Friday, 31 December 2010

New kicks on the block...

Some more Sale goodness in the shape of these rather fetch pair of F-Troupe Grey wool chukka boots. Perhaps a little different but they certainly hold some charm and look rather dashing when on... A nice addition to the shoe rack from a footwear label I've never bought from before.

Saul Wilks.

Waiting For The Postman...... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Must be red in the air, after hovering over it I finally pushed the button on the Post Overalls red cruzer.
Just like trifle perfect for layering & should go a treat with my Albam bobble hat.....

Kitting oneself out in luxury...

My latest pick up is something I'd previously made a mental note of when it first hit the racks at the beginning of the A/W season and actually tried on while on my rounds. The reason I didn't snap it up straight off was pretty much the hefty price tag, although absolutely deserved for such a blinding piece of kit, a fact I'm sure all would agree on. Heavyweight and expertly constructed, this is something made for maximum understated coolness...

So it comes through the great opportunistic magic of the post Xmas sale, I've finally landed what Is quite obviously an ace bit of knit wear that's going to serve me well in the years to come (and what a gorgeous colour - wine) I present the rather breathtakingly stunning Shawl Collar Cardigan from Ralph Lauren.

This is a purchase I'm more than made up with...

Saul Wilks.

Electric Trifle......Indulge. by Shaun Dangerfield.

Here you go peep's a bit of music bliss to start your new years off, hope you enjoy

Sea, Sex & Sun (Mirror People Remix) - Serge Gainsbourg
Drop The P - Lorenz Rhode Feat Snax
Beyond 17 (Mighty Mouse Lost In Space Instrumental) - Blamma!Blamma!
Beats of Love (the c90s remix) - Villa feat. The New Sins
Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Remix) - Escort
Into The Night (Prince Language Remix) - Azari & III
Walk With Me - Oliver
My Baby Love Me (Tim Zawada Edit) - Twin Image
Rock It (Tim Fuchs Remix) - Little Red
The Red Kiss (The Magician Precious 80s Dub) - The Aikiu
Don't Turn It Off (original version) - 40 THIEVES feat QZEN
Walk Like An Egyptian - Cleo & Patra
Half as Nice - Amen Corner

Thursday, 30 December 2010

A few records for your ears to orgasm over...

I haven't really posted any sounds of late (excluding mixes), mainly down to (A blog I co-write with my pal Tom) Which is dedicated to music and nothing else...

However, it's always nice to share the love around a little, so, without further nitter natter, here's a few records that I've been battering of late...

Talking of Boogie Cartel, we've got something big planned for February that the music heads among you might be interested in checking out if you're out and about in London, but more of that when every things in place.

Enjoy the sounds! Don't forget to dance...

Midnight Star - Wet my whistle

Melba Moore - Love me right

Wish Ft Fonda Rae - Touch me all night long

So timeless and ace that it hurts inside... Amazing records in their own right and sounds that will always be massive.

Hope you enjoyed...

Saul Wilks.

New Year - The Big One(s)

This past year my emotions have swung from a place that I'm glad I'm no longer in, where being down was a daily occurrence and my confidence was dented deep... However, from darkness always comes light. This past year I've loved, lost, smiled, danced, shared amazing unforgettable scenarios with proper ace people, made life-long friendships, been part of some truly special moments and It's nearly time to end the year on what is undoubtedly going to be a massive high with nothing but a chipper stride and a massive warm smile on my face. It feels double good to be back...

So without trying to sound too much like a sentimentalist, I just wanted to say thank you to those people with whom I've shared those times with - On dance floors, In alcoves, In unused loft spaces, In warehouses, in office basements, on sunkist terraces, in fields, in massive tents, in living rooms, in gardens, in pub backrooms, in bank vaults, in railway arches and where ever else we've loved, danced and got down... From Big Chill, to Electric Minds, from Glastonbury to Futureboogie and Backroom to the Horse and Groom... Here's to 2011, for what I hope is an even better year of good times and memory making !
My love runs deep for you all !

Now to get through two massive parties and the numerous off-shoot soiree's that will form around the next couple of days...

Whatever you do, whoever your with... SPREAD LOVE AND GET DOWN ! ! !


Saul Wilks.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Winter Wears...

Where abouts? - Rugby, Midlands... UK

Doing what? - Loitering

Whats the get up?

Scarfage - Barbour
Bagage - Barbour
Gloves - Folk
Coat - Barbour
Sweat - YMC
Denims - Nudie
Trotters - J Shoes Luxington

Saul Wilks.

A Belated Merry Christmas from Sinister Delicious!

