Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Keeping hands toasty, while looking rather delightful...

The past few weeks while pacing it around London, I've been relying on my pockets to keep my little piggies from getting hypothermia while taking a trip to the market to get some Roast Beef... (Nursery rhymes, not random bollocks)

At times, especially when carrying bags or whatever, this hasn't been the most comfortable of experiences as you can imagine... what with the sub zero temperatures we've been blessed with of late.

However, I've decided to pull my finger(s) out and get a decent pair of gloves sorted. After missing out on the ace Norse projects X Hestra Staale Deeskin gloves (sold out everywhere, i should know... I've spent the last two days trying to track down a pair) I decided to look elsewhere and managed to cop for a stellar looking pair of digit protectors.

A little gutted at missing out on these, I decided to sack the idea of DeerSkin gloves off and went for a more traditional mitten. Folk's Animal navy glove, with red wool detailing and suede thumb patches caught my eye and alas are now in transit to yours truly... Never shall my hands suffer again from the cold of this cruel world !

Wrap up nice and warm now !
Saul Wilks.

Le' Saint James, Nautical Magnifique !

Ehh, Dodgy French aside - Saint James are always first port of call for long sleeved Breton-stripe goodness. Together with Guy Cotten's Roue Libre, they have it sorted in my book.

With a wide variety of colourways available and a price tag that's easily affordable to even the most meager of pockets, for something that looks so simple yet devastatingly good when on, it's always a staple item in my wardrobe, whatever the weather.

So without any hesitation I added the gorgeous Navy / Red effort to my wearings, picked up from good old Oi Polloi...

It's a sure fire bet this will be getting plenty of wearage over the next few months...

Saul Wilks.

Classic beyond all borders...

Roll up, Roll Up! New footwear swaggage... Nothing ground-breaking, just good, honest, classic and cool footwear from Italiano specialists Superga.

Navy Cotu Classic 2750... Going nicely with the small army of court trainers and pumps gathering at the foot of my wardrobe, instantly wearable and timeless.

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Honeysuckle Landing........ by Shaun Dangerfield

Bit of edgy disco funk & good grooves soul for your soul and sole's, hope you enjoy


The Honeysuckle Landing
Diana Ross & the Supreme's - My World Is Empty Without You Drop Out Orchestra Mix
Stevie Wonder - Boogie On Reggae Woman
Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33
Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair The Revenge Rework
Stevie Wonder - Do I Do U-Tern edit
Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie Bobby Spice edit
Escape From New York - Save Our Love D.I.T.S Dub
The Commodores - Back In My Machine Gun edit
Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved Touchsoul edit


Massachusetts Dandyism...

Penfield have really impressed me with their A/W collection, a mixture of classic 60/40 designed parkas such as their season to season staple 'Kassan', the Rockfield down coat, resplendent with plaid checked finish and the brilliant Lakefield, with it's leather trim detail. Although superb in design and generally ace looking bits of kit, the leather Bear patch that's seemingly attached to almost every piece of Penfield is a little bit off putting. How I long for the Kassan to be re-issued without a Fjall Raven Esq Arm insignia...

However, a few pieces don't bare the, eh, bear... And my latest addition is probably one of the best purchases I've made in a long while. The Newbury hunting jacket is a fine example of what Penfield do best:- clean, well cut and designed classic looking outwear. I chose the 'Army' colourway as I think it looks tip top and after receiving it this morning I was more than made up with it. Rugged, a perfect fit and incredibly warm complete with waxed detailing... This is definitely one of the finest garments to come out of Massachusetts since 1975.

Saul Wilks.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Mountain Equipment Fitzroy...

I'm not really one to buy too much Vintage stuff anymore, I've got a few windbreakers, knits and coats that I still wear but apart from the Belstaff I picked up not so long back I don't tend to find myself rustling around musty old boutiques that often these days. However, I've been lusting over this 80s gem from Mountain Equipment for a little while now and finally thought fuck it, I'm having it...

Ace colourway, warm and toasty and bang on trend for me... I'm a happy chappy to be importing this from the haven laid streets of the Northern Quarter and will look forward to chucking it into the mix soon... I reckon it looks Killer!

Saul Wilks.

