Friday, 25 March 2011

You Got The Love..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I could never, ever, be able to pin down my favourite record, who could ?
A certain few track's are all right up there in my soul, record's with feeling, soul, and inspiration.
Records that no matter how much they are played and how many time's I have heard them still get that same reaction when I play or hear them.

The Source & Candi Staton's 1986 soul vibration of "you got the love" on label streetwave is one such record.
With lyrics that have left a pattern deep into my heart I will just never tire of it, through all my growing up various cut's of this record have been released and they mean something, I can hear it and relate it to something and somewhere, a lot of music does this I would imagine with everyone.
Well over the last few year's those lyrics have meant more to me than ever, and also to my close circle of friends, the writing is on the wall as they say and none truer as now as the part lyrics sit proudly on our wall.....

Obviously the track is better known by most vocally over the top of a Chicago house dub, through it's various form's it's all quite easily palmed off under one banner but it all run's a bit deeper than that, above is the streetwave release from 1986 of Candi's legendary vocal, but even before that (which when you think about it in terms of it being 25 years ago is mind blowing) in 1984 is Jamie Principles demo version of his record "Your Love", a chilling vocal and something quite special that would eventually help shape dance music.
This track is Jamie Principle's, his song & his vocal, an amazing vocal that's replaced by Candi Staton's vocal and re-released as "You Got The Love" in much later life.
I have the original from him of this record that dates back to 1984, a bit choppy but a great listen, it was then re-worked and played through Chicago during 1985 before being released in 1986 but not with Frankie Knuckles and was produced by Mark Trollan on the Persona record label, it was clearly turned out as Jamie Principles "Your Love".
Frankie Knuckles then re-released it in 1987 under his production but with Jamie still on vocal's, simply as Frankie Knuckles presents.....Your Love. It was this version though that paved way's in Chicago and worldwide and established it as a legendary house classic.
All of these path's lead up to the mash up in 1991 of the Your Love dub and Candi's You Got The Love vocal mixed by DJ Eren, which again lead up to numerous edit's, mash up's and remixes throughout the year's, none of which come close to the original's although a very tasty version on the Disco Deviance record label in 2009 by cosmic boogie certainly turned head's in the form of "Feel's Good (you got the love), I will leave it now with a few pictures of the past and some records for you to have a browse through, plenty know the history of this and have these copies but for those that don't and are reading this for the first time I hope you enjoy it and it pieces thing's together for you.

Cheers, Shaun....

Jamie Principle 'Your Love' demo version circa 83-85

Jamie Principle 'Your Love' 1st release produced by Mark Trollan 1986

Frankie Knuckles 'Your Love' 1987

The Source feat Candi Staton 'You Got The Love' DJ Eren mix 1991

Cosmic Boogie edit 'Feels Good (you got the love)' 2009

Grenson x Esquire 20 year anniversary brogues..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

There's a wedding this summer, and on my best man's duty we have picked out some suede brogue's to match the suit's.
Grenson x Esquire magazine collaboration William brogue's.

Grey and chalk blue suede brogues, in celebration of Esquire magazine's 20th anniversary.
Only 35 pairs of these brogues have been made. Grenson brogues have a grey wing-tip and heel, pale blue upper, grey laces (with alternate white laces included) through white eyelets, a stitched sole, brown stacked wooden heel and leather soles.
Very dapper and not too long now before I bring the house crashing down with the speech...... and have a friendship terminated on grounds of wrongness.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Jumping to the beat...

You can't help jumping to the beat when the sun's in the sky and you've got a free weekend to be spent in London... Ace



If you're about in London next weekend, we've got the absolute pleasure of being on the bill with none other than Jacques Renault... Some serious fun and get downs to be had at London's Disco crucible - The Horse and Groom.

Pop in and have a dance...


Saturday, 19 March 2011

A touch of French...

During my latest reconnaissance missions around the vast gulley's and canyons of the internet I came across a label that's a new one one me... From the research I've done it would seem that La Panoplie is a label which is in it's infancy. Taking French nautical heritage and putting out kit on this tip is something they seem to have got the hang of.

As well as the usual standard Breton stripe knits and tee's, the collection contains a rather natty Chambray fisherman's jacket and other bits of outwear that look pretty decent.

In my opinion though, La Panoplies stand out effort comes in the form of this killer checked hooded number. Taking the design of a work jacket and spicing it up with a gorgeous gingham make over makes this a very inviting pick up for myself. Lets looks at the facts -

Hooded - Check
Gingham Check - Ehh Check
Summer time swaggage - Check

..... I'll get my card then

Saul Wilks

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Boogie Cartel Launch Party...