Unlike you lucky people, I unfortunately had to work both Xmas Eve and Day - thus meaning that my turkey consumption was zilch and I didn't get to open any presents...

However, the money will come in handy for those New Year exploits and purchases and it also meant that I was guaranteed a gut-bursting scran when up my mothers boxing day.

It was also nice to unwrap a few surprises, nothing of which I'd asked for previously and together with some great post Xmas viewing in the shape of all time favorite flick Tube Tales, London to Brighton (for when I'm feeling angry with the world) Casino (for when I'm feeling supa-fly with the world) and Paranormal activity (for when I dont fancy kipping for a few days) I was also treated to some pretty cool reading material...

For when my eyes need a rest from the screen I've got a cool little read in the shape of Pete McKennas 'Night Shift' charting the life of a young soul head getting high on speed and higher on Northern Soul - it's an old book and one I've been after for a while, so it's a nice little addition to the book shelf.

I also had a sleek and sexy Ipod Touch which is currently getting impregnated with all my disco, house, funk, soul and boogie and some Nivea cream, to keep my skin nice and soft for the women in my life and my scent of choice to keep me smelling gorgeous (Thanks for that mum)

I reckon Santa must read Sinister because I also had that rather fetching nautical St James scarf that I gushed about a few months back, believe me - it's double ace! and to keep my toes all smiles I had a few pairs of happy socks to boot.

Right now though, I'm gonna crack open the Pinot Grigio, lay back and get my DVD on... Tube Tales it is.

Merry Christmas dear readers...

Saul Wilks.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Taking advantage of pre-sale goodness...

Bleu De Paname is a label that's pretty much uncharted territory for me... I've kept a beady eye on their stuff but if I'm completely honest, a lot of it isn't really my cup of cha'. However, the masterfully designed and cucumber esq - cool Inventory work shirt was something that tickled my eyes since the first time I saw it, even though the work wear thing is perhaps taken a little too far with the gimmicky notepad / (non)sharpened pencil combo... A nice touch / corny?! You can be the judge... This minor put off aside, I decided to give myself an early Xmas present and snapped one up at sale price so, pencil or no pencil, I'm not complaining!

I've got a crisp, unworn pair of Wranger Eric Bell chinos waiting in the wardrobe to compliment this detail-happy effort, and together with a nice worn pair of Grenson Sharps and the complimentary notepad / non sharpened pencil, I reckon jotting doodles and day dreaming will never have looked so good.

Saul Wilks.

Hit lists of grandeur...

We all surf the vast, complex cyber space, searching out new wears and researching the things that we're into... Don't we? Well I certainly do.... On recent voyages this Nigel Cabourn effort took my fancy big time, looking proper ace in both colourways - the 'Surface jacket' has been released in 'Orange Red' and 'Apple Green' and the amount of detail that this jacket has is criminal in all the right ways - criminal in the sense that I would rob someone for it... Probably.

I love the belt and storm-flap neck, both adding to the class overall look of this unquestionably cool piece of kit. There are some truly inspirational garments around at the moment, a lot of which I've earmarked for future investigating but this is definitely top of an ever growing fantasy shopping list.

With a price pushing towards the 700 mark, this isn't just something than can be put on a card and paid for later, but could anyone be blamed for taking their over draft or credit balance to deep space nine to land it? I think not... I guess that's what over-time, generously paid Christmas shifts are for, right?

Saul Wilks.

Style & Substance(s)....... by Shaun Dangerfield.

