Monday, 31 January 2011

The Boogie Cartel Launch Party...

It's been in the pipe line for some time... Now it's happening.

Get yourselves down to The Horse and Groom on the 12Th March for a night of goodness.

Catch you on the floor X X X

Saul Wilks.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Slice of Cake....... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Starting off with the sweet and soft frosty topping sinking your teeth deeper into a firmer selection before hitting the cream, fruit and powder with your nose, a light dusting of disco & house for the rest of your weekend.

Hercules & Love Affair - Roxy Music - Todd Terje - Harold Melvin & Talk Talk just to wet your appetite.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Bit Of Green....... by Shaun Dangerfield.

No not weed, or grass, or dollars but the Nigel Cabourn apple green oilcloth surface jacket, a couple of jacket's made way for this but I was happy enough to sign their ticket's out and pick this up.
Perfect for fishing weather..... not that I have ever been fishing or intend on going, but still nice to know when I'm out and about doing what I'm doing that if I stumbled over a used old fishing rod I could get stuck in to some carp and my jacket would keep me from being "rained" off.
And a splash of breton colour in the Saint James long sleeve, the next addition's to help level off my wardrobe into how I want it.

(An early) Friday's feel good sound post....

Come the morning I'm Hi Ho'ing it down to London for yet another weekend of good-times and get downs coming in the galactically sublime shape of an all night party courtesy of Horse Meat Disco (Friday) at Plastic People followed by more nocturnal adventures on Saturday at an all night warehouse party. I'm extra buzzing because It'll be the first time my itchy feet will have set foot on a dance floor since New Years messy exploits and for me, that's a seriously long time to go without dropping a few shapes and having a ball.

So as I wont to be around tomorrow to post the integral 'Fridays feel good sound' I thought I'd stick it up tonight, that and I've just taken delivery of a spanking box of mint 12's with some fine boogie and disco to share with you...

I've picked out a couple of my fav's for you to treat your ears with... Kicking things off with the timeless sounding Lady M (someone pleading not to be on the reciving end of a broken heart has never sounded so good). Some perfect floor fodder in the form of a tasty little effort from Carol Williams and the ever gorgeous Melba Moore providing some jump up, arms in the air boogie for the final coup de grace.

So wherever you are and whatever your doing, enjoy an early treat and bust a groove to these delights, I'm already there - come join me on the floor.

Have an ace weekend,

Big Love !

Saul Wilks.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Some more new delights...

This time coming in the shape of some exceptional looking jackets and sweaters from that ever-present staple label of You Must Create. I always take a healthy interest in YMC what with one half of the design team being from my hometown of Newport. Frazer Moss and Jimmy Collins certainly turn out some excellent wears season to season. With a new shop opening up in Spitalfields (to join the ever growing ranks of 'labels gone east' - Folk, Albam etc) Their new season creations have started dropping at certain online thread pushers... Some of which is lip licking fine.

Running with a camping and outdoor theme, they've come up with some ace designs in the way that YMC do best- simple, stylish and completely wearable.

Here's a few picks that have taken my fancy... Hold on to your seats, more 'jacket porn' is nigh.

The mountain parka is something that's being turned out by every label from high end to high street at the moment, everyone is jumping on the outdoor look and trying to nail a parka of some sort. However, while the majority of these candid efforts fail to make me scroll up for a second look or brush aside the next garment on the rack for a closer inspection, this YMC made me do just that. Coming in navy or a gorgeous brown each with contrast inner, plenty of gorgeous buttons for those of us like to overdose on detail and a drawstring waist where the pull cord is visible (a must in my book) in my humble opinion this is a smart effort both price and style wise and will more than likely sell out most places over the coming months.

Moving aside from jackets and coats for 5 minutes (my addiction grows with each new day... Help me, please!) YMC have also turned out a couple of nice crew necks and knits for the coming months. Okay, I accept nautical chic is pretty much everywhere and Breton stripes are becoming a season to season staple but I can't help scratching an itch that I always have - it's another phase of my addiction. I wont bother saying it again as you all know by now the empathy I hold for... Ah bollocks - stripes. I'm pretty sure I was a zebra in a previous life?!

