Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Trojan Soundsystem With Support From Boogie Cartel.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

June 25th 2011 see's our Boogie Cartel support the Trojan soundsystem at the Horatia in Islington.

The Trojan Soundsystem 
The Boogie Cartel 
Ears Have Eyes
Mark Pharoah

This month sees the launch of a series of dancefloor-shattering bi-monthly parties at The Horatia, as Discovery set up residency at Highbury's favourite party venue.

For our first Saturday event, The Horatia and Discovery are very proud to announce that the mighty Trojan Soundsystem will be headlining the party with a full live performance, and these cats certainly know how to put on a show. The famed London reggae soundsystem, comprising of legendary selectors Earl Gateshead and Daddy Ad and vocalists Superfour and Chucky Banton, formed in 2004 to represent the renowned label in England and worldwide, and have rocked parties from Fabric and Cargo in London to the main stage at the Garden Festival, Croatia. They've worked with some of the greatest names in reggae, including Gregory Isaacs, Horace Andy and Lee Perry, and we're extremely excited to have them down to the Horatia. No matter your musical persuasion, expect to feel the full-force of some of the best party-throwers in town.

As well as the guys from Trojan, DJ support on the night comes from some of the most talked about party crews on the London scene at the moment. Discovery, The Boogie Cartel, Ears Have Eyes and Hang the DJ plus friends will be joining the dots between disco, funk, soul and house to provide a backdrop to the reggae and dub sounds of Trojan Soundsystem. To top all that off, we've secured a bumper 4am license to ensure the party doesn't get stopped in its tracks.

Tickets available here for £3 in advance...

WWM Shiprock Parka...

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself that's just too good to turn down. Such an opportunity presented itself tonight and being the opportunist I am, I took it without question.

The opportunity was that of this Woolrich Woolen Mills Shiprock parka at a bargain price, one that I could seldom turn down.

I scoped out this jacket when the final Daiki Suzuki designed collection hit the racks this S/S and I wasn't completely sold on the idea of the curved hem. However, after some research and the much needed addition of a lightweight summer jacket to add to the ever growing rotation, this seemed like the perfect option at the price it presented itself at.

I'm very much looking forward to giving it its first wear, I reckon the blue is a gorgeous head-turning shade...

One very happy chappy...


Vibrant..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

This shirt just scream's out what I'm all about, it's vibrancy is stunning, with check shirt's and flannel's they have to be different in my humble opinion be it in colour cut or fit otherwise they just seem to blend in with every other check shirt.
Gitman's Vintage range do this the right way. 
I have already owned this shirt winter season just gone but I wanted the unbuttoned collar like the one I saw originally which had me lusting after it.
So a bit of dealing around and here's the original piece I wanted, everyone's a winner and still cool enough to wear now.
Gitman Bro's 1978 runs under 3 banner's with each section producing a different cloth, the normal Gitman Bro's are not my cup of tea offering basically straight oxfords and the Gitman Gold range which is your usual quality shirt making, all good and I'm not denying the quality but all a bit suit like which doesn't really fit into my wardrobe.
Gitman Vintage however well now that's cut from a different cloth.
In it's 5th season now it dig's deep into it's archive history pulling out certain material's and styles from a particular year and reproducing it, basics but with history - like this spring summer season is backed down to 1986 - rich in pastel oxfords block colour and stripes, summer chambrays and madras, plaid's and linen's.
Nothing new on the radar but very happy to get this version in so shouting about it as happy people do.

Next up is Garbstore's suede Billy loafer with white lightweight sole, clean lines clean cut contrast stitching and rough brown suede..... ace.
Will no doubt wreck them within their first outing but still.... who cares.


A brisk walk through the country...

You'd think the country air would do one good? Yes? Not quite, unfortunately the majority of my bank holiday was spent nursing a very sore head and streaming nose due to a sickness bug...

Here's a picture taken at the start of the weekend when I was in considerably better shape.

APC parka
Margaret Howell Chambray
Native Craftworks


Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday Wear & Tear....... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I have spent my weekend catching up on some much needed rest which I have enjoyed thoroughly. (a lovely sentence hiding the true meaning of "lazy")
I don't mind the bad weather at time's as it gives me chance to layer up and wear what I want, next weekend I'm hoping for full on Sun as I enjoy a birthday tear up Friday - Sunday in (fingers crossed) linen and short sleeves, but who know's with this great British weather ?