The first time I saw the picture above it just seemed to sum up life in the black country, some could see it as hazardous gas/fumes but I understand it straight to be an acid haze leaking away from the grimy place that I so affectionately call home, spending a good majority of my life trudging through the murky streets with my eyes firmly on Saturday's confrontation's and the substance fuelled haze that followed until Monday morning it's what got me away from the gloom of the everyday life, lets face facts after a standard few days of putting up with work colleagues the kind of people you would avoid at all costs outside of work it does you the world of good to get out on the Thursday with a selection of the devils goods and dance your way through until 6am get home shower and join your colleagues for a much better view of them for the last day before the weekend without wanting to shove a few of them head first down the toilet.
But it's all good......of course.
Going back to the picture that's just what it made me think about, that and a club I so enjoyed for a good period of time...... Birmingham's Custard Factory.
Through all the factories and industry in the back streets of Digbeth, in amongst the local known haunts lies a square of goodness in the custard factory, at the front is the zellig housing offices, galleries and studios, and where the magic used to happen the Medicine bar and the birdhouse home to the kitchen bar and a few boutique shops by day, all of which surrounding what used to be a large pond in the centre with a bandstand, In the mid 90's I went there for bbq days and on the terrace various dj's would play you the best in Big beat, northern, funk, original breaks and beatrok, I've saw Jarvis Cocker dj on the terrace (and get booed for some shocking r&b efforts), witnessed Les rythmes digitales rip up the Medicine bar in a live take playing his promo efforts a couple of years before he released his revolutionary Darkdancer album, saw numerous Krafty Kuts and Wall of Sound nights before it all went too d&b and dub, and had genuinely some of the greatest nights of my life there, all relevant at the time and spent with some amazing people, happy (hazy) memories of chatting about various bread with Saul before realising that just maybe we had drifted too far into one, looking up at the stunning metal fabricated dragon that resides up the side of one wall you knew you were in good hands, as they emptied the lake and held the night throughout another highlight was watching yoda scratch his way through a Beatles break's medle with yellow submarine cartoon visuals which enhanced by mdma obviously made for stunning viewing and the first time I took my eventual wife to the factory.
Quite a lot of thought just to come out of that little picture above, but a small recognition for what was genuinely one of the best clubs in the u.k. which unfortunately in my humble opinion never recovered from the breakbeat and electro scene that swung its filthy route through Brum.
Here's to the memories.


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

10 000 and counting...

Not a bad hit count after a couple of months... especially for one of those goldfish blogs ! ! !

Nice one world...


International Tart(an)..... by Shaun Dangerfield

I'm quite picky when it come's to Barbour these days due to its popularity, especially the International jacket, which is a shame because its a classic, so when they released the checked waxed version with no branding or Barbour badge/logo I was more than interested.
With a colour like this it could look good.....or crap, but teamed up right it look's tasty, it's not so stiff and heavy as some of Barbour's other waxed efforts either so will be good for all year round, especially for my gigolo antics, the streets are hard and cold this winter, something has to keep the man whore warm apart from his clients.....

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snowball Shelter...... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Cold. Snow. Wet. Happy day's, perfect to pick up a bit of waxed cloth and leather.
Penfield Lakeville 65/35, with leather shoulder yoke, snap away storm flap with inside zip and stowaway hood, 2 slanted chest pockets and 2 lower pockets with drawstring hood, waist and hem and leather toggles.

The thing with Penfield is that you get what you pay for, I was weighing up a Rocky Mountain Featherbed parka but at £770 this side of xmas would be stupid and selfish, hence the lakeville so no compromising on the look I was after but at a great price. This should help from the snowball of abuse from the local nippers too, unless I get on the wrong side of Dennis the Menace. Lovely.

A cut above the rest...

Over the past couple of years I've spent a fair portion of my income and time at a certain shop in Manchester... From getting up at the ungodly hour of 5.00 am, just to catch the 6.00 am Newport to Manchester Piccadilly service on a cold winters morning so I could hit the North-Western outpost early doors with a head spinning at the thought of new wears, and that ace feeling you got when entering the humble and homely place on a quiet section of Tib Street. A place that held a unique charm, character and allure, something that their new space certainly incarnates.

On every visit, without question, I would spend time discussing clothes, music or life in general with the staff of this catalyst in quality menswear, which is always a pleasure when the protagonists of the conversation are as passionate about the subjects in question as you are.

This morning I took delivery of a small parcel, not knowing who it was from or what it was. Upon opening, I found a superb Ivy League illustrated pocket guide and a hand written card from the people of Oi Polloi, thanking me for my custom and to wish me a happy holiday. With gestures and customer etiquette such as this, can there be any wonder as to why Oi Polloi is a favourite among chaps the length and breadth of the country?

It can be without any doubt that Oi Polloi is truly a cut above the rest... They say it's the little things that count.

Saul Wilks.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Winter Disco Heat ! ! !

After such a funk filled weekend of goodness It was time to get it sorted and drop a little mix of my own for you, my Sinister Delicious brothers and sisters.

I'm in such a chipper mood with life at the moment, this mix is really just an extention of that...

Have a listen, make some love to it, have a dance perhaps?! What ever you do... Smile yeah ! X

Saul W - Winter Disco Heat
Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long (Ed Zone Edit)
Hi Gloss - I'm Totally yours (Larse Edit)
Mark E - Your Way (Superbreak Edit)
Ilija Rudman - Call Me Tonight (Greg Wilson Version)
The O'Jays - Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Deep Disco)
Walter Jones - Living Without Your Love
Revenge - Looking Up To You
Dynasty - Love In The Fast Lane (Mungas Nasty Bits Reordering)
Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow (Shield Your Eyes Re-Edit)
Change - Dont Wait Another Night (The Revenge Edit)
The Whispers - I Can Make It Better (Kati K Edit)
Heat Mode - Teardrops (Roller Boogie Mix)

Saul W - Winter Disco Heat by Corrupted Disco

Saul Wilks.

