Thursday, 29 July 2010

Wardrobe Incoming...

I've been at it again, rustling around for my wallet and scrambling to put my payment details on various online thread vendors. With Autumn/Winter very much on an eagerly anticipated Horizon, i thought i would take further advantage of one of the best summer sales i can remember. I've literally picked up so many quality garments at bargain prices, it's going to be a harsh culture shock when the red signs have disappeared and it's back to paying full retail prices once more.

However, away from the sales, I was very please to have acquired the new Oxford Shirt that Oliver Spencer has done for Oi Polloi. Not too dissimilar from this summers cricket shirt, this subtle blend of fine intricate detail such as the rounded pocket and blue gusset hem has got all the trappings of the understated and eye pleasing coolness that Oliver Spencer has become known for. In a gorgeous blended purple colour, I'm sure this will turn heads for all the right reasons.

As i have previously stated, my sales spending has been quite erratic, although well justified in my humble opinion. Among some of the gems i have picked up, Including past featured Opening Ceremony Fisherman's Smock, Wood Woods Take on the raglan sweater, YMCs exceptional block colour cardigan and Denim in the form of a pair of crisp Lee Dexter. I have also added the following effort from Opening Ceremony. I'm really getting into some of the designs that Opening Ceremony are putting out, as they are creating a rather unique look... This epic knit-polo, complete with dashing chambray collar was an absolute steal and looks quite the picture with recently bagged Wrangler Blue Bell Eric Chinos.... Hazaaaa, let the good times roll. Here's to the winter sales, but before hand, a sift through the forthcoming collections for more quality, bang on clobber!

Saul Wilks. 29/07/2010.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Electric Minds....

I've had a good two weeks off from having it large, so I'm more than looking forward to getting down to London this Saturday for the Electric Minds party. Held at secret locations around Shoreditch / Darlston I'm sure this is going to be a night of epic proportions. Electric Minds, a record label first and foremost, boasts such talents as Yam Who? and personal favourite, Croatian producer of mastery, Ilija Rudman.

On the night, Mark E and Move D are among the other protagonists of Deep, Soulful and Discofied sounds and I'm sure come 6am, the soles of my recently purchased Quoddy' will be well and truly worn in.

Saul Wilks.

The One That Got Away...... by Shaun Dangerfield

Over the year's of buying fine thread's and footwear i must have missed out on over one hundred item's that i was hoping to get my mitt's on.... so around 2 year's ago i started a notebook and listed into it everything that i would take a fancy to, and a date by the side of all the designer's i have listed where that season's preview will be knocking around... just to make sure i picked up what whatever i was after.
However with the ever increasing number of new, unique & fresh label's that come out you can sometime's miss that all important first batch of clothing from said new brand, or the first proper year after a settling in period, this year i was lucky (or eager) enough to get everything on the list, almost like my own personal ongoing christmas........ apart from one thing.
Norsea Industries, a label from the north of england that seem's dedicated in churning out well made british clothing with a modern edge, first hitting the u.s in the middle of spring summer 2009 a whole year ago.
With the first collection being quite camp with nautical influences it was a/w 2009/10 that saw it bring out some key very nice piece's including at the time an overhead canvas cagoule called the Rudda, it was nice enough but was re-released this spring summer 2010 with slight modification's and what a turn out they delivered, i was a little slow on the buzzer and missed out on my size from one of only two places who stocked it, not addicted & daniel jenkin's in monmouth, tired of mailing norsea ind' i have admitted defeat and finally realised i have to let it go..... but not before showing you in all it's glory, here's hoping to it's re-re-release.....

Infect yourself with a Groove...

After a cosmic overload of good quality clobber and tales of Love Box... I think it's about time for some music isn't it? All that talk of Horse Meat Disco and Disco Bloodbath going at it over the decks has truly whetted my appetite for some sounds.

So without further ado, Here's the latest mix that myself and good friend Dave Edwards have laid down for your listening pleasure.

It's a rich blend of Deep Warm Disco, Soulful Tech and House Grooves.... Perfect to get your head into.