Sunday -
Nigel Cabourn cameraman
Albam check carpenter
Woolrich WM railroad vest
Evisu classic plain pocket selvedge denim
M&S leather woven belt
Yuketen hunt boot

Monday -
Nigel Cabourn surface jacket
Albam engineer's waistcoat
Albam chambray carpenter 
Edwin 505 sen selvedge denim
Norse Projects tan leather gloves
Trickers x Present green leather brogue boots
Barbour tarras bag

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Engineered Garments Ground Floral Jacket... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I knew somewhere down the line I would bring this beast in, I did say and pre-warn everyone.
But here it is.... marmite in jacket form you either love it or hate it but I have a feeling it will serve me well on those early morning sun's coming up times at the disco.

I never thought I would ever see the day I would want something like this but I'm glad I'm in that place now so instead of looking like a walking advert for Catherine Kidstone I'm hoping I bring just a little bit of love in jacket form from the New York Giants - Engineered Garments.

My first thought's were on the longevity of it but to be honest who cares whether I'll be wearing it next year or not, and if I'm not I can always make them into curtains for the care home up the road.
Hood can be unzipped and folded then poppered to make a high neck as photo's below.
Made in New York.

This is the first time I have taken flowers home and my mrs frown.


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tip Toeing Through The Chambray..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Whether its my taste that is getting lairy this spring & summer or just me getting fruity full stop I'm not sure but I'm doing my best to just pick up the pieces that will complete a look rather than ending up making me look like an extra out of a children's afternoon t.v show.
I like the patchwork shirt's that have been making appearances the last few year's and ended up selling an unworn Universal Works effort that I just couldn't get to work with anything else in my wardrobe... but this.... this.... might just work.
Or I have lost complete control of my taste's and will end up looking like I've stepped straight out of Battlestar Galactica.
After my wheeler dealing this week and in's and outs I'm not sure if it's a wise choice and I should maybe calm it down a little, but still it's on the radar.


Gitman bro's vintage x Opening Ceremony multi check chambray -

Sunday, 22 May 2011

A couple of cheeky pick ups...

I'd better get on with this next post in a snappy and stealthily manor... If my bird realises I've been buying clobber again she'll string me up by my nads, and, like most gentlemen I know, I quite enjoy having a pair of bollocks.

Still, I've made myself a little extra money this week so I decided to invest in a few bits I've had my eye on for a little while starting with this lovely 'Great sweat' from a personal favourite Our Legacy, coming in this gorgeous muted red colour.

I'm very appreciative of good quality plain round neck sweaters. For casual wear and everyday knocking about I don't think you can beat a crew neck sweat with a battered pair of denims and a pair of moccs.

I've become more and more fond of Our Legacy, purely because of the simplicity, yet sheer quality of the items they produce. I already own this in other colours and I can't get enough of them. The shade of red used is really warm but together with the worn in look which is common for this design, it fuses perfectly and generally looks ace. I've been hovering around it for a while now so i thought no better time like the present to finally give it a home and some much warranted love over these next few months...

Going from sweaters to polo's and the second phase of my secret buying mission seen me splash the cash on a timeless piece from Ralph Lauren. This summer has seen me taking a more gilded look at the things I'm buying, preferring understated cuts and styling to colourful tee-shirts.

I chose this polo because firstly I loved the cool aura of thin stripes and the chest pocket. Stripes aside, I already know this will look really grand with some navy slim fit dockers, deck shoes and a decent hat.

At 70 bar, the quality will not be compromised or questioned unlike so many Jekyll pretenders to the polo shirt crown. A nice, elegant and smart bit of kit for summer and an addition I'm pretty chummy about.


Folk indigo goodness...

While conducting the more than familiar stroll down through the heart of the old truman brewery, passing son of a stag and flittering my eyes through the windows of Number 6, My heart skipped a beat when I drew level with Folk and my peepers latched onto this gorgeous and beautiful number.