From Bethnal Green to Old Street... 20/20 Vision in London Town.

Saturdays epic adventure and out and out mission to get to London was ultimately worth it when entering the old Victorian warehouse down on Old Street. However, at one point I found myself sipping a can of British Rail issue Stella in the freezing cold after the train I was travelling on broke down at Didcot parkway... Not the best feeling in the world, I have to admit.

Still, my soul was warmed by the thought of getting to London and then down to Old Street to meet up with friends new and old for some good honest partying at the superb village underground venue which was playing host to 20/20 vision and a galactic line up of Tensnake, Ralph Lawson and Crazy P (Complete with the lovely Danielle Moore on live vocals)

Without going into too much detail, another spectacular night was had and some proper ace new acquaintances made. Doing the after party routine that swung from Bethnal Green to Old Street, I ended the weekend with someone very special, eating some of the finest Angus Roast Beef I've ever tasted and sipping some gorgeous Merlot in the sublime surroundings of Victoria Park Village...

I'll leave you with my record of the weekend...

Ridiculously Funky...

Saul Wilks.

Creating A Legacy Of Your Own...

So... The Snow has been falling at a constant now for a few days and I only managed to get back from London by the skin of my teeth (Top weekend yet again though, more to come on that)

The last couple of days I've had a right hankering for a good quality sweater, nothing too fancy and nothing too brash. When Our Legacy brought out their 'Great' sweat earlier in the season I ear marked the 'dirty grey' out for a nice little winter purchase, but you know how these things go... I lost out. Until now.

Thanks to Tres Bien Shop I've managed to import myself one of these stellar sweats from one of Sweden's finest labels. I'm looking forward to receiving a nice little fed ex package and dropping this into the mixer on my wintry time jaunts to London Town. Ultra - Swaggage!

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

When I first created this blog, I never held high hopes that it would gain in popularity as it has done - or receive the feedback that I have, from people far and wide about how much they enjoy reading, viewing and listening to the things that have been making me tick...

As Sinister approaches 10 000 visitors, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who drops by and gives it a read... I genuinely love having an output to channel my thoughts and general musings on the things that I am most passionate about. It feels ace to know that people give it a little time out of their day... It's very much appreciated!

Also, a big thanks and love to Sinister contributors, fellow dance floor fiends, deviants and more importantly, mates - Shaun Dangerfield and Tom Armstrong for adding their insights and posts, both of which are always double cool.

With plenty of ideas and plans in the pipeline for Sinister Delicious, here's looking forward to the next 10 000 visitors... Go forth and spread the word!
Keep it tasty...

Saul Wilks.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Lead me not into temptation...

We've all been in that predicament when we really want something badly, but know that we really, really shouldn't. Well this is the dilemma that's been plaguing me ever since I laid eyes and, very recently, my hands upon what is quite possibly one of the best pieces of outwear I have ever had the privilege of crossing paths with.

The main problem I've got is the hefty price tag that comes attached to this down right gorgeous effort from M of Tokyo... But then only being stocked in a handful of places, the £450 - £500 asking price could be deemed acceptable?! Or am I kidding myself into sliding Mr Platinum from his comfy dwelling at the bottom of a pile of unopened bank statements.... MUST RESIST TEMPTATION.

In the not so distant past I would have almost certainly thrown caution to the wind and snapped this up without a second thought, allowing my plastic to take the hit. However, I must be getting more sensible as time goes on as I haven't slipped up as of yet (tick, tock, tick, tock)

I tried this on in an over-priced department store while down in London recently and I can honestly put my hand on heart and say I've never come across a more killer looking jacket than this - The Wine Hounds-tooth from M of Tokyo.

Have a peak for yourselves and prepare to feel the seduction...

I just hope this crops up in a 50% sale somewhere come New Year... We can dream can't we?

Saul Wilks.

A rather spanking weekend...

Ahhhh, back from another weekend spent in the glorious London, feasting upon the many nocturnal delights that she has to offer...

From Disco Pubs to Transformed office basements, Deep Chicage House to Electro Boogie, Larry Heard and Love Fever to LaserMagnetic...

Next Stop, 20/20 Vision party at Village Underground, Saturday next...

Until then, Sleep Well London... And long let this Love continue.