Corrupted Disco - Groove infection by Corrupted Disco

Corrupted Disco - Groove Infection

1. Hot Toddy feat N'Dea Davenport - Down to Love (Shiney Objects Remix)
2. Soul Clap - Love Light
3. Kolombo - My Old Piano
4. Sean Bronson - Sat Jam (Ray Mang Remix)
5. Wagon Cookin - Make you Dance (Spirit Catcher Remix)
6. Electric Jones - Mold On
7. 40 Thieves feat Quen - Dont Turn It Off (Greg Wilson Edit)
8. Neighbourhood Romeo - No You Call Him
9. Fruit Loops - Dance Dance Dane (12 inch version)
10. The Whsipers - And it Goes (Mungas Crackhead mix)
11. Sharon Brown - Specialize in Love (DiscoMunga Re work)
12. Jamie Jones - Rukus
13. Soul Clap - Rock the Boat
14. Johnny Dynell - Jam Hot (Tensnake Remix)

Saul Wilks.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Casual Tree.....By Shaun Dangerfield.

As history goes... the term "Casual" is used very loosely these day's, keeping football casual as a root will never see you far wrong in my humble opinion.
Thing's change, thing's move on & people move on, at the end of the day that's what the original casual scene was about, fast moving lot's of change's & various look's. i alway's have a good nose at the internet and see what's happening, what's about and where people are going to next just because i am interested, the football has had it's day let's face it, it's nothing what it was and never will be again, so many are stuck in a rut and so many are doing what they have alway's done... there's nothing wrong with that before anyone think's it's being slated, it's just that there is so much more out there, the bigger the casual tree inside you, the deeper your root's and the more you can branch off, i think you move with what whatever it is your into, be it music, narcotic's, fashion or football without trying to sound too corny and before i get into what sound's like a preacher man delivering his sermon on a sunday afternoon.. it's all about change and a natural progression.
With so many good label's knocking around these day's it's hard to not delve into them, and rightly so, spoilt for choice on what to pick up with my hard earned & that can only be a good thing, below my friend Saul has taken the mighty quoddy out of my sweaty palm's before i could get in on it and rave on about the outstanding grizzly boot, but as i said with so much to rival it's all good, my passion for clothing and footwear is at it's highest height's and it's only going one way, lot's of inspiration out there, the industrial look which imho has fused into a joint affair with workwear, and the top end casual market, label's bringing out so many good thread's they should be locked up, with spring summer coming to an end i am finishing off the last of the buy's before the a/w step's out in a week or two, looking forward to woolrich woolen mill's last season of daiki suzuki as he step's out and take's full control of engineered garment's leaving the talented mark mcnairy at the helm of woolen mill's, exciting times & who know's where he will take it, joined by the mighty heritage research, haversack, garbstore, nigel cabourn, post overall's, ts(s), albam, trickers, quoddy, folk, norse proj', oliver spencer, universal work's, yuketen, mark mcnairy, and so many other's i just can't wait to see what good's they are churning out.
Plenty of branches on this tree and theyve got their greedy bark all over these last piece's before august turn's out......

Meg company's Santo Domingo boot hand crafted in mexico, these are definately an acquired taste and probably not for most, but i fell for them, i fell for them like a chunky boned fella stumbling into his first gregg's bakery, vibram sole unit, brown and navy suede, multi coloured stitching, vegetable tanned leather....

Garbstore Huntsman jacket - i was after a tan 3 button blazer something i could layer with and this fit's the bill nicely, dart tapered waist so it's more fitted which is suiting me just fine with a new fitness trip, random pocket's and a cracking tan colour, right up my street
And finally Mark Mcnairy grey/navy saddle shoe - im a sucker for detail and im a sucker for a white sole at the moment, good year welt, leather tan lining happy day's

Sinister Delicious Turtle

It's all in the Maine.

An everyday get-up is something that should be treated with the utmost integrity, starting from the soles of your feet. Having sold off the vast majority of a once proud selection of vintage Adidas and rare re-issues, these days my humble feet can usually be found in the Italian-Classic pump, Superga. If not, Pointer, Grenson, YMC and proberbly one of my favourite pieces of footwear ever, the Gordini Mesh lace ups, take pride of place on my trotters.