The perforated detailing on their Breton crew neck is a little different and a nice addition to catch the breezer nicely while on evening walks around a Croatian fishing village at the height of summer time (Sorry, had to throw that one in - Garden Festival 2011...)

Aside from stripe fever, the camel crew neck which comes in the same cut as last seasons instant iconic classic 'hunter sweat' is a nice little number as well. Crew neck sweats are going to be big this year, well in my wardrobe anyway and apart from the likes of Our Legacy who's 'Great' sweat have it nailed down, this is an alternative option for those looking for something a little more simple while still holding a hint of refined class.

All in all a cool little selection of things that have tickled my fancy, It's just a shame that there's so much more to come over the next few weeks and months... I just know my wallet's going to be getting battered, poor thing.

Saul Wilks.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Every Stitch Has A Shaun Dangerfield.

I first saw this beast in a preview photo feb time, but when it come out August I had my beady eye's on other thing's and thought there was better to spend £520 on, as thing's go round in a small world (as they say) another lad from west bromwich was greedy enough to buy this in 2 colour's of the mustard and this red, I managed to pick it up from him bnwt for half the price, I'm not totally convinced he wanted to part with it but this is what happen's when the female side of the world get involved in our life (thankfully may I add this time).

It's nowhere near good enough in the picture quality to be able to show it in it's true glory due to the vibrant red colour, early evening and my flash but here it is, unbelievable quality and worth every penny of the original price tag to be quite honest, so a bigger bonus getting it the price I did, cheer's Tone.


Fridays feel good sound...

It feels like an age since my size 10's were stepping out on a dance floor... Way too long. However, not long to wait, next week sees a return to form with an all night Horse Meat Disco session courtesy of Warm followed by a warehouse party for some good honest house, all night long on the Saturday.

In the meantime I'll lambast myself with some quality new purchases on the music front, stockpiling my arsenal for maximum dance floor impact come the The Boogie Cartel Launch Party (12th March, Upstairs at the Horse and Groom, Shoreditch, London)

They come no finer than this sublime Linosaur effort... It's had me swooning around like an orangutan on crack for a few days now so It'll more than likely do the trick for you as well.

Enjoy and have an ace weekend!

Saul Wilks.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Falling in love with a jacket...

I keep promising myself that the last jacket purchase will be exactly that - the last. Then things of beauty such as the new season updated Universal Works Fell jacket come cropping up, making me hate myself for breaking that golden promise to myself. In this game it's extremely hard to resist temptation. Having been an owner of the previous Fell jacket, I'm a little sceptical about the fit - however, after some research and deliberation it's been decided that the small will indeed be a small and wont fit me like a big blue tent as it's predecessor did, a look that was extremely hard to pull off, as you can only begin to imagine (Especially up in Darlington)

This version of Universal Works staple season to season jacket comes in a quite gorgeous colourway of two-tone red and beige... Head turning material extraordinaire! Also available in ink blue and beige for those who require a more dimmed down appearance. At a price that's affordable and with the quality that has come to be known during Universal Works short shelf life, it doesn't take a fashion forecast to predict this is going to be a key piece of outwear over the rainy months that pepper spring and summer time. In a waxed cotton, with plenty of eye catching detail and perfect chap about town style, this is one jacket that will no doubt be on many spring/summer shopping lists... And rightly so.

Now if I can just go ten minutes without buying some outwear I should surely have enough to eat this month... I wouldn't count on it though.

Saul Wilks.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Some Tuesday Tunage...

Coming in the form of a slo-mo Boogie killer that's dripping wet with funk thanks to Feel, Some Nick Straker Band goodness (All anyone really needs in their life is a little bit of Jazz) and to round us off, some good honest Chicago from Joe Smooth.

A lovely little selection of Tuesday evening grooves to get your step on too.
Go on... Grab your bird and grind her into the ground, she'll love you for it...


Rightio, I'm off to dance...


Saul Wilks.

New seasons splendor - Oliver Spencer...

