happening within the next month and through October - as always, i urge those of you who have the means and an incline for good times, if you're local or just fancy a fucking good time then get your maneuvers sorted and give these a visit...


Motion Terrace, Bristol - Friday 17th/Sept

Okay, without trying to sound like a complete lemon, Soul Clap are probably up there as musical hero's to me. Hailing from Boston in the U.S. their unique blend of soulful tones and deep grooves have these marked out to me as the ultimate party DJs. The Soul Clap podcast series is one that is jammed full of class mixes from the boys themselves and a host of other quality underground DJs from the world over. Soul Claps release 'The R'n'Free edits', containing one of my fav records ever 'Kissing Game' has gone down as one release that's been talked about at many an after party. With their new release just dropped on Wolf and Lamb Black label, the dancefloor destroying edit of Jamie Foxx's 'Extravaganza'... This is one party not to be missed. Unfortunately for me, I'm having serious grief getting the Saturday off from work but I've decided that I'll just drive over and back after their set if i cant get it off as I'm not sure when I'll get another chance to catch Soul Clap again. A wicked setting for the party on the infamous Motion Terrace and hosted by the messiest party in Bristol, Breakfast Club - This should come top of the list of anybody serious about getting down...


Backroom (The Vaults), Cardiff - Saturday 18th/Sept

With the Heady heights of Fridays shenanigans hopefully fresh in my head, Saturday night will be spent at the now homely feeling night of Cardiffs very own Backroom. Bringing in another massive booking for the Tech-House heads that Cardiff has in abundance, Cassy of Berlin will be headlining the Main Room with support from residents Dave Little and Clare James. The eagerly anticipated second room will be making its debut on the night with Melon claiming top spot for what promises to be the usual messy and fun time antics in the freshest bank vault on the planet!


Delete @ Undertone, Cardiff - Saturday 24th/Sept

After the superb time had at the (recently blogged) Garden terrace party provided by Delete, I'm very much looking forward to getting into the compact venue that is undertone to get some Matt Tolfrey style partying done with a Cardiff crowd that knows no bounds when it comes to enthusism for smashing it. However, with work pending again it's touch and go that i'll definately be in attendance, but you can bet your bottom dollar to a barndance that if the green light is granted, i'll be there. Another party that should be on your radar if your found wanting for some quality underground music and good times.


Futureboogie, Metroplolis Bristol - Friday 1st/Oct

Futureboogie and Horse Meat Disco? One word... THERE. Already sorted this one out so no panicking about having to work etc, I really can't wait to get back over the Seven and onto the cracking streets of Bristol for a hefty serving of Disco and grooves. FutureBoogies Joe 90 and El Harvo will be lining up with London's infamous Disco party institution and favorites H.M.D. for what promises to be a night of high end octanes and down right goodness. Seeing as this is only on until 3a.m. near by Dojo is hosting Cottam on the same night, offering up some very late / early morning options.... Oh well, I guess that's the after party sorted then.

Warm, Corsica Studios London - Saturday, 9th/Oct

This is probably one of the most eagerly awaited all nighters I've ever had the privilege of having tickets for (I literally bought them weeks and weeks ago such was my longing to be at this night!) The Warm 11th birthday at the impossibly cool Corsica Studios, complete with a line up that's so galactic you'd be mistaken to think the party was getting thrown on Saturn. With such a heavyweight line up including the likes of The Revenge, Mark E, Cottam, Sebo K and H.M.D. this is going to be BIG! A return to the capital once more and a weekend of memorable times no doubt... I may even get in some cheeky shopping time.

Well Ladies and Gents, Scholars and Rogues... These are the nights that are causing a fuss in my world at the moment. Make sure you check them out if you have the chance and ensure those Dancing Shoes are in tip top condition as, believe me, you wont be sitting down!

Keep it tasty.

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Pretty in Pink, yellow and blue...

When i first seen the previews for Garbstores A/W 10 collection, I, like many others was pretty excited for the online drop.

I knew the official release date for the in-shop launch but in my hedonistic pursuits in and amongst the capital i knew i wouldn't be in any fit shape to go missioning it around the rather up-market streets of Portobello, sunglasses covering chemically altered eyes or no sunglasses, to make a few cheeky purchases.

