Friday, 29 April 2011

Wear & Tear for today..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

As posted below, today is a great british day, not for the wedding.... thats firmly at the back of my thought's, but for a cooler dry day, not hot, not wet, just your cooler bog standard Friday. Perfect.

Post Overalls Mattalini jacket
Albam pink tee
Engineered Garments madras scarf
Evisu plain pocket raw selvedge denim
Clae cousteau red suede trabs.

And little Leila's effort.....
Ted Baker yellow waxed jacket
Pastel madras popover shirt
Chambray short trousers

Bank holiday adventures.....

Engineered Garments Madras...... by Shaun Dangerfield.

One of the best thing's about spring/summer is the colour, stripes & check's available, my obvious soft spots are breton stripes, seersucker and madras check, this being a perfect example of what I love.

Engineered Garments madras scarf enriched with colour and vibrant, made from cotton, for the cooler British day's, nice and lightweight, Couverture & the Garbstore to the rescue yet again.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Levi XX Vintage Sunset Shirt...

While I left my girlfriend to scour Libertys womens wear section for what seemed like eternity, I slipped off and went in search of my own adventures. I came across this effort from Levi Vintage, the two pocket sunset shirt. This has been re-issued for a second season as this was brought out back last year in a faded chambray. I didn't bother snapping one up in the sales and I've regretted it ever since.

I've spent a fair whack lately, so I didn't take the plunge yesterday either (ear bashings would have ensued) but at 160 sheets, this is a definite bargain for the sheer quality factor alone. I did try it on, teasing myself, and the fit was perfect, not too fitted and not too loose. Its splendid for summer and the faded tones of the material makes for a killer looking shirt, definitely one for next pay day !


Latest pick ups...

I'm currently on a week of relaxation and leisure at my girlfriends in London... So what better way to ease myself into the swing of things than with a few minor purchases?

Albam was first port of call and a typical wardrobe staple in the shape of their emerald / white Hemmy pocket tee together with this rather gorgeous Saffron crew neck. Looks killer with a nice chambray collar peeking over the neck.

Both garments are really bang on for this quality weather that's been gracing Londinium for days on end now I could really get use to this, but then I guess I already am. I'm a lucky so in so... Enjoy the weather!


Early Evening... Portobello, West London.

Portobello Market, Peroni and Belgian Waffles optional...

Han Kjobenhavn
Saint James


Monday, 25 April 2011

Levis x Opening Ceremony....... by Shaun Dangerfield.

This probably isn't something I would usually go for but I fancied it when I saw it so thought "hey, why not?"
Whether it suit's me on arrival is another matter as overhead jacket's are usually too short for me running in at 6 foot 3.

Levis x Opening Ceremony yellow & orange chambray popover jacket -

Part of the highly limited - and much anticipated - collaboration between Levi's Red Tab and New York's Opening Ceremony, this over the head jacket is a new design, ideal for warmer weather, styled in typically OS fashion with some brilliant attention to detail throughout. The 1x1 Japanese chambray used is a vintage fabric developed for workwear that adds durability and maximum comfort.

Japanese cotton chambray, hooded with throat tab, pouch pocket at back, workwear patch pocket detail.
More of a Hooded overshirt, something to throw on when it's hot hot hot.....


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Thursday Playground - Boogie Cartel Discovery Greg Wilson ....... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Just back from a cracking Night in London playing on the "Greg Wilson special" night at the Horatia in Islington, great times, great music, great friends.

Just uploaded the mix from that night I did and a few photo's from the night.

Cheers, Shaun

Boogie Cartel Horatia Islington 21st april 2011Greg Wilson easter thur special by Captain Turtle


Monday, 18 April 2011

For those of you who like to get down...

Not only are we extremely excited to be supporting a long time hero of ours - Greg Wilson, this coming Easter Thursday ( but we've also just announced our next installment of Boogie - Funk goodness come May 14th...

If your a London head or generally like to get a bit messy to some ace sounds then pop in a say hello and have a dance with us !


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Who really is the Reigning Champ ?

All and Sundry will know that I'm a big fan of the basic crew-neck sweater. There's something about the simplicity and general every day wearability that makes it an essential staple in my wardrobe. There are a few labels always vying for that optimum cut and perfection - Our Legacy being prime example. Reigning Champ is another .