However, i recently invested in the Maine based footwear craftsmanship of Quoddy and i can honestly say i have been well and truly blown away by the quality and detail of the work carried out by these engineers of finery.

Originally salivating over the Malisteet Oxford in a fetching peanut leather, i decided to purchase the same shoe but in the Navy / Gum addition, they came complete with a rather natty dust bag and other little bits and pieces and were well worth the beadage that I spent on them.

Quoddy prides itself on the time, effort and skill that goes into making each individual shoe perfect for the wearer... The next few extracts are from Quoddy themselves, who better to put their undeniable passion into words?

In 1909 Harry Smith Shorey started making his own shoes in Downeast Maine. Today, the tradition continues in Perry , on the shores of Passamaquoddy Bay, smack dab on the 45th parallel; half-way to the North Pole and as far east as you can travel in the continental U.S.
The Passamaquoddy tribe of eastern Maine have an ages old heritage of craftsmanship, from their moccasins to their birch bark canoes and containers to their famous woven baskets, all done without man-made materials or adhesives. Craftsmanship combined with a high level of artistry are what made these products special and allowed them to perform so well in the sometimes harsh conditions encountered in the big woods and ever changing ocean of Maine.
Harry was a big believer in the performance and quality of handsewn moccasin construction. It is legendary for its comfort, durability, and ability to conform to one’s foot over time for a true custom fit. Quoddy continues this long tradition of handsewn craftsmanship today.
Quoddy harkens back to the time when hand-made was the norm, when output was measured in dozens, not thousands. In a large modern factory individual shoes pass through the hands of as many as seventy people before leaving the factory floor. At Quoddy, one person handsews your shoes at their bench - the quality of that pair is a testament to the individual skill that went into making them.

Saul Wilks.

A Big Box Of Love...........

Been to many festivals this summer? Haven't had the time? Well sit back, relax and put on some sounds as Sinister Delicious New compadrae, East Londons Tommy Armstrong ignites the senses and takes us on a chemical induced tour of this years Love Box festival.... Believe me, this is one party i wish i'd been at.

London’s young cultural revolution of the last decade has seen a huge shift East, with the formerly near-destitute boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Hackney becoming hotbeds of new creativity and the centre of London’s new bohemia. Hackney’s Victoria Park is now the annual residence of the Lovebox festival. The event is a three day showcase of the best examples and influences of London’s eclectic club scene, and the line up this year was the best yet.The Sunday sun was out and the crowd had a smile on its face.

The Friday and Saturday were still a hazy memory of performances from headliners Dizzee Rascal and Roxy Music, along with an intense set from fidget pioneers Crookers. But today was the day the aficionados came out to play. The line up didn’t contain any of the household names or crowd-pleasers of the previous days, but to those in-the-know it was sublime. Almost too good to be true, as stalwarts of the buzzing electro and nu-disco scene Cut Copy, New Young Pony Club, Hot Chip, Hercules and Love Affair and Chromeo came together for what promised to be the party of the summer. The cherry on the space cake was headliner and veteran darling of the club scene Grace Jones.

The NYC Downlow tent saw two disco heavyweights Horse Meat Disco and Disco Bloodbath sparring over the decks all day. This had to be seen. For those unfamiliar with the NYC Downlow set up, the tent is designed to look like a shady pre-Giuliani New York club, complete with neon lights, yellow cabs and transvestite ushers. I passed the leather clad hosts on the door and entered a world packed with heaving bodies writhing in intense heat to 70s disco classics. There was a special feeling in here unlike anywhere else over the three day event. Those who were in there hadn’t stumbled across it by accident – these were devoted music fans who had come here to hear that blend mix of disco, electro and vintage house that have made the boys from Disco Bloodbath heavyweights on the ultra-cool end of London club scene. The homo-erotic associations were clear for all to see, but as classic after classic was fed to the baying crowd disco displayed its undying ability to unify a crowd regardless of sexuality, gender or race.