However, if the opportunity is there for you to go off searching for the day then i suggest you take in the delights of Portobello and the surrounding areas. The day i decided to search out the excellent Garbstore, i ended up sharing the afternoon with another dedicated follower of finely crafted clothing, whom i met coming off the tube at Ladbroke Grove. Random, but that's what i Love about London...
Anyhow, this evening, being a little bit spend greedy at the moment and flicking deftly through my shirting options earlier, I decided to add this handsome little number to my Winter options.

The Garbstore Officers shirt in a charming checked colour combination. Nice.

Saul Wilks.

The Sex appeal of Fred...

Is it just me, or do birds in Fred Perry generally look ace? Perhaps it's just me then... Granted though, there's something that smacks sexiness about the selection of women in the following snaps... Even scraggly haired Amy Winehouse looks worth a poke (albeit in the back of an alley way somewhere) .......................

The sounds that count...

Its been a little while since I posted up some of the records that have been getting me at the moment... So here's a couple of sounds that have been on my radar of late... A Bit of a mixed bag, but a fine little selection of deep disco cuts, edits and the sort of tracks that take the roof off places because they're just down right ace.

Perfect for getting your head into...

Turn up loud and Enjoy!

Dexter Wansel - The sweetest Pain (OOFT! Edit)

This first came into my trajectory when i heard it on a Phil Stone (Of Chicago fame) mix he done for the Soul Clap podcast series. The whole mix is full of sweet sounding luscious vocal gems and spine tingling edits such as this remarkably beautiful effort from OOFT. Play it loud, sit back and afford yourself a big smile.... Gorgeous listening.

Patrice Rushen - Feels so Real (Tony Johns Edit)

Another favorite sound of mine at the moment, from edit specialist Tony Johns. Patrice Rushen's voice is something of an angelic blend of inner city tones and sweet vocal delights. A class edit of a class record. With that perfect mixture of electronic boogie and an edge that makes it playable on a dancefloor... Tony Johns has got it going on.

Mtune - So you wanna be a star (Black Lodge Dance edit)

Black Lodge, the name of Brighton resided Rob Fahey, turns out this epic laid back belter that raises the bar for get down sounds. Wicked use of percussion and the drop gives it that all important kick to get the party going. Ace sound and another I've been digging of late, Splendid stuff.

Lee Foss - U got me (Hot Creations)

Lee Foss, I'm sure will need no introduction... Turning out some quality stuff on Hot Creations with the likes of label stable mate Jamie Jones. This record is BIG! Getting played from here to London and back, proper moments spent to this at the recently blogged Discovery/Warm party down in London over bank holiday. All the right ingredients to have this marked out as one of those records that just melts your mind when you hear it...

Toby Tobias - Fluffy Fruit (Nang Records)

I've never really been into hip hop... But i have always loved the Notorious B.I.G. Track juicy and the sample that's used in it. Toby Tobias, in all his wonderful mastery takes the same sample and turns it into a Balearic thriller... In Typical Toby Tobias styling, the electronic synth work comes shining through with smatterings of vocals fused in to give this track edge and soul. Another sound I'm loving at the moment. Quality stuff as always.

Azari & iii - Hungry for the power (Turbo Recordings)

By no means a new record but still, one that has been getting some serious attention from myself of late. It smacks sleaze and hints heavily at Chicago House... The vocals and lyrics combining to make this one VERY sexy record. A definite dancefloor bomb and great record to hear when you're getting your vibe on! Think dark dancefloors at 3 a.m. and let yourself get loose!

Matt Hughes - Playing on my mind (Outcross Records)

As most who read this are very much aware by now, my passions run deep when it comes to quality music and Matt Hughes is a fine purveyor of this. His electro tinged disco boogie is a sound I absolutely love and this great release on Outcross is a superb example of how to make music to make dancefloors move. Quality sound and a big favourite of mine at the moment!

I think that rounds off nicely, with some perfectly good ipod fodder for you to go and search out and get into. Hope you all enjoy these records as much as I've relished listening to them and getting a groove on too!

Catch you soon for some more goodness!

Saul Wilks.

When you're left out in the cold... Rejoice!

So, with the content of Sinister Delicious being firmly placed upon the mantle of what we're wearing and what we're moving to... I took the opportunity to do a piece of writing for Sinister collaborator and East Londons finest, Tommy Armstrongs fine blog of the arts - Life through a Latex Window...

It's nice to tune into that creative level once again so i'll leave you with a piece dedicated to those Winter months and the reasons why they ignite that joyous feeling in me.



The Cold, I love it so….