Friday, 19 November 2010

The one that evades capture?

I recently spied this gem of a tee on my travels and have been lusting ever since. An effortlessly cool collaboration from R Newbold and Mountain Equipment, Everything a tee shirt should be. I love the colours used and from past experience I know the cut will suit my frame nicely. I hope on hope that I'll be able to get my mits on one, but in very limited numbers over here and with only one stockist to boot, it's starting to look as though this might be one that slips through my wanting hands.

Saul Wilks.

Happy Weekend... From Sinister's New Mascot...

This is Anja'... She's now unknowingly become the new Sinister Delicious mascot. She likes Long country walks, Disco Deviance and Chicken Tikka starters.

Be nice to her.

Have a good weekend one and all.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Deliciously Deep and Discofied...

Brand new mix tape from myself... Now go get Deep Fool! X

Saul W - Deliciously Deep and Discofied

Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (Accapella)
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (i)
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (ii)
Joey Negro - Joey Negro Presents Kola Cube Why (Block Party mix)
Rayko Edit - Free and Easy
Slave - Feel My Love (InnerWestSoul Edit)
Melba Moore - Loves comin at u (OOFT rework)
Loin Brothers - Garden of Vargulf (Tornado Wallace Remix)
Annie - Greatest Hit (Mark E Late Night Space Work Out)
Sister Sledge - Lost in Music (The Revenge Rework)
Mujava - Township Funk (Crazy P Remix)
6th Borough Project - Miss World (OOFT Remix)
Ilija Rudman - Time on Time
Disco Deviance - Don't (Social Disco Club Edit)

Deliciously Deep and Discofied - A Saul W Mix Tape by Corrupted Disco

The Sinister Delicious guide to some rather spiffing scarfage...

Sunglasses, Gloves, Umbrellas... Doesn't really matter, I'm a self confessed accessory whore and love it. So it should come as no surprise that now the nights have become bitter and dark (Hazaar!) I've been casting my mischievous eyes over many a neck wear option to keep the cold out while looking killer...

There's a fair share of goodness to choose from, but the following three are the scarves that I think are pretty Boss (I would have made it four but i can't get a picture of the ace Albam Artisan Rupert scarf - definitely worth getting on your radar)

Saint James Nautical...

Definitely my favourite out of the three that I've chosen but then as you're all aware by now, I love stripes and I love a nautical inspired look. This fits the bill perfectly and will no doubt have a place around my neck these next couple of months. Kind of flash, but in all the right ways. No other choice than then Ecru / Navy stripe colourway in my book... A rather delightful bit of kit!

Kitsune Striped, Emerald and White...

Admittedly, I didn't notice the £145 price tag when I was scouring around earlier looking for possible scarf purchases. I obviously wouldn't splash that sort of money on a scarf but I think French Record Label come Thread designer Kitsune have got it nailed on with the colours... The emerald is really nice... Probably best avoided being worn around the Blue side of Glasgow though!

Moncler Navy...

Moncler is something I would normally associate with greasy haired Italian men in their thirties tubing it around London or past it women who looks as though they've just been given a good going over by the Tango man bustling it around Harrods. However, this discreet and subtle effort took my fancy instantly, quite a classy looking thing and easily wearable with anything
I should think, just a nice quality piece of neck wear. Oh, and it's ribbed... For her pleasure I assume?!

So there we have it, a couple of scarves that are making me tick-tock around the clock... Decisions Decisions aye? Happy shopping.

Saul Wilks.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

This Weekends attractions.

I've got an early finish in work tomorrow and booked Saturday and Sunday off because I'm Hi Ho'ing down to London for a weekend of killer parties and music to make your heart melt... again.

I'm double buzzing though as I've got a spot writing for online music magazine Resident Advisor and as my first job I'm reviewing this - Warm Presents Tiger and Woods at Plastic People in Shoreditch. It's a UK debut from the mysterious twosome veiled behind the guise of Tiger and Woods and as I was hitting up this night anyway, the complimentary guest listing from Resident Advisor was quite welcome!

If this isn't enough to get one moist then Saturday night is being spent with Disco legend Nicky Siano, along with the idjut boys and Felix Dickinson for an all nighter down in Brixton.

