Thursday, 26 July 2012

Life Through a Lens...By Saul Wilks

It's been a little quiet for the past week or so on the posting front so I thought I'd drop this into the mixer to keep things going...

This channel 4 documentary is definitely worth an hour of anyone's time and charts the rise of Life magazine and the breath taking photography that it was known for... Great Thursday viewing !


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

In with the Old, Out with the New...By Saul Wilks

If you've been following the past few weeks then you'll know that I've been buying up a couple of vintage pieces lately and one thing that I wanted and have done for some time was a pair of classic loafers or driving shoes.

Having had the privilege to be brought up with tales of such fashions from parents who were involved in past heady and culture rich days, I have always maintained a vested interest in those kinds of styles, both in their classic and modern guises.

The first port of call for traditional and classic loafers would be that of the Iconic Ivy favourite Bass Weejun, in fact the recent collaborations with Mark McNairy have been outstanding and have often tempted me to part with good money for them. However, budgets are tight during these dark days so dropping £210 on a pair of shoes isn't quite as financially viable as it once was.

With the constraints of my tightening wallet firmly in mind, I was delighted to find these on my rounds last week in a quality little secondhand vintage outlet. There was actually mounds of quality old footwear to claw through but these caught my eye because of the two variation in leather colour used - the classic tan and the darker oak.

I wouldn't like to put a date on when they're from, but the quality is second to none and the condition very good for what I would estimate is an ageing shoe. The details on these though are quite spectacular and remind me of a pair I had when I was a young upstart...

As most who read this are probably aware, vintage clothing isn't particularly my bag...Still, for £45 one can't argue with the every-so-often virtues of rooting around second hand boutiques.

In fact, with the buys I've had lately, I might just do it that little bit more often.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mark Mcnairy suede gibson... by Shaun Dangerfield

The beautiful people at Kafka Clothing in Aberdeen did a wonderful service on these and threw a free pair of Paul Smith sock's in the parcel, that was greatly appreciated and debuted on a dance floor that same night, I can't recommend them highly enough and with the labels they carry I suggest you get on over there and hit their sales up.
"Kafka was established in April 1990. Through the years the business has evolved to where it is today. Our philosophy is simple, to supply good product with good service.
We remain dedicated to the spirit of the independent and the individual."

I had my eyes on these for quite a while but just couldn't decide between a pair of Sanders (pretty much the same shoe but with different details, made in the same factory) these Mcnairy's or some Trickers suede chukka's, but with the sales I made the decision.
I'm good like that.... Decisive.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wedding Wears...By Saul Wilks

As mentioned in the post below, there's wedding bells in the air for two of our friends in two weeks time, so this was the perfect excuse to go out and kit myself out for the happy occasion.

If truth be told, I've not worn a suit to a wedding since I turned up at Shaun's in a two tone red number complete with crisp white Superga a few years back. Yes, that really did happen, plus I was tanned up to the max having just stepped off the plane from Ibiza the day before... God knows what I was thinking, but then my head was in the clouds after ten days staying with friends on the white isle.

Just to summarise, I looked like I'd just come from a stint at pink coconut club down on Miami beach circa 1986 ...Good times indeed.

Mindful of that fact that I'm no longer a cock sure twenty year old, I tend to opt for something a little more classic when occasions such as these arise these days, plus I like to buy something that I can wear for other scenarios aside from the purpose (or pretence) that I bought it for. So I was pretty made up to snatch this vintage tweed from the same fella that I copped the Margaret Howell shirt that I bought for my missus, complete with pocket square and for a very reasonable price.
The colour is ace and the cut is perfect, quite slim in fact, which although vintage gives it a more modern feel and appearance. I've already chosen this seasons polka dot button down Oliver Spencer as the accompaniment and to finish the ensemble I landed an ace pair of tanned leather loafers.

If truth be told I'm taking this to the Cotswold's with me this weekend, as it's perfect wear for evening dinner and tea and scones and lardy da daring with the local folk.

Bollocks aside, I'll be taking it because it looks killer - both worn casually with some chino's or for the more formal look and just goes to show that some of the more high end vintage shops that aren't chocker with 4 stripe Adidas cags and knock off Barbour's can really come up trumps for some decent gear.

Another great find that I'm over the moon with... It's so suave it hurts.

Something for the lady...By Saul Wilks

I reckon I'm going to start doing this more regularly... No, not buying my misses presents, because that's something I love doing anyway, but sticking them up on here, because she's got a damn cool wardrobe and it would be good to get some female readers on board.