Onto the main stage, and Hot Chip seemed off the boil, never building up a rapport with the crowd. Perhaps their bouncy electronics are best heard in the contained environment of a club, because on a big open air stage their sound seemed to drift off over the heads of the early evening audience. Over and Over was the one peak in an otherwise flat set.But the event’s peak was worth waiting the weekend for.
Everything about Grace Jones’ character is a work of art. From the songs to the album covers to the outfits and beyond. Her performances are themselves visual art. Tens of thousands of people stood entranced by her androgynous figure strutting across the stage like some omnipotent dictator - there was pure magic in the air. Now in her sixties, she stalked the stage singing songs of hedonistic pursuits like a veteran boxer moving around the ring – the stage was her home, she knew her space and looked natural and confident. In true eccentric form she hula-hooped her way through ‘Williams Blood’ without flinching, a feat which most women a quarter of her age would struggle with. Her version of Love is the Drug worked the crowd into a near frenzy, and the addition of Pull Up To The Bumper almost made the earth move.

The crowd left on a high, and the after parties and after-after parties raged on until the next afternoon. Days like Sunday at Lovebox don’t come around too often, and as I sank into my bed sometime around mid-day on Monday, I knew I was lucky to have been there.
copyright Tom Armstrong. 27/7/10.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

And when the heavens open....

I've been a tad irresponsible with my spending of late. It seems as though If I'm not buying records or out then my disposable is going on all sorts of unusual and wonderful items for my wardrobe.
After seeing a rather oldskool photo of myself in a fetching yellow Izod Lacoste windbreaker, I've searched ebay and ebay US for hours on end trying to find one in a decent condition and the appropriate size (after all, i don't wish to be walking around looking like a banannafied tent)

After much deliberation and deciding that the California based "preppy vintage" boutiques are trying to cash in a look that, although classic amongst modern dressers, has probably run its course i decided to go up a gear and got ready to put my plastic to the test.
I feel as though my mission is well and truly complete with my latest purchase.... This devilishly handsome Fisherman's smock from Opening Ceremony.

Please Lord, Bring on the rain.....
Saul Wilks.

A North and South Divide ?

It’s funny, as I walk around Manchester’s much coveted Northern Quarter I can detect a slight mood that hangs in the air. It’s not contrived in anyway; it’s just there. Lingering.

Neat, rolled Selvage denim, Yuketten Moccasins, Shirts of different cut and style, predominantly checked have become a noticeable trend around the area that’s made up of Manchester’s creative community. An older purveyor of this North Western look paces purposefully past. Breaking only his stare to assess my own get up. No doubt an Oi Polloi aficionado, all that’s missing from the scenario is his trusty copy of manzine. One hundred and eighty miles to the south, a pair of worn, Grenson brogue boots clatter around the cobbled thoroughfares of Spitalfields. They pass through the old meat market and head towards Albam and the old Truman brewery. An array of Rolled Chinos, Chambray shirts and slicked side partings caress the look of online fashion blog flaneurs. There are plenty of wayfarers on display amid the younger disciples and deck shoes are also in abundance. However, the enthusiasts of inventory magazine have more than a hint of self-justification about them. Americana echoes around East London.

Of course, this is all complete nonsense. Surely with the way things are in this day and age there cannot be any real evident style variations based upon our location? Or can there?

Without unravelling the rich tapestry of history relating to the Manchester and London divide, it’s clear that a definitive attitude difference is prevalent, perhaps not in the cities Boutiques, but definitely by their respective customers. You can draw some paralleled comparisons between the laid back, creative community of the Northern Quarter; with its subtle blend of inner city mettle and cosmopolitan undertones and that of the area around East London that takes on the same guise, as a thriving hub of ideas and creativity.

When exiting Liverpool street station, turning left as to venture towards Hackney and Shoreditch, the atmosphere is one of a hustle and bustled nature. After taking the small side streets and caverns that are stained with the inestimable tales of time, you finally pick up the scent of the area around brick lane and with it, the haven laid old-Truman brewery. While walking around this metamorphosed jungle of colour and exuberance, it's unmistakable that it is indeed London that lies beneath the soles of your feet. It’s a palatable sensation.

Manchester on the other hand has always been regarded as the second city, even though it boasts as much cultural nous as London does, if not more significant within the vials of human creativity. It's among the old networks of Victorian cobbled streets, where once the scuttlers of old clattered in their skulduggery, that a true attitude of one up-manship and self-importance came to beautiful fruition. The protagonists of this knowledge and self-confidence, which is most justifiable, is a far echo from that often contrived coolness that descends upon the streets of our nations capital.