Saul Wilks.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Healthy Obsession..... by Shaun Dangerfield

My passion for clothing is running at the highest level that I have ever known, a healthy obsession, I enjoy wearing, looking, touching, examining, chatting and writing about it, 2 thing's run through me like electricity....... music and clothing.
I try not to use the term fashion as I don't like it, the word just seem's to jumble a whole host of styles and labels together which does some of them no justice.
I like substance behind a label and behind their design's, I want to appreciate it for what it is and how it was made.
I've started writing a few piece's not for any gain but just because I enjoy doing so, the first in hopefully a collection of articles on Sabotage Times available by clicking the "share" link below....


As the cold really set's in it's nice to put your feet into some luxury, after all they do deserve it, to say that there is an army of sublime footwear available is an understatement to say the least, there is something for everyone out there with boots and shoes to fill the wardrobe of a king.
Myself I like the clean cut lines but with a modern edge, with the recent'ish heritage boom that's exactly what I get, sharp looking classic footwear in heavy suede's and leather's with modernistic touch's on the sole's & stitching and in an array of colour's available.
You get what you pay for in life and this is the case with footwear, there are limit's obviously but with the like's of Trickers, Yuketen, Quoddy offering what they do it's hard to say no and as soon as you invest I know you will be in agreement.
Don't get me wrong I'm no Simon Cowell I work hard for my thing's, which is probably the reason I appreciate it all as much as I do because I get the pleasure of buying them and the enjoyment from wearing them, all of the boot's I have purchased the past 12 month's were carefully picked from a list jotted down in the back of my head filed in the brain's cabinet under healthy obsession, I would not expect anyone else to appreciate my taste's because well....... it would be boring for starter's eh ?
When I was browsing Present-London earlier this year and flicking through their collaboration's with Trickers I almost self imploded when I saw their green leather brogue boots with white Vibram sole, they are an acquired taste and are very much a marmite thing, it's love or hate which proved to be the case at a recent all nighter in London when we were sat in a back street boozer early on and a grumpy old cockney calmly asked my mucka "what the fack has your mate got on his feet" with a look on his face probably only rivalled when people were treated to a first glimpse of the mighty Ziggy Stardust, it only made me appreciate them more...

It's nice to wear in life what you love and not what other's love, in the days of "the internet dressing you" and everyone jumping onto a brand that gets a bit of coverage like a herd of sheep there are enough varieties to stand out or just be in a different ball park, if I see another pair of hype Red Wing boots this year I will just throw up on the spot.
I have listed a string of boots that deserve some coverage in that Sabotage Times link, some real sole for your soul, all 10 would never appeal to everyone, it's impossible to generate a list of everybody's taste's and even if I could that would be completely pointless, if we all sat here drooling over the same thing's I think I would just give up and live a life of normality draped in threads from Marks & Spencers and wearing Burtons leather slip on's trawling the food isles of my local Sainsburys waiting for the smell of the fish counter to waft my way (being the pervert that I am).

Feel free to rate it and leave feedback, good or bad it's all appreciated.

All the best

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Lewis Dangerfield....... by Shaun Dangerfield

Tomorrow is the 10th of december, A day I have grown to hate, but it keep's creeping up on me each year.
Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of my son's passing on, still it feel's like yesterday... I'm not good at opening up I never have been but good thing's come from blog's and forum's, freedom of speech, the thing's your into but most of all expressing yourself, it feel's good sometimes to type or write down what your thinking, I'll struggle to talk about him tomorrow so this feel's the world of good.
When I think about him it remind's me why I'm here, what I've lost, what I have now and give's me an appreciation of life, I would hope it give's many an appreciation of life and what they have.
I cherish the fact that I got to have him in my life and shared amazing amazing time's with him, he was as creative as me and he developed a love for music from me, I showed him the easy listening first, he loved the Beatles and would regularly sing the yellow submarine to me, when he passed on a part of me died, I know that and I think everyone who know's me know's that too, the saying time is a great healer is true though, it must be because I'm typing this now.
I have received massive support (and still do) for which I am eternally grateful.
I'm going to focus here on the good point's because to be able to have taken him to the place's I did and share the thing's we shared I consider myself very lucky, some people go through life without experiencing anything so for those 5 year's of love he gave me, the football matches, holidays, weekend breaks, sharing music together, him picking his own adidas and loving them (the little things do matter), well again I am eternally grateful.
He never cried, he never whinged, he was full of manner's, good time's, laughter, smile's and love, I only hope I get to keep 50% of his personality, he was cheeky, loveable, and a seriously amazing little boy who I cherish.
Grab hold all of those who you hold dear this christmas and make the most of them.
Let every second count.
Rest in peace mate.