A very lively weekend in store no doubt and one I'm completely buzzing for!

Have a good weekend, whatever your plans.

Saul Wilks.

U.S.A Styling...

During my travels around the vast interweb I recently stumbled across Pointer Brand, an American work wear company whose mission statement sounds like it should be spoke in a low Clint Eastwood drawl...

'Pointer Brand is for everyone at every age. It is the best fitting, most comfortable denim clothing made. Our loyal customers trust the quality workmanship, classic styles and great price. Our employees are committed, dedicated and deliver on time.

We represent the phrase, Made in America. '

However, they do have some rather nice bits of work wear, which, together with the cheap dollar makes for some pretty decent trans-Atlantic shopping options if you can be arsed dealing with customs and all that bollocks. Although a work wear shop in the true sense of the meaning, I couldn't help but be charmed by this hickory striped chore jacket. At 46$ this roughly estimated to about £28... Not bad for something that looks as though it would wear nicely this coming winter.

Saul Wilks.


As you'll all be aware, my other passion (obsession) in Life is music and it's nocturnal offerings.

So with this in mind I've come together with contributor and friend Tom Armstrong to kick start a blog dedicated to Music and the Sounds we love, leaving Sinister to be primarily based around the clobber side of business.

However, this doesn't mean I wont be sticking up night reviews / pics and mixes etc but it should leave a bit more space for all that dirty jacket porn and other thread necessities .

Anyhow, make sure if you're a music head or even if your a curious cat to get this on your radar!

Check it out and enjoy the Boogie!


Saul Wilks

Monday, 8 November 2010

Red Selvedge Chambray.......By Shaun Dangerfield

Albam artisan shirt, as soon as I clapped my eyes on this I wanted it, red japanese selvedge chambray, tab collar, boned collar corners, side vent and single chest pocket, simple, modern.... just right at the moment......

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Electronic Funk & Unicorn Horn......By Shaun Dangerfield

Another set of mighty electro funk & nu disco tracks that were burning a hole in my head, each one of these tracks I have played to death to myself, and I'll probably listen to them again tomorrow, until next week when no doubt I'll be getting my fill elsewhere from other likeminded dirty tracks who just want me to enjoy them like the filthy music whore that I am, I just want to get my hands on them, use them & abuse them and move onto the next, storing them away mentally for when the time is right to get them back out and explore the features I may have missed the first few 100 time's I listened to them, anyways.... tracklist -

Joey Negro - Why Acapella
Joey Negro - Why Hot Toddy Boogie mix
Apiento & co - She Walks Pete Herbert remix
The C90's - Shine a Light Flight Facilities remix
Magnetic Soul - Together
Sleazy Mcqueen - Tandava the cosmic dance of fury
Rick Astley - Never Gona Give You Up Drop Out Orchestra Edit
Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up Jacques Renault remix
Escort - Cocaine Blues
Heels Of Love feat Hard Ton - Crazy Bubble Club remix
Gay Marvine - Lost In Music
Lipps inc - Funkytown Tony G edit
Smoove & Turrell - Dont Go
Beat Freax - Turn It Up

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Some Sounds for ya Soul...

There's been some massive sounds going on that virtual crate diggers heaven of Soundcloud of late and it's only right a few are put up here for your ears to have an orgy with.

As always, I've selected a few records that have been all over my radar of late and have been getting some much deserved attention from my trusty pinoneers...

Strap yourself in and Enjoy!

Cole Medina / Sleazy McQueen - AnnaDue (Cosmic Boogie Mix)

First record I'm blogging is this deliciously dark and brooding Cosmic Boogie Mix of forthcoming Cole Medina / Sleazy McQueen release on Mood Club Music. Regular readers may recognise the track title as I posted the Social Disco Club remix of this a month or two back. This however is definitely worthy of a mention as well. I can't wait for the release, taking influences from that old New Jersey garage sound and incorporating it into a track that will make dance floors vibrate and bounce, It just makes me want to be in a dark basement club somewhere getting right on one. I reckon it'll make you feel the same..... Check it out.