I'm proper excited about some of the new S/S11 line that is due for release from one of my favorite labels, Oliver Spencer. I found the winter collection very understated and demure, but then I suppose it was winter time. I picked up the class Peasant Duffle in navy and it's been given plenty of love during the cold months, it's a quality piece of kit and quite a head turner. Anyway, back to business in hand - with those Sunny days not too far away (C'mon, there not that far away are they?) I've been buzzing with anticipation for Mr Spencers forthcoming S/S collection, there's some cracking things coming out of Lambs Conduit Street.

As is usually the case, I've already spied a few pieces that are marked down for immediate purchase when they hit the shelves, including the ace Flag Tee in both the Blue and Red colourway, the multi striped knit in pima cotton complete with 4 button shoulder detail and probably the best looking thing by far and something that's going to send extra cool chill waves through the air wherever and whenever it's sported, the button down striped polo.

As one and all can probably tell, I've well and truly entrenched myself in a summer mindset, closing in on a pair of sunglasses I've been after for a while, sorting some spanking shirtage out and making sure my feet are shod in the finest of finery from Bass Weejun and Mark Mcairy.

These next few purchases from Oliver Spencer aren't only going to be some of the most integral I make for my summer wardrobe, but I reckon some of the best for the whole season.

It's just about playing that waiting game now, you know the one yeah? ... Of course you do.

Here's to Summer.

Saul Wilks.

Monday, 17 January 2011

A Bit Of Shaun Dangerfield.

Now in general I have what's known as an acquired taste.... in music, clothing & footwear, art and thought's, but occasionally something of the norm take's my fancy.
There is a background to this, it all stem's when after my son passed away the lad's who I know from various place's around the U.K and off a couple of forum's I use joined in with my mate's from up the Albion and elsewhere and had a collection and a fundraising night (which I am eternally grateful for) and with which gifted me with over £5000.
This isn't a sad story by the way, I take the best of a bad situation whatever that may be but just explaining the background as to where this started.
After the funeral cost's and plot fee's and a magnificent headstone and garden I was left with a sum of money of around £600, I thought and thought about what to do with it, a bench and plaque, giving it to charity, getting away for a bit or get something to remind me of him.
So I just left it until I was ready to decide, and eventually come across a collection by an artist in Doug Hyde that just captured me with an image that just took me away and sucked me in.
When Lewis was 2 I bought him a chocolate brown labrador puppy called Scooby, and in this collection was the image of a beaming face high on life and in love with his dog, I was lucky enough to be able to buy the art and matching sculpture, displayed very proudly in my living room, something of which give's me great pleasure and calm when I look at them, it's hard to explain but when I glance over at them I see the love for my son and the love from my friend's who provided it for me, it's an important part of my family now, you can get sentimental item's and you can get an extension of your family and these are the latter, something as powerful as being a massive part of calm in our live's, it make's me remember the good time's and his life and the thing's he loved, pictured below.......

Doug Hyde and his work has made an impression on us, the soft tone's and hard edges and warmth of his art is shared in our family home, so on my wife's birthday a couple of week's ago I added another collection entitled "Heart & Soul" which is on the opposing wall, a pair of pastel pictures entitled "Heart to Heart" and "Soul to Soul" which has added to the warmth of our now family home, the last 2 photos below......

Don't get me wrong I love what I love but living a life of closed behind door's inside, is no life to lead and I now appreciate the fact that it's good to be open every now and again and be sentimental and appreciate the thing's that give you that warmth, so if one thing come out of this it certainly opened me up, and I needed it.

Bass Weejun x Mark Mcairy - Ace footwear personified.

I've been looking around for something a little different for my feet, still longing for something predominantly casual looking but also incorporating a smarter edge. On my rounds I came across these Mark Mcnairy X Bass Weejun Collaboration Loafer Moccasins. I think they're ace.

Bass Weejun, the old Ivy look shoemaker of choice is given a touch of Mark Mcnairy cool to produce this superb loafer Moccasin, perfect for what I'm after for this coming summer. Wearable with so many things, they sort of remind me of something my old man used to wear on summer holiday trips down to Cornwall.

Perhaps my clothing tastes are maturing, I'm not too sure, but what I'm certain of is this - Come summer time I'll be sporting these at every opportunity. Total understated quality and class personified.

Take a bow Bass Weejun and Mark Mcairy....

