Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Something for the lady...By Saul Wilks

I reckon I'm going to start doing this more regularly... No, not buying my misses presents, because that's something I love doing anyway, but sticking them up on here, because she's got a damn cool wardrobe and it would be good to get some female readers on board.

Anyhow, yesterday was all about Margaret Howell and MHL (check the post below), so it was kind of fate when I came across this little number in a vintage gaff, stored in a display case at the front of the shop. I was in there looking for something dapper for a wedding we're attending next weekend and I did find something pretty special - more on that to follow - but this was no doubt my best buy yesterday and it wasn't even for me.

As said, I spotted it  along side some paisley cravats and other gorgeous looking items in a lovely oak display cabinet and it instinctively caught my eye because of the colours and the abundance of detail such as the rolled button sleeves, the button down collar, chest pocket and the gorgeous mint blue and red stripe. I initially enquired about it for myself but the guy solemnly pointed out that it was in fact actually a women's piece, but we both agreed it was a gorgeous looking thing.

I knew I couldn't leave it there as it was just too much of a find for the sum he wanted for it and it was in absolute perfect condition. I knew my girlfriend would love it from the moment I clapped eyes on it and true to form she was made up when I gave it to her last night.

Just for the record, she looks pretty spectacular in it...but then I knew she would.

Quality find.

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