Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nigel Cabourn Aircraft and scarf... by Shaun Dangerfield

I tend to eye up what I want before each season and then pick them out in the first couple of month's to make sure I get what I'm after but I'm always left with a small list of gear I fancy but what I wouldn't pay full price for. 2 items from the list this early year we're the oiled aircraft and the small stripe oxford scarf from Nigel Cabourn and as if by magic a lad I know had an assorted bag of Mr Cabourn's effort's including these two beauties.
Fate.... that's exactly what it is.
Cheeky Fate.
My thinking is to make my wardrobe look as much like an exotic fruit bowl as possible, just to keep everything nice and fruity.... or as my missus say's "camp". With her tongue firmly in her cheek waiting for her bite on the fishing rod (and she gets one every now and again).
So the aircraft jacket first up in oil coated cotton, in a shade that matches my face after a good run around the block.
Adjustable peaked hood
Arm vent's
Snap closures
Waxed rope cord and leather adjusters
Slanted front pockets.
Nice and simple and throw on for those day's where you need to get out the house fast and stalk the girl from the third house down as she walks to work.
And while I'm at it if it's a really crisp day I could throw on Mr Cabourn's oxford multi stripe scarf to keep the bitter cold out as I sit in various bushes watching and waiting.....

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