Saul Wilks.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Fridays feel good sound...

I've been listening to more and more classic Disco and Boogie lately - which can only be a good thing - and thought It was about time that I let out of the bag that Tom and I are putting on a night in London's Shoreditch, at The Horse and Groom come March time with myself and Dange both playing.

Named after the blog, we've got big plans to get something really good going with a happy, everybody welcome night dedicated to Disco, Boogie, Funk and House at one of the crucibles of London's Disco scene.

This is one record that will be getting hammered, as it has been for some time now by myself, because it's just one of those sounds that will put a smile on your face no matter where you are and how your feeling... It's all about the good times and ace party vibes, which is something we want to put across with The Boogie Cartel.

So this is a little Friday feeling post that will hopefully get you up and dancing around your living room / office / workshop / bedroom (delete as appropriate)

Enjoy the sounds...

Take it easy and spread love !

Saul Wilks.

S'cuse me mister, have you got the time?

Every self respecting chap should have a decent time piece on his wrist, a watch can really set an outfit off. The little things are the details we pick up on most in our sub-conscious, so this is an area of your get up that should never be over-looked. Some people prefer to check their phone for the time but I suppose everyone is different.

I currently have a rather beautiful silver Georgio Armani, given to me by my brother when I was his best man. Although it's a gorgeous looking thing and special, sentimentally, It's not something I can wear everyday.

So with this in mind I've began the hunt for something decent for my wrist to sport to keep me up to date with GMT... Two words just keep coming back to me - Uniform Wares.

I'm not a flashy person, I never have been and never will be. I like subtle details, modern looking with a classic twist. Uniform Wares provides exactly the sort of thing I'm after and at a price that's not going to break the bank.

Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles, the designers behind Uniform Wares certainly know how to make me, eh, tick. What with a minimalist design that looks perfect for your modern day chap and in an assortment of classic and not so classic colourways, they certainly have my attention... It's just choosing what colour to pick. Red or Yellow? I really can't decide.

I guess only time will tell........................................................ Okay I'll get my coat.

Saul Wilks.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

In Between Season' Shaun Dangerfield.

I love to have my eye on something and eventually pick it up somewhere down the line at a better price, and there's been some great price's the end of this winter.
This Margaret Howell MHL pocket light raincoat in cracked wax is an all year rounder, very lightweight and will look better with age and wear, might even wear it to bed later and see if the mrs like's it as much as me...... just her, me, the mhl and some happysocks.

Next up with an absolute bargain of 40% off (why I'm not sure as I don't think piece's like this should be in the sale) is the R6 Conch wallet in brown leather with lime inner, I was going to pick this up November but for whatever reason at the time forgot to pick it up.
Most of the 6876 x Regent Belt Company is nothing short of fantastic in look's and quality.

Lastly I just couldn't resist this new season SNS Herning Stark cardigan in burgundy, looking forward to teaming it up with some breton tee's.

I'll have a Madras please...

I'm an all round season type of chap, basically meaning I love the cold months as much as I love the Summer sun. However, I do love those long summer days spent in beer gardens and those long drawn out nights that quickly turn into morning time after partying throughout a warm summers night.

I know it's most certainly too soon to be contemplating this Summers looks and hooks but I couldn't help but be charmed by this gorgeous Ralph Lauren Madras, recently up on Oi Polloi. The colours are amazing and it has summer time BBQ party fodder written all over it.

I'm already hunting around for a fresh pair of 'bins' or Sunglasses to the rest of you, but first and foremost - This little number is definitely next on my purchase list. I think I'll stick it away until deepest summer and then bust it out for maximum sun-shine inspired dandyness.

Ace !

Saul Wilks.

Nice surprises come in white bags from Albam...

It's really nice getting belated Xmas presents, or presents in general come to think of it. So it was a rather nice scenario this morning when I was roused from my slumber by a stern and cold looking postman, eagerly asking me to sign for my parcel. I was sort of expecting something anyway, so it wasn't the greatest of surprises but when I opened it and found a rather dashing Albam Artisan scarf in the best of the best Rupert check I was more than made up... It looks killer!

