Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Colimbo Hunting Goods Observer Parka...By Saul Wilks

Since I last posted I must admit to having spent some serious dollar on new clobber. That's the rewards you get for spending Christmas in work, but then that's the epitome of swings and roundabouts I guess.

As a result I've got a magnitude of ace clothing to post up over the next few weeks, but if I actually get around to doing it is another matter, so don't be surprised if there's no update for another few weeks. However, I at last found the time today to head out and do what I do best.

Colimbo Hunting Goods is without doubt one of my favourite labels around and as it's Japanese made with a heavyweight construction, they never fail to produce killer looking garments that will see you right through a nuclear fall out.

Getting hold of it is like trying to get hold of a nice fresh pile of rocking-horse excrement, ie, it's an arduous task to say the very least. The couple of bits I have copped for have all been imported from State-side, Williamsburg to be exact and without doubt one of the best shops on the plant, Hickorees of the big apple, NYC.

I don't even worry about getting hammered by customs any more, the stuff they stock and the stuff I've bought is always worth a financial arse intrusion. Anyway, one of my latest picks was the Observer Parka, a rugged, durable jocker of a coat that would probably keep you alive in the Arctic circle - it really is that good.

I decided it was too good not to shoot for sinister so I headed out looking something like a crack dealer and did just that.

I'll keep the spiel to a minimum and let you take a goosey gander at the precarious shots I took instead.

Be warned, they're proper menswear like.


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Ardour Brand Record Section...

We have now added a music section to our site, something that is obviously so close to our hearts and along with selling older and used vinyl we will also be selling new vinyl from our choice labels.

And we are proud to have secured a UK distribution for Washington D.C based PPU Records.
A label that is built on Soul, Synth, Boogie and Funk and reissues rare and deleted records as well as new productions, we are extremely happy to have this on board and you can check out our vinyl section in the link below…


I have put a couple of records we have online below so you can appreciate the full track, good lovin' from Caprice, Henri Rich's disco monster and the heavy sound of The Pinch.


Ardour Brand 11oz Hickory Stripe Denim Shirt...

We have finally received the sample back for our 11oz hickory denim shirt, we are extremely happy with the end product and they are now going into production.

It's taken 5 months to get to this stage from initial design and changing features with it but it is now in into it's final phase.

In terms of quality and material it is up there with the best, we have paid a premium for the denim and for the manufacturing and that is definitely in the final mix.

11oz hickory stripe denim
Wooden buttons
Pleated upper back
Tab pocket
Tab chest for sunglasses/glasses/pens
Button down collar

We will be able to do the full shoot for it soon but it's nice to put up the sample and show how far we are with it.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Journal Standard, Bellerose snap shots... By Shaun Dangerfield

A couple of pick up's towards the end of last year that I pulled out today, a nice lightweight knit from Journal Standard and a pin stripe shirt from Bellerose, nothing ground breaking but I'm getting on now ain't I ? I'm going for comfort.  That's a lie, I just like them.

I thought I'd take some shots of them while the neighbours gaze in and over from the top window obviously wondering what the hell I was doing.
I like details, I enjoy the shots of the stitching or the cut, the weave and the contrasting colours, the labels and the materials. I want to shout it from the rooftops... I don't really, that's a stupid comment.
I want to shout it up to the neighbours window though, I don't think they would understand they look like they enjoy a good bush, and some pruning. Who am I to judge.

Ardour update....

We have just added our latest tweed item to the site in the form of our Gaer cap.
A beautiful rustic tweed with colour running throughout and a green silk inner and accompanying green elasticated band.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Oi Polloi Short Vid…. by Shaun Dangerfield

Since starting Ardour Brand I have had times where I just feel completely disconnected with certain aspects of retail, you have to give yourself a little slap and try to not get sucked in with the large money and advertising driven fast fashion roller coaster.

I won't lie, in recent times I've looked at some of Oi's choices and felt that they are quite a way away from when they first started, but I always find myself going back and seeing if they have what I'm looking for and they always seem to bring it round.

I hardly browse anymore for various reasons, mainly because I know what I want either from label or look and I just get what I'm looking for as opposed to window shopping and picking up bits I might see and think "oh that's nice".  Unfortunately I don't enjoy online retailing much these days, it all seems to have merged into one big bubble where everyone has the same labels and usually the same items or looks, maybe a different colour but it's pushed me further into buying from abroad where I can find the threads I'm not going to see 1500 pictures of on instagram.

All the shops feel similar, with similar staff and similar outlook, that original lusting and wanting of something different, fresh or something of substance just seems to have been lost as we have progressed, it's all about fashion rotation and new season new styles, out with December and in with January, there's no longevity in what's being peddled to us.

Now I know there's plenty out there who feel exactly the same way as I do.  I just want some passion and meaning behind what I'm looking at, listening to, buying or wearing and as I've said previously it's partly why we started Ardour, it's not about money or status we just want to put out some good honest items that come from a meaningful place where it's not about how many we can sell or how many shops we can get into, it's about having a good time and enjoying what we do.

I watched this video yesterday and I thought I would put it up for those who haven't saw it, being from a similar background it was a nice reminder that British culture, sub's, music and that substance that I love Britain for is still around and that hunger is still there with some people…

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ardour Brand Sale

Head on over to for a shed load of reductions across our whole first collection.

The Sinister discount code SINISTER15 still applies for an extra 15% off on top.

Fill your boots!