The indigo overcoat from Folk just smacks of aceness, from the drawstring red tip detailing to the leather draw strap at the top of the chest, the garment looks spot on and well worth its tasty price tag.

I haven't bought much Folk for a while, I tend to find labels like Our Legacy and Albam filling the void of where Folk used to sit in my wardrobe, however, this effort is enough to tempt me to jettison a fair deal of wardrobe space to land it.

I've fallen in love with the fine shade of indigo used for this design and although an over coat may be a little bit excessive for the majority of summer outfits, I can't help but marvel in its undeniable beauty.

If money was no object at the moment, I wouldn't think twice about snapping this up... Folk at its very, very best !


Spring Summer Wear 2011 Garbstore Look.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Thought I would post these up early door's before I get on the beach for the last time before being midlands bound.
Garbstores on the rooftop collective modelling what is in their store as we type.
And the first 2 look's are 2 of my pick's jacket wise for this year in the Engineered Garments ground floral jacket and the Engineered Garments red field parka both featured below in the blog.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Fridays feel good sound...

It's Friday, so as is usually the case here at Sinister Delicious, we serve up the Friday feel good sound to welcome in the weekend with style.

For this weeks selection I've chosen this gorgeous laid back groover from D Pulse, with a stellar remix coming from Crazy P's Hot Toddy. This is a really ace record for the sunny weather we're being blessed with at the moment and perfect for hazey day dreaming... Just wait until those strings come cascading in, pure bliss !

Wherever you're at, enjoy and have a top weekend...


Weekend wears part 2...

I'm currently enjoying all these 'what you were wearing' pictures... I think it should be an integral part of any style blog so it's a trend I'm going to stick too.

This weekend is quite a big one - my girlfriend will be meeting my parents, which, I hope descends into something resembling meet the fockers... just for giggles. I'm sure she wouldn't see it that way though.

Anyhow, the weathers a little over cast here but is supposed to be brightening up a bit later so I guess I've chosen based purely on weather circumstances.

Top image -

Universal Works Velo parka
Albam Chambray
Nudie Long John
Pointer Benson

Bottom image -

Universal Works Taleton
Albam Hemmey
Dockers D Zero Slim fit
Gordini mesh


Welsh Weekender.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Off to enjoy a chill out weekend, bit of sun tomorrow (fingers crossed) and some beach.
Still packing a waterproof just in case.
Enjoy your time off whatever that may be - Weekend wear's....

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mister Freedom Veste Ouvrier.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Mister Freedom.
Not a label well known on these shore's and still very underground.
Creator Christophe Loiron has something that I envy.
Moving to america in the early 90's with his passion for idea's and love of vintage he set up a workshop purely for him, The label is oustanding in our modern world and his workshop I would love to be part of.

Heavily influenced by denim & work wear over the year's he has filled his workshop/outlet with vintage denim, military clothing, various leather, belts, work aprons, textiles, chambray, mesh all hanging in various places nothing strategic or there as a museum but for changing and chopping as he design's and creates. 

He has spent the most of his life searching for the vintage garments he was after to put into the workshop, but as time went on he realized he was'nt finding the items he was lusting after, either because they were too hard to find or simply had not been made so he started making his own versions hence Mister Freedom being born literally building this up from scratch out of pure passion for what he believe's in, they now have quite a cult (elitist imo) following and rightly so.

The thing that interests me most in labels like this is quite simply the hand crafted feel, it just looks, feels, and smells better it stands out. 
Mister Freedom make quality well made well designed clothing, it's nice to get hold of thing's that feel crafted or that feel that someone has put their time effort and love into making what your holding in your hand's, at the end of the day it is still only something you wear but if you like your clothes then I urge you to at least try it.

This whole post is about a new French work coat they have released, it's simplistic (as early work wear should be) but heavy in design and rugged, it's nice in this world of the modern feminine clothing taking over to see such hand crafted menswear being made from certain label's and this jacket just ticks all those boxes, it's something Steve Mcqueen would have rolled about in daily for years and years and it will get better looking the older it get's.
Released in their spring summer themed collection "les apaches" based on the French street bandits of the 19th century.
Natural wood button's
9.7oz indigo metisse
cinch back belt
made in Japan

Cheers, Shaun.