What more can be said about the Boogie Cartel Launch other than we achieved exactly what we set to do - Throw a party where everyone present had the time of their life's and left with massive Cheshire Cat grins.

Further more I can only echo Shaun's sentiments in that we had an absolute ball from start to finish! Music was spot on, crowd was spot on and it was rammed all night.

It's safe to say The Boogie Cartel have landed... Oh and to go with Shaun's stellaaaa mix here's my own set recorded from the night along with some ace pictures.

Enjoy !

Saul X

Set from The Boogie Cartel at the Horse and Groom, London (12/03/2010)

Midnight Star - Midas Touch (Accapella)
Midnight Star - Midas Touch
Hunch Back Boogie - Hold On
Sunfire - Never Too Late For Your Lovin (Domes Edit)
Evelyn King - Personal Touch (Beaten Space Probe Edit)
Dynasty - Love In The Fast Lane (Mungas Nasty bits)
Donald Byrd & 125th ST - Love Has Come Around (Deep&Disco Edit)
Jersey Shore Guidos - For That (The Situations Beat the Beat Dub)
Crazy P - My Love
Hot Toddy Feat Danielle Moore - Freekend (Ron Basejam Remix)
Gwen Guthrie - Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent (Cornelius Extended Edit)
Melba Moore - Loves Comin At Ya (OOFT rework)
Inner City - Big Fun (Ste Edge Edit)
TooMy Disco - Age Of The Jaguar
Azari III - Reckless With Your Love
Kim Ann Foxman - Creature (Faze Action Remix)

Boogie Cartel 12/03/2010 - Saul W by The Boogie Cartel

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Boogie Cartel Opening Shaun Dangerfield.

Right then, apologies on the lack of post's the past few day's, after our Boogie Cartel opening night at the Horse & Groom in London Saturday night it's taken me a while to get myself together, and Saul's excuse is the fact he didn't stop partying and get himself home until yesterday, massive wrong un' that lad....... that's why we get on so famously.

I don't know where to start, the night went off with an absolute bang, nobody knew what records any of us were playing so each set was a treat, and what a treat they were, it's not even easter yet.
From very early on the finest selection of Disco, Boogie, House was screaming it's way around the upstair's room and sending us into jitter's.... the rest as they say, is history, much love for Wilksy, Tommy, and new friend fellow Boogie Cartel resident Gary, these boy's were only outshone by the massive pink neon "Boogie" sign.
Full write up by Tommy on the Boogie Cartel blog here....

Few problems on the upload of my mix onto Soundcloud, not sure why ? I've been trying since last night and finally got it on tonight, Soundcloud's Twitter'ing's can only apologise..... typical.
I've had a quick listen through and there is a couple of beat glitch's but at least it's up for a listen, I may re-upload tomorrow and see if it's hassle free.

Smoke me a kipper....... I'll be back for breakfast.

Shaun/Captain Turtle.

The Boogie Cartel Horse & Groom 12th march 2011 by Captain Turtle

Friday, 11 March 2011

All hands on deck...

I featured these a few weeks back in their alter-ego colourway of cream. The YMC deck pump is everything you really need to give you the final touch to a nautical / laid back summer look. I opted for the navy, they arrived yesterday from Glass Boutique and they're quality...

Affordable aceness from YMC and a definite summer essential!

Saul Wilks

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Seeing Red...

I've been debating this rather charming Oliver Spencer Navigator jacket for quite some time... It's been in the sale section on Oliver Spencer since the summer and more than once has been in the basket only for my quick draw finger to shy away after flirting with the button so vigorously. Today it clicked the button.

I reckon this is a killer bit of kit for summer - plenty of Breton stripes and some well tailored shorts and you've got a pretty dandy summer ensemble.

Very much looking forward to receiving it and busting it out for those warm summer days... Ace.

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Anyone for a spot of hunting ?

I've been picking up some new wears and they don't come any cooler than this Selvedge Hunting over shirt from YMC.

I've been looking for something a bit toned down from all the stripey goodness and loud colours cluttering up my trusty wardrobe space and this was the perfect option.

Some ace details feature, my favourite probably being the leather patches on each elbow - although a little similar to an Albam knit I have from a season to or two ago.

Still, a nice pick up none the less and perfect for layering options during the warmer months.

Saul Wilks.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

A (late) Friday music post...