When the breath becomes a noticeable entity in front of our faces, vivid in the darkness and illuminated in the street lamps that we eagerly pace under, it’s a magical feeling that the nights are long, the days are short and the rustic and traditional feelings manufactured by the imminent on set of winter is finally gathering at our doors.

I’m of the persuasion that the colder and darker months are probably my favourite. They conjure up the stereotypical scenarios of bouncing walks through city thoroughfares and across open expanses of common grounds, stopping off for a warming beer at a village hostelry, the thought to me; A tantalizing and beautiful one. I am a patron of the warmer months just as much as it’s colder cousin but there is definitely something about those dark winter nights that I find most atmospheric and in a traditional way, most aesthetically pleasing to the soul.

As the sun reluctantly gives way to cloudy skies, allowing the scorched greens and gardens to become marinated by the fresh on-come of rain, sweeping in at an obtuse angle, as the winds project them across us and cause an almost musical inclination through the impact of nature and human skin, I revel in the fact that soon enough the eager lights of Christmas will be brightening the darkened streets and the air will be filled with that clinical mystique that only the true British Winter can incarnate.

These are the times I love, getting wrapped up in my winter wears, getting up early and exploring the cold shores and streets of our magnificent country, for at the time of year in question, it truly is a gorgeous and most thought inducing spectacle. The thought of setting off on the 6.00am train, as is my usual routine in winter time, to seek out the delights of Manchester, or the thought of exploring the history seeped streets of Edinburgh, probably one of the most awe inspiring cities in the colder months, is one I look forward to with great appeal.

I’m a romantic person and always have been. Romantic in the way that I think, the way that I see things and the feelings I encounter on such self-pleasing and mind warming crusades. I see things the way I see them, beauty and telling are always in abundance if we don’t take them for granted. The majority of people allow things to pass them by but if we stop, slow down and really look at things then there are some incredible things to behold at winter time. My general consensus is that our awareness is heightened, as if the winter aura can ripen our senses as if a natural chemical, a clean and pure narcotic gifted to us from nature, for us to recreationally use and then become addicted too… I know I’m hopelessly addicted.

I’m always fond of writing about London, but at winter time, it’s an amazing experience just walking around the spell binding city. The Southbank echoes all of those winter time scenarios, the type that make you want to be walking arm in arm with someone special, or taking the tube somewhere and emerging to be greeted by heady hustle and bustle and people going about their business with the raising breath gathering , almost visible as if another smog was settling over their heads, this time produced from the factory called the human body.

Of course, when we go on such head cleansing expeditions, taking in the crisp cold air that no matter your geographical location, just tastes cleaner and purer, our attire is something that should complement the backdrops of frosty grounds and snow covered pavements. The winter sections of respective wardrobes should boast the fantastical overcoats and thick, mountaineering styled parkas to keep our bodies warm… Ribbed jumpers made to the finest of specifications, rugged footwear in the shape of a pair of Folk Brandy Andre Boots or perhaps Timberland Abington, to help us cautiously tread the white carpet that has come to rest upon the hallowed grounds that we stride. Let us not forget the Scarves in beautiful cashmeres, classic checks, the ones our forefathers wore and the gentry favoured when they absconded their respective city dwellings for expansive country retreats. Or gloves and hats, woven from the softest of materials, each doing their job to the highest of expected standards.

Winter time is so much more than apparel and footwear though, we should push on and seek out these times just waiting to be captured by us and be grateful that we can experience such impeccably gorgeous wonders. The smell of log fires, the condensation gathered from the frost biting at the window and the golden sun set that fades for the impeding clear winter night skies, gloriously displaying the majestic stars, burning with a dance like quality on the canvas upon which they have been painted, Yes, Winter time is certainly the time of year that calls to me the most.

Make sure you take full advantage of the opportunities granted to you this year, whether they see you getting up at an unearthly hour to explore somewhere new, domestic or foreign, or just to appreciate the feel of those finely crafted garments that you adorn in the face of Natures gift to us all… The traditional and beautiful, Winters day.

Saul Wilks.

Monday, 6 September 2010

My kind of Sunday School....

Sundays are traditionally a day of rest for the majority of people the world over... Being in the minority, I took it upon myself to get down to Cardiff for the 'Delete' terrace party with none other than back to basics resident Burnski providing a two hour set of ace music, in the back terrace of a pub. With the weather not being able to make up its mind, it was a perfect opportunity to sport the rather splendid Universal Works Velo jacket for a possible dancing in the rain scenario... As it transpired, the sun came out and an excellent day was had by all. Probably a little messy for a Sunday but at least i didn't have to get up for work this morning... Good feel party with excellent vibes!