Annadue (Cosmic Boogie Mix) - Cole Medina / Sleazy McQueen by Cosmic Boogie

Omni - Out of My Hands (TouchSoul Edit)

Next up is this Class Touchsoul Edit of Boogie Rarity, Omni - Out of My hands... I'm Devastated I didn't catch the 100 download limit and can you blame me? What an ace sound! I've got a Massive smile going on while posting this one, got it cranked up LOUD! Listen to those cosmic sounds bleeps and the hypnotic groove before that Fun time vocal and rolling groove kicks in. Did i mention the hand claps? Amazing party vibes and a superb job done by Sunderlands finest. BIG SOUND !

Omni - Out Of My Hands (Touchsoul Edit) by touchsoul

Evelyn King - I'm in Love (Baresi Rework)
I'm all over gnarlly sounding basslines fused with some sweet vocals and Baresi provides a nice uplifting version of Evelyn King's Classic I'm in Love by doing just that. Keen eared followers may recognise the bass sample as also being used in Mark E's 'RnB Drunkie (Another class work) A nice warm up tune to build up to a big fat tasty drop on the next record in your set! It had me on first beat.... Devilishly handsome music.

I'm in love - evelyn king - baresi edit by Baresi

Melba Moore - Love's comin at ya (OOFT Edit)

Last track in this Quadrople dose of dancefloor destroyers is probably my favorite of the lot. My keen ears were introduced to this recently By Tom Armstrong, gem that he is for picking out such minty fresh sounds. I had to beg, borrow and steal to get my grubby little mits on this fantastical edit of Melba Moore's Loves comin at Ya, from one half of Revenge, Ali OOFT. Massive in my world, let it get into yours and see how many plays you can clock up on your ipod throughout the week. Pure Goodness.

Melba Moore - Love's Comin' At Ya (OOFT! Rework) by Numinots.com

All that remains for you to do now is go and crank your systems into life and put some colour into this dreary Saturday afternoon...

Saul Wilks.

You Must Create...Wax On!

You might have read about my recent sizing debacles with Barbour and as a direct result I had to return the Derwent jacket. Although a nice bit of kit, I'm not really sure how Barbour devises it's sizing figures as the thing looked like a massive waxed bed sheet hanging off me... And that was supposedly a size small!

So with the return of the Derwent this obviously left me with a vacant spot in the jacket section of my wardrobe that needed filling. Not wanting to spend over the initial two hundred I shelled out on the Derwent I went about looking for something just as snappy and in the same price bracket... I certainly came up trumps!

Finding a rather nice little weekend sale going down on Aberdeen Based Pure-Man clothing, i took advantage and plucked up the Brown Waxed YMC multi pocket poachers jacket. I debated colour for a good hour or so before finally deciding on the Brown version. A steal at £172, filling the void nicely and giving me some nice Wet weather options in the jacket department.

Time to bust out some House check and drop some swagger into the mixer with this one...

Saul Wilks.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Sole Of The Devil...... By Shaun Dangerfield

Picture now a huge throne made of fire, an evil volcanic seat made for one, a large vat of single malt on the left, and a large tray of colombian marching powder on the right, an extra large pitchfork, and if you still have the vision sat right in the centre of it all like a massive party fiend is everybody's little whisper.......... Beelzebub, he like's a bit of it, and he like's his footwear a little bit edgy, just like me, in fact apart from the pitchfork and chair that would singe my backside were almost mirror imaged, he's probably got a massive soundtrack in the background of deep vocal house and nu disco, electro funk and 80's synth blaring away while he bop's and struts in his devilishly good navy Quoddy Grizzly.......... just like me.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

In Over Your Head......By Shaun Dangerfield.

I do love a good cagoule, and there is plenty of option's at the minute, but this Norsea effort has been flirting with me for some time now so it was time to seal the deal, I was'nt sure if it would look too washed out but it's a cracking vintage burnt orange colour, and a pair of new mid Superga to break it out with, I've completely battered these, I won't get rid of them, they have too many stories to tell, including giving me the biggest bloodiest blister we have ever saw after an Eclectricity all nighter in brum one weekend when a certain other poster on sinister "propositioned" me on if he could pour some salt, lemon & vinegar on it while the other's filmed.......... I declined