The debate that has raged on for decades, which has taken up so much newsreel and magazine column inches is one that will never cease to end. But is it really down to a North / South rivalry of style and culture, or is it that incessant spark that ignites our passions and evidently makes us who we are, no matter what post code we fall under.

copyright Saul Wilks. 23/7/2010.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Delicious Chart ....

Whats happening in the world of me? Good, quality Music and lots of it. That's what! So, with this in mind I'm gonna lay down a top five every month, consisting of the records I've been buying, playing and adoring! Starting with a hefty dose of goodness right about now... Enjoy it, keep it classy!

1. Wagon Cookin - I'm gonna make you dance (Spirit Catcher Remix)
Smoke and Mirrors

My partner in crime dropped this little funk bomb on Friday evening and I've been pretty much obsessed with it since. I'm gonna try and hold off from playing it to death (as i usually do) but seeing as I've just obtained a copy this scenario is not looking likely! Straight in at number uno, this titanic bad boy has been well and truly included in the next Corrupted Disco mix - Watch this space for forth-coming D/L. Sooooooooooooooooo Fresh.

2. Sean Bronson - Sat Jam (Ray Mang Remix)
Need Want
This record was included on the latest Future Disco compilation and has been pretty well received from all quarters. Ray Mang provides the deeper sound of Disco with this exceedingly Stellar remix. Another hefty track that's been included in our latest mix... You can't blame us though really... Can you? Piano Riffs anyone? Ahhhhh Go On then.... Ace Stuff.

3. The O'Jays - Put our heads together (Joey Negro Edit)

I love the Philly funk sound of the original, fusing early electro into Soul. A classic of the highest order. Joey Negro cranks up the dials to floor destroying levels of Funk for devastating effects, massive tune for moi at the moment.

4. Vanguard - Mount Helicon
Where have i been? My head must have been well and truly buried to have missed the boat on this French Filter house disco epic. I Heard it on the 54 Mode radio show (Cardiff FM, check it out - Fridays 7pm -8pm) Courtesy of Saul Healen. Wicked feel good sound and one I'm rather elated to have acquired! Vanguard, bringing the Filter House vibe!

5. Burns and Fred Falke - You Stopped Lovin me

What a record to round the Sinister Delicious top five off with this month. For some insane reason It's Unreleased and i cant get my mits on it from ANY source! This makes me utterly depressed, so, to brighten my mood I'm gonna hit it full blast. Neighbours don't really approve to increasing decibels of Discofied gems such as, but then i guess life isn't fair sometimes....

I guess that Brings us to the end of this months Delicious List.... But surely there's enough Ammo there to keep you going for a few weeks. Watch this space for the NEW Corrupted Disco mix.... Coming soon for D/L.

Muchos Amore' Amigos...
Saul Wilks.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Doing it right.....

It's late, it's raining, i should definately go to bed. Before i do though, I have to post this record........ I MUST!
This is what it's all about if you come from planet Sinister Delicious.... I'm a proper sucker for a vocal and this is perfect for my tastes. Romanthony, saying everything that needs to be said when getting down to it with that special someone. Standard.


Big Love one and all, Enjoy!

Romanthony - Up all night (Disco Vocal Mix)

The most peculiar of combinations...

Every now and again, two things come together that are totally unexpected. Sometimes this meeting of difference is so unimaginable it yields strange and fascinating results... Other times it exemplifies innovation and brilliance. If i was to be given a spade right now, i would be digging Wood Woods forth coming collaboration with oldskool Tennis label Ellesse until i reached the earths core. I find the idea of a Swedish street wear brand and an old skool sports label such as Ellesse coming together rather interesting - like Kim Jones and Umbro. However, one thing cannot be mistaken from these promotional pictures (that I've plain hijacked from Hanon Shop) .... And that is that this project is looking very fucking cool, very cool indeed. So get your old skool bucket hats at the ready, this is one person who'll be investing in some rather unusual and eclectic thread ware from the most unlikely of partnerships since Sol Campbell went to the red side of North London.

