Sunday, 22 May 2011

Folk indigo goodness...

While conducting the more than familiar stroll down through the heart of the old truman brewery, passing son of a stag and flittering my eyes through the windows of Number 6, My heart skipped a beat when I drew level with Folk and my peepers latched onto this gorgeous and beautiful number.

The indigo overcoat from Folk just smacks of aceness, from the drawstring red tip detailing to the leather draw strap at the top of the chest, the garment looks spot on and well worth its tasty price tag.

I haven't bought much Folk for a while, I tend to find labels like Our Legacy and Albam filling the void of where Folk used to sit in my wardrobe, however, this effort is enough to tempt me to jettison a fair deal of wardrobe space to land it.

I've fallen in love with the fine shade of indigo used for this design and although an over coat may be a little bit excessive for the majority of summer outfits, I can't help but marvel in its undeniable beauty.

If money was no object at the moment, I wouldn't think twice about snapping this up... Folk at its very, very best !


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