Sundays shouldn't be a day of rest... Sundays should be for getting deleted!

Saul Wilks.

Friday, 3 September 2010

The Egg chasing style crisis...

Fair play, I'm not going to lie... I think Rugby is completely gash. Coming from Wales this might surprise some but from an early age i knew the only ball that mattered was a round one. Living in South Wales and going to school outside of the City of Newport and instead up the surrounding valleys, stern P.E. teachers tried forcing the rugby culture onto us in a big way and the whole boring nationalistic pride bollocks that goes with it. Any international day down here sees every man and his dog turning out in a Red jersey, getting pissed and making complete tits of themselves. To me, the thought of going on tour drinking another freaks urine all in the name of male bonding and to pay homage to a game that in my eyes is full of macho and homo erotic tendencies... Well, as i said, each to their own and everything, but I think Rugby should be left to Eton Park rosey cheeked public school boys and other associated Herbert's.

However, one thing that i have taken from the world of rugby is one or two nicely styled Rugby jerseys from a few different labels. The likes of Ralph Lauren turn out Rugby jersey pieces on a season upon season basis, but on the whole, wearing a Rugby jersey in a social climate or for any kind of style purpose just looks wrong.

However, saying that, an iconic item that was, and still is much revered is the now classic Margret Howell Rugby jersey which I own in the Royal Blue / White colourway from a few years back. Rugby jerseys aren't exactly a garment i would choose to wear on a regular basis, speaking from a personal point of view i don't really think it's an item that holds a great pull with the sort of styles this blog is geared towards but then there was definitely something about the Margret Howell that made me snap it.

I succumbed to the same feelings when i seen that Norse Projects (who have been turning out some stirling collaborations this season) were teaming up with Barbarian Rugby company from Canada and 'The Hideout' to turn out this rather spanking, very limited piece that will have it's due wear come this winter....But like it's elka x Norse Project cousin, blogged below, this wont be getting sported in its stereotypical backdrop, around the streets of Twickenham with a load of plummy voiced Rugger types...........

No, this will come to pass as one of those items that I wouldn't usually cop for, but fall for in a big way anyhow...Because afterall, sometimes, you just need to try a little wrong out for size.

Saul Wilks.

Anorak Fever....

Everyone associates Anoraks with those weird looking chaps that can be found all over the National Rail network eagerly and self consciously scrawling train times and other such menial pieces of information into tiny little books... Usually accompanied by a mob of other similarly dressed special recluses, all sporting ankle dangling pleats, jam jar glasses and hair that hasn't seen a comb in decades.

However, who are we to mock them? I'm here to celebrate a key piece of their attire with one of my latest pick ups. The Anorak. Although the tasty little number I'm going to be sharing with you isn't going to be put through it's paces on the edge of some frozen platform somewhere in the middle of nowhere...

I took that all imporant plunge on this charming and rather geeky styled Elka / Norse Projects effort in oliver green because at heart, I'm a closet geek and I couldn't resist the temptation of pairing this up with a Gingham Checked shirt, some well pressed Chinos and a fitting footwear accompaniment.
When this arrived this morning and i tried it on, i immediately fell in love with it, the fit is perfect and it has those all important little details that mark this out as an Anorak for those on the move... Whatever their tip and wherever their destination. Knowing me, this will be coming out on those wet days when I'm pacing some far off city in search of adventure. The rope neck toggles and snug hood hint at shades of street rogue, the Norse Project influence coming into play quite noticably with these key features and all together mkaing this a pretty cool piece of kit to dig out when the heavens have opened.

Whatever your thoughts, I'm going to be more than made up to be sporting an Anorak when those rainy days start coming in abundance... Just don't look for me at the station with a pencil and book in hand.
Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Trick or Treat...... by Shaun Dangerfield

Trickers - everything about them just smell's of rose's, bench and hand made, fine suede's & leather, great colour's and craftsmanship.
After owning the tan chukka boot's i could'nt wait to get hold of the Trickers x Present brogue boot I was lusting after, and they exceed the expectation's I had for them.

Green Aniline Brogue Boot - Good Year welt Vibram wedge sole, bench made in northampton.

Only thing is now I'm not sure wether to wear them or share a bed with them......