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I've got the Blues.....

The past couple of days I've noticed a return to form regarding the luscious weather that this dreary City is best known for... Rain. However, far from being down heartened i actually quite enjoy it sometimes. I might be of a select few individuals but when it's tipping down outside, i like to lay back on my couch and listen to it, it's rather soothing.

The other reason i enjoy a good session of Bwrw glaw' (rain, for those unfamiliar with the Celtic tongue) is that it means i can exercise my right to break out a jacket or two. I'm pretty obsessed with well made, cut and styled outwear. My latest addition comes from Universal Works, a UK based label who have impressed with early collections. Their rugged design eithic and workwear aesthetics are an interesting take on modern everyday clothing.

So here's the glorious, simple, yet eye catching Fell jacket that i recently purchased for the paltry some of £110 courtesy of the Oi polloi sale. I can assure you, the colour i chose was the very vivid blue.

Saul Wilks.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A New York City Paradise....

Chicago, Detroit, New Jersey.... New York. The roots of house music spawned from the canyons of soul that engulfed each of these cities with their own take on the sound that was to become universally known as House. Great pioneers such as Frankie Knuckles and Francois K, Brought together a disco tinged sound with a 4x4 beat to create the first records of this new genre. But before House there was Garage and Garage was all about one Man and one of the most revered clubs of all time. Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage, 84 King Street Greenwich Village. Played out to a mostly black, gay crowd, Levans sets really epitomised the love and feeling of togetherness. I'm not going to try and document the details of such a history rich tapestry, instead I'm going to post a few photos which show where the music we call house came from and the joy that it emitted even then. Here's to Larry Levan and the true legacy he has left us with for without The Paradise Garage and the original mixing maestro, the love and warmth of house music would never have come to be.
Saul Wilks.

Monday, 12 July 2010

I'll be your mirror!

I'll be your mirror, Is In fact my latest pick up...

I'm not really sure why but i took a big shining to this. The colour, the bold writing or sheer cheekiness of it perhaps? "I'll be your mirror" are lyrics from a Velvet underground record. This sweater is from Swedish Based street wear label Wood Wood who have also included other sentimental lyrics such as "Boys don't cry" on other garments (No points for stating what record / band those lyrics come from) They do some pretty cool Tee's and sweaters and the quality is second to none.
I guess this attracted my attention because it's a little different from the norm, it's a stand out piece but in my opinion, when worn with the right accompaniments could work a treat and for those reasons, one is now en route to Newport, South Wales... Hang on, that's the post now i think! Splendid.

Saul Wilks.

Go ahead and make your Soul Clap!

Every now and again, records come into our trajectory and it changes our outlook on the way we listen and play music. One such record for me was the down tempo soulful stormer that was Soul Claps Kissing game, Perfect both for those after hour gatherings or end of the night sound.

Ever since I've pretty much been obsessed with the records and various styles that Soul Clap can accommodate, from deep and Soulful Tech House, to their sublime, groove filled edits. The next few paragraphs are taken from the Soul Clap blog to give you an insight into what these chaps are about. As well as that, I've included a selection of my favourite Soul Clap tracks that hopefully you'll fall for as much as i have. Keep it Classy!

Elyte and Cnyce's paths were crossed for all time when a Sun Ra light beam sent from Saturn collided with the P-Funk Mothership and sent them tumbling to earth. Now, Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness...

As children on earth, they were driven to understand the history of dance music and found their teacher in original boston disco DJ Caril Mitro who admitted them into the temple of Vinyl Connection (whose members included Dimitri From Paris and Frankie Knuckles plus many more). Caril taught Soul Clap that "house wears many hats" and instilled the sounds of New York, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia while fostering an addiction to digging that has become a worldwide quest to acquire the best vinyl and download every good song on the planetary-interweb. Soul Clap's training goes beyond history lessons to mastering all the elements of the DJ: knowledge, mixing, programming, performance and experience. They honed their knowledge, Elyte taught a college course about dance music and Cnyce worked for UK booking agency MN2S. In between.They locked themselves in a basement until their mixing was flawless and traveled the universe observing the most advanced programmers (Josh Wink, Carl Craig, Francois K).