So here's a little Thank you to a lovely little someone who certainly paid attention to my general ranting about certain garments that were taking my fancy... You know who you are


A rather happy chappy,

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Record of the week...

What ever happened to New York Disco compliment, Hercules and Love Affair? After their seminal album launch on DFA and a host of their remixes that appeared scattered over the Internet and in turn, remixes coming from the likes of Frankie Knuckles, taking full advantage of their homo-erotically charged sound, Andy Butler and company seemed to have taken a break from invading our ears... Not quite.

Having been lucky enough to catch Hercules and Love Affair at the height of their hype, way up north in Manchester a few years back - not long after the first time I found myself stepping out on my apartment floor to 'Athene', Hercules and Love Affair are gracing our shores once more, much to my delight. With some confirmed dates in London throughout January, I was ecstatic to see that Bristol Based night, Club Cosmique had manged to lure these sleek and slender New Yorkers to a Wednesday night performance at Metropolis in March. Only one word necessary... There.
However, aside from Hercules and Love Affair and other side projects - the out and out flamboyancy and unique sound of Andy Butler and Kim Ann Foxman is very much alive and kicking in the form of dancefloor stromer, 'Creature' (Mr INTL records)

'Creature' is a perfect example of high octane, sleaze driven house full of sexual wanting and desire. Complete with a devastatingly floor smashing remix from Simon and Robin Luke, aka Faze Action, this is one record that is completely off the hook, bringing more heat than Ra the Sun-God on E.

The name itself holds a sexually charged rhetoric and from the first time the bass line drops, desire and passion radiates throughout Kim Ann Foxmans seductive, knowing voice. She certainly knows how to push all my buttons simultaneously for this is a record that makes me want to be in a dark sweaty basement club at 4am, with the scent of amyl nitrate thick in the air and pure sex running through my veins... It really is a horny record, in all the good and bad ways a record such as this should be.

This House stormer is guaranteed to make any dance floor explode in an orgy of sexual tension, the perfect soundtrack to get sleazy with that leopard skin legging / high heeled sporting bird that your mother would hate.

Creature certainly invokes a dark side in the mindset of it's consumer... I feel shamefully dirty whenever I listen to it, but then I guess that's what makes it so good... Because after all, deep down, we all want to be someones creature... Right?

Saul Wilks.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Cut Chemist's Disco Is Shaun Dangerfield

A bit of a legend, he certainly gave me a lesson when I heard his DJ Shadow collaborated Brainfreeze mix for the first time, founder and former member of Jurassic 5 and another funk band I forget the name of, certain artists and dj's can create a lasting impression on you and Cut Chemist is one of them for me, he's been going for 26 years since the age of 11 DJ'ing and creating some special parts of musical history, during the mid 90's when I started DJ'ing I got into original breaks', big beat, soul, funk and beats and tracks like his "lesson 6 the lecture" paved that way for me before collecting most of the tracks on his Brainfreeze mix apart from the elusive "hey joyce" by Lou Courtney which I didn't get on 7inch until 5 year's ago, influenced by hip hop, soul and latin funk what this guy can do on a couple of decks is nothing short of genius, this Disco Is Dead mix is good, doesn't show off his talent as much with his scratching and beat juggling but a very good listen and lesson for all the standard DJ's who need some help injecting some life and soul into their mixing, enjoy.......

Cut Chemist -Disco is Dead (1973-1979) by Cut Chemist

This is a small snippet of the Brainfreeze mix thats been chopped up but give it a listen and if you don't know it but can appreciate it I urge you to buy the mix cd and treasure it for what it is a genuine piece of musical history......

Thursday, 6 January 2011

What the Dickens?

It's never too early to start buying summer jackets... That's what I've been telling myself anyway. As with Mr Dangerfield, in his previous post, I've also been a busy little bee, acquiring some summer time wears in the shape of this proper ace effort from Barbour - the 'Dickens' jacket. As soon as I spied this, I knew I had to have it. I think it looks splendid... Teamed up with some Navy extra slim dockers, some rather fetch shades and some summer time Esq cool stripes I've got this clocked up as a delightful (early) addition to the summer looks I can't wait to start dropping from festivals to long lazy sessions next to waterfronts... Class.

Saul Wilks.