Okay Okay...I know the clock has past midnight and it's now actually Saturday and blahdy blahdy blah but you know, bollocks to it, we're not the best organised here at Sinister Delicious.

It's been a little while since I've posted up any ear candy hasn't it? I do apologise, I've been lost in my own musical world of late, pretty much prematurely deafening myself, flooding my ear canals with funk spunk. Addicted just about sums it up...

So here's a few nuggets I've been loving lately - a good uplifting and body moving mish mash of sounds this time around with plenty of funk, boogie and disco. All gigantically fine records none the less!

Kicking things off we've got a blinding edit by Rayko of the classic 80s Sunfire lick 'Never too late for your lovin'. This is pretty much like rocking horse manure to get hold of because he's never released it properly. Why, I don't know - only the man himself has the answer to that one I'm afraid... Needless to say, it's damn fine.

Next up we've an absolute groove in the shape of Magnetic Soul - Together (first heard on my Sinister Delicious' Brethren Shaun Dangerfields 'Unicorn Horn' mix tape - go check it, it's pretty much off the hook - Another cool Kojak Sounds release.

Following up we've got a really sleazed up Glimmers cover of 'Physical'(Listen and try not to go mental when the strings drop) This is a few years old now but still a cracking party bomb for when you're feeling a tad frisky.

Also thrown into the mixer is some classic Madonna, coming in the form of 80s classic Lucky Star (WHAT?!) Listen to it properly... It's such an ace record - Daniel Wang played this as his last track at Big Chill and it's never sounded so good, high on life right there in the August sunshine.

Rounding things off superbly and bringing more raw funk than you can shake a stick at, an electro-funk monster, Carmen - Time to move. Such a massive sounding record it's unreal! Perfect way to round off a funk filled music post...

Now all that remains for you to do is shuffle on over to the amp, crank up the volume and pull some galactic shapes!

Remember - if you like the sort of sounds we're constantly forcing upon you and you're London based, we kick off our Bi-Monthly Party 'Boogie Cartel' next Saturday
(12th March) Upstairs at the Horse and Groom on curtain road, Shoreditch. If you're in the vicinity and fancy a party then drop in and have a dance!

Until next time, Keep Smiling...


Friday, 4 March 2011

Something For The Weekend? Shaun Dangerfield.

Go on then, why not.
Albam ring snap shirt in seersucker, not in the Japanese poplin material as bought earlier in week, I prefer the Japanese poplin, but I prefer this look, so thought it best to get both and think about it later.
Will get a lovely little outing tomorrow night for a bit of House, to give it the justice it deserve's and groove away hour's and hour's.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

On the subject of Killer jackets...

This has been bandied about for a little while now but last time I was down in London I tried this beaut on... The YMC X Gloverall waxed duffle in striking yellow. This is definitely YMC's standout piece from their S/S11 Collection, it's an absolutely blinding bit of kit and well worth the figure being asked for it.

If I hadn't just splashed out on the Gold Woolrich Trail parka then I reckon I'd be having a bit of this ! Top quality wears for the coming months - It ticks so many boxes it's unreal.

Saul Wilks

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Parcel Up..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I love a parcel, I should have share's in Royal Mail really.
Another sterling effort from Albam given the thumb's up.
Compact Japanese poplin ring snap shirt in moss green, a penny round collar with stud down fastening instead of button's, dandy.
The material on this feels and looks awesome, I will rave about thing's that deserve it and this shirt is one of them, available in Navy too.
Garment dyed and will look better and better with age and wash.

Next up is the Universal Works chambray Bakers jacket.
Not that I needed another chambray but I think this will see me well as a lighter jacket.
Loose fit but keeping it's shape nicely due to it's cut.
Another piece I'm happy to add to the wardrobe for the spring and summer.

And last but not least I picked this up from a rather nice chap brand new and tailored into a short sleeve shirt for summer from a winter long sleeve.
Woolrich Woolen Mill's upland shirt, a very nice check and superb detailing.
Ticks a few boxes for pub garden and also a discreet contrast check for under knitwear or light jacket's.

I've had a bit of a haul this past couple of week's as the time comes to shift a few pieces on and bring in the new, I like to update what clothing and footwear I have just to keep thing's fresh.
On the subject of fresh a few other number's have been winking at me lately while my zip wallet is refusing to open..... he's simply had enough.

Engineered Garments stunning red field belted parka
Universal Works Chambray button vest
Quoddy Grizzly boat shoe
Studio D'Artisan Black Pig denim