Then they went out into the world to perform at Ministry of Sound in London, Paradiso in Amsterdam, Avalon in Los Angeles, Rise in Boston, and in smaller places in New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Mars and Jupiter plus dance-floors in other galaxies that you haven't heard. 20 years of experience has prepared Soul Clap to free your mind, and your ass will follow.

By harnessing the past Soul Clap looks to the future, with forward thinking productions and remixes, creative DJ sets and some of Boston's best dance music events. Soul Clap released their first 12" records on Airdrop Records, "The Giraffe", "die Ente" and "Puppy Crack" receiving remixes by Franco Cinelli, Tanner Ross and Mikael Stavostrand respectively. Each summer they organize Dancing On The Charles (one of Urb Magazine's six best outdoor parties in the US) and every Wednesday they host Midweek Techno (Boston's longest running techno night). They also broadcast live to planet earth on The Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast. With more material coming soon on Aux-Rec and Wolf + Lamb Music and with the return of the "Soul Clap Edits" on Wolf + Lamb Black - the boys aren't slowing down.
Soul Clap - Kissing Game (The R&B FreE.P.)
Soul Clap - Love Light (Wolf & Lamb Black)
Soul Clap - Rock the Boat (The R&B FreE.P.)
Saul Wilks.


As someone whose passions are invoked by underground music and good, quality well made clothing, Art is something that is never far from my thoughts. Although i am no connoisseur, certain prints and certain modern artists really do take my attention. It's not a field i have ever really delved into, but for someone who is creative, pieces that can cause a reaction in our minds and eyes is something that should be explored. I'm not one for anything too out there, i prefer sleek, modern and crisp prints that capture scenes or sentiments that i can relate too. So with this in mind I have picked out a couple of prints that i think are pretty cool.

1. Artist: No days off (24HR Party People)
2. Artist: Daisy Argyle (It's not that grim up north)

3. Warehouse Project, Manchester.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Its been a fair old while since I've posted - for many reasons may i add (Mostly because I've been right on one most of the time if not working). However, I'm back once again like the renegade master.... It's Hot isn't it!?

Well, it's not as nearly as hot as Glastonbury was a few weeks back, so, In honor of the great festival in Somerset here's a hand picked selection of some of the records that had me gleefully going off my barnet in the gorgeous Festival sun. Enjoy....

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork

Someone must have had a serious overdose of Funk during Chromeo's set at Glasto, the tent was ramo with girls, boys, freaks, straights, queens, black, white, middle age back packers and new age travellers going bonkers. Of course, yours truly was right in the mixer with them. Montreal Electronic funk at its best i reckon.

Jamie Jones - Ruckus

Jamie Jones is someone whom i have a deep growing affection for, I've now seen him a good few times and each occasion i have been infatuated by his sound... Soulful and deep. The records this chap is dropping at the minute would have made Douglas Bader get up and cut some rug. Deep House and Tech mixed in with the most luscious Discofied breakdowns a funk aficionado like myself could ask for. He played this during his Hot Natured set on the Thursday night, unfortunately the tent was one of very few open, so it was completely packed out. However, i did manage to negotiate myself a small dancing enclave where i was able to get a groove on. The version i have of this has a two minute section at the end where it goes deep and dirty - i cannot find this version but you should get the gist with this. Dark, Moody, Sexy... Yo Yo, Where's the women at?

Jamie Jones (Electric Jones) - Mold On (Hot Creations)

As I've already stated in the little rant above, The records Jamie Jones, or in this case, Electric Jones, has been putting out have really been getting me going. Not only purchasing them for my own pleasures, hearing them out is a rather delightful experience for all involved. Mold on comes in the form of another deep and quite moody sounding piece of mastery that breaks down into the most glorious vocal and uplifting bit of sunshine one could wish to hear while rushing their tits off in a field. BIG SOUND!

Aeroplane - We Cant Fly

This has admittedly raked up some air time on radio one etc, but still, it needs to be addressed that this is a great record and one that couldn't have been more appropriate to bouncing around the fields of Pilton too while suitably refreshed from various chemicals and countless slugs of goon juice. Reggae Disco anyone? Damn straight, Just serve with sun for instant satisfaction.