Anyhow, yesterday was all about Margaret Howell and MHL (check the post below), so it was kind of fate when I came across this little number in a vintage gaff, stored in a display case at the front of the shop. I was in there looking for something dapper for a wedding we're attending next weekend and I did find something pretty special - more on that to follow - but this was no doubt my best buy yesterday and it wasn't even for me.

As said, I spotted it  along side some paisley cravats and other gorgeous looking items in a lovely oak display cabinet and it instinctively caught my eye because of the colours and the abundance of detail such as the rolled button sleeves, the button down collar, chest pocket and the gorgeous mint blue and red stripe. I initially enquired about it for myself but the guy solemnly pointed out that it was in fact actually a women's piece, but we both agreed it was a gorgeous looking thing.

I knew I couldn't leave it there as it was just too much of a find for the sum he wanted for it and it was in absolute perfect condition. I knew my girlfriend would love it from the moment I clapped eyes on it and true to form she was made up when I gave it to her last night.

Just for the record, she looks pretty spectacular in it...but then I knew she would.

Quality find.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nigel Cabourn Aircraft and scarf... by Shaun Dangerfield

I tend to eye up what I want before each season and then pick them out in the first couple of month's to make sure I get what I'm after but I'm always left with a small list of gear I fancy but what I wouldn't pay full price for. 2 items from the list this early year we're the oiled aircraft and the small stripe oxford scarf from Nigel Cabourn and as if by magic a lad I know had an assorted bag of Mr Cabourn's effort's including these two beauties.
Fate.... that's exactly what it is.
Cheeky Fate.
My thinking is to make my wardrobe look as much like an exotic fruit bowl as possible, just to keep everything nice and fruity.... or as my missus say's "camp". With her tongue firmly in her cheek waiting for her bite on the fishing rod (and she gets one every now and again).
So the aircraft jacket first up in oil coated cotton, in a shade that matches my face after a good run around the block.
Adjustable peaked hood
Arm vent's
Snap closures
Waxed rope cord and leather adjusters
Slanted front pockets.
Nice and simple and throw on for those day's where you need to get out the house fast and stalk the girl from the third house down as she walks to work.
And while I'm at it if it's a really crisp day I could throw on Mr Cabourn's oxford multi stripe scarf to keep the bitter cold out as I sit in various bushes watching and waiting.....

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Talented Mr...By Saul Wilks

At the mentioning of the fictional character Dickie Greenleaf in yesterdays post featuring the recently purchased Ralph cardigan, I couldn't help but think to myself just how good a film The talented Mr Ripley actually is.

I'm a gracious fan of cinema and film, although I don't profess to be an expert in any shape of the imagination and I'm entirely sure that the remake of the original would more than likely attract the scowls of a true ardent cinema aficionado. However, being extremely interested and motivated by cinematography and photography in equal measures, and with a keen eye and appreciation of true sartorial elegance, this film is near perfect to me.

Without retracing the whole plot behind the film, The talented Mr Ripley is a story set within the golden era of Ivy league culture, focussing on the privilege and power of the upper echelons of American society, and those that desire it with murderous fervour.

Through the film, the eye is treated to scene after scene of superbly styled get ups and bestows a classic Ivy style wardrobe throughout that encompasses classics such as the Bass Weejun loafer, the cord blazer, button down Oxford shirts and devastatingly suave Persol sunglasses.

From the gorgeous backdrop of the beautiful Italian coast and then, in compassion, the thriving streets of late 50's Milano,  the film captures the clothing, attitudes and overall style of the time quite perfectly. We see the mindset of the style sayvy and culture concious youth played out through the flirtation of Jazz music and clubs,  the undeniably cool persona of Jude Law's character Dickie Greenleaf and the uncompromisingly acute attention to detail that makes this film a joy to watch.

I've picked out a couple of my favourite stills that I think are spectacular both in terms of style and photographic nous, each worthy to be framed in their own right and each emitting that eloquent, sophisticated style that made that period of time a point of reference in style that's celebrated to this day.

It also reminds me how much I want a cord blazer.

After all, if Matt Damon can pull it off...

Enjoy the photos.

On the make.... by Shaun Dangerfield

We made this last week and dropped it in Cardiff much to our enjoyment so I thought I would share it on here as I know some of you are bang into your music, you can leave feedback if you like... good or bad we're open.
The Boogie Cartel "We'll dance the night away..."

