Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ardour Brand Coach Jacket - Ivy Styling

Today was a perfect day to go out and shoot our new coach jacket - now available at www.ardourbrand.com photographed here in classic maroon.

As with all of our IV Bear line, the emphases lays heavily on classic Ivy Style and classic American sportswear.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

I V Bear Coach Jackets...

As our IV Bear line continues to grow, paying homage to classic American sportswear and the look christened Ivy style, we're exceptionally happy to introduce our very first piece of outerwear in our own take on the classic coach jacket.

The original sample that we had manufactured had to have a couple of tweaks because we didn't want to lose the look and feel of an original coach jacket, it's functionality was also a factor so we replaced the outer fabrics with a PU coated cotton/nylon mix while keeping the cream twill inner.

This elegantly simple jacket has been a synonymous symbol of American sporting prowess through the years, adopted away from its natural home of sporting arenas by the streets of America's inner cities and can now be counted among modern wardrobe staples.

Easily wearable, the coach jacket is an effortlessly stylish garment which looks just as good complimenting a neat, button down Oxford, or a t-shirt and a pair of nicely worn denim for a laid back look in the warmer months.

Details include a white twill lining and an inside pocket with our IV Bear insignia patch, two oval pockets, a rounded collar, waxed lace drawstring hem and full steel popper button closure, adjustable poppered cuffs and keeping things traditional in the look's department we have used a PU coated cotton/nylon outer.

They are available through the links below and if you are finding it from this blog don't forget to use the code sinister15 for your 15% discount.