We have quite a collection of original tracks now we'll be doing something nice with them so if you like it we'll keep you in the loop.
Fused Latin Disco beat's with an orgy of cow bell and sax and the sample of course from the timeless record from Inner City "Big Fun" from 1988.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Suave and Swanky... By Saul Wilks

I don't have to sit here and talk up TK Maxx, if you're an avid reader it's a fair assumption you're into your cloth and more than likely you've hit the above up on numerous occasions. Anyone in this line of obsession, whether they admit it or not most definitely pays it a visit, as it can herald the unexpected, but then it can also herald untold amounts of shit as well.... That's the untold beauty of going to TK's - the unknown.

My last visit was made on the pretence of buying a gift for someone but as soon as I saw my chance to bail and go bargain hunting I was off rooting around the menswear section peeling through the racks of complete shite, trying to sniff out something decent.

It's a little unseasonal to be searching through racks of knitwear but a veteran of the TK Maxx scene knows that it's often the places you least expect to find a find, is where you'll actually  get your days reward. It was no different this time around either as I stumbled across this Lemon Ralph Lauren pima cardigan.

I won't beat around the bush with this one, I think it's cool as fuck. It strikes me as something Dickie Greenleaf would wear while getting down at the local underground jazz club, if he wasn't laying on the seabed in Sanremo bay that is.

Still, what's good for Dickie is good for me and if it wasn't for the shocking weather we've had for the past few weeks I'd have been sporting this with a button down white Oxford, a pair of handmade Moccasins and some serious slicked side parting action, as it's got that sort of vibe going on.

Anyhow, for a bullseye who could complain? Certainly not me sir, that's for sure. I'll just hope for some decent weather this weekend so I can finally give it a whirl, possibly to Wapping with lady for some Sunday wine and dine action... who cares really, as long as I get to look like I own a yacht for a few hours while mixing it with the locals I'll be happy.

Splendid stuff indeed.

Boogie Cartel in Cardiff..... by Shaun Dangerfield

I love playing records to people, everyone dancing and smiling and having a good time.
When we put our night's on we usually take the last hour out and just throw some Boogie Cartel anthems in the mix and have a good play up.
We play a few certain records regular and I can almost guarantee that in the last hour you'll hear Ten City blazing through the system and Change playing it's way through the club like a one record carnival littering the dance floor musically like a thousand party poppers and an army of confetti canon's.
Over the years of knocking around the football and knowing some Cardiff heads from back then we have somehow managed to forge some very nice friendships along the way, which in turn has forged other friendships through the music/clubbing scene going to the same night's and sharing mixes until eventually they made the journey from Cardiff to London and hit up a couple of our nights.

I can honestly say these lads and lasses are all switched on and doing thing's for the right reasons, good company and on the same level.
What more could you ask for ?
Clare who works for a new club in Cardiff called Aura who pride themselves in putting on underground night's has started a little project of her own called Suburban Boogie with a view to bringing Disco and the surrounding genres to a night in a city that is very much controlled by the Techno and House scene.
First port of call and booking for her was ourselves.
Suburban Boogie presents....The Boogie Cartel. Which we we're obviously chuffed with as Saul is 15/20 minutes away in Newport and my wife and extended family are all from Cardiff, so while this party in south Wales was eagerly anticipated by ourselves we also knew that this was quite a risk for her to put a night on like this and to get enough interest from people to turn out for it.
We shouldn't have worried. We took to the decks and turntables at midnight and had free reign until 6am, we had intended to go there and take it in turn's as usual playing set's each but we ended up just playing a few records and passing it over, although I'm pretty sure Saul hogged the decks a lot more than any of us did.
The place went up, big smile's on dial's and hands in the air. Just could not have asked for more.

Aura Nightclub is a great intimate venue, a perfect rave den, it's dark and got 4 walls and a bar with some neon light's. Perfect, and if I'm not playing the August bank holiday weekend I'll be heading down there to see a legend in the form of Derrick Carter, no stranger to Cardiff and it will no doubt go off in there.
I always like to share a few photo's and videos if I have them as I like to log it all somewhere and Sinister seem's to be the place so I'll start with this video taken at 5am, numbers were starting to show then but this time in my opinion is the best time in a club, anything from 5am and the right people are always left (in my opinion).
No shock in what was playing.... Ten City.
And it wouldn't be Sinister without the standard pre-trip bag and garments photo.