This Light blue version recently upped on Oi Polloi is gorgeous for warm evenings spent relaxing with your friends in the park or whatever... It caught my eye straight away. The details on Reigning Champs crew neck sweater is pays homage to the fact that this Canadian label is a master at its craft - turning out quality everyday garments that will last and look ace for decades.


Friday, 15 April 2011

What Was Worn Today...... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Friday evening, Weekend, Food, all good.

Nigel Cabourn surface jacket
Albam ring snap moss shirt
Albam engineers navy waistcoat
Garbstore revis red selvedge
Trickers x Present brogue boots
Big high on life grin......

The Art of Photography...

You often meet some interesting people in the walks of life, whether in the dark corner of a club while your experiencing a higher state of consciousness, a vibrating and joy filled dance floor or generally while pacing it around from A to B.

One such person is that of Kati Kriiva. I met Kati a little while back at a Discovery night in London, Ray Mang was playing and I literally bumped into her on the dance floor. I had known of Kati for a good while before that due to her being a proper music head and her amazing edits of disco and boogie records, but had never had the pleasure of meeting her.

Kati is a lovely person, the type that makes you realise life isn't such a fucked gig after all. She's also incredibly talented, not only with her musical prowess but with a camera.

When I first looked through her collection of photographs (all available for viewing on I was completely blown away with what I saw. Each photograph captures the moment perfectly and each holds a magnificent amount of atmospheric detail - something that is special and will last forever.

I've chosen a few pieces of her work to share with you all but make sure you check her blog out, even if photography isn't your thing.

I think breath taking just about sums it up...


Keeping the Summer Showers at bay...

I've been pretty disenchanted with Norse Projects lately, they haven't really turned out much that has caught my eye and the stuff that has is pretty basic four-four-two samey samey and no different to past season.

There is one Diamond amongst the rough though... The re-issued Elka collaboration rain jacket in this must-have red colourway... It's colossal!

Keen eyed readers may remember the initial posts about these ace jackets way back last year some time when I copped for one of the originals in a dark green. As a matter of fact, I also purchased the 3/4 length red version but ended up sending it back because I looked like a sun-burnt tent in it, which isn't the best of looks to try and carry off I can tell you !

This however is quality and breathes a little bit of finesse into an other wise boring collection from Norse, they should keep this one of their staple items in my book... Because after all - there's always need for an outlandishly coloured waterproof in any self respecting dressers wardrobe, isn't there?


Return of the Jean Jacket...

Denim jackets usually conjure up images of Rebel flag toting truckers driving massive road hog wagons while listening to the best of Johnny Cash... Don't they?

Saying that I was sorely tempted a few months back by Levi Vintages type 3 trucker until I tried it on and realised it must have been made for anorexic cowboys. I'm hardly a sizable chap but the dimensions on the thing were clearly ambitious...

However, that favorite staple label of mine, Our Legacy, turned out this variation at the start of S/S. At first glace I though it was a little camp but then after some consideration I realised this is such a boss bit of kit for the summer. I love the design and the details, its fresh city ain't it !? Perhaps one of those love it or loathe it items?

Plenty of love from this enclave...


Something refind for those trotters...

So here's the thing... I'm usually addicted to buying up jackets and coats, but lately I'm on a proper footwear buzz. I've snapped up a fair few pairs of late, ranging from the essential YMC deck pumps to Pointer Benson boots (both blogged about a week or two ago) and it's Pointer that have taken my fancy once again.

These 'Crago' are really hitting that spot for me, taking in the guise of the classic Blucher model and also retaining elements of the Desert Boot - making for a very interesting and dappa pair of dappers.

They couldn't be more on point for a smart but cool summer style if they tried and at ninety sheets I think they're a class addition to any footwear rotation.

It would be rude not to, eh?


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hot Beach Edited 6AM Mix....... by Shaun Dangerfield.

You lucky thing's you this week, bombarded with good feeling records.
Next up is a mix I have got round to doing this evening, not been playing too much as I have had my head stuck in editing/remixing the past couple of week's, So some light entertainment for you.
As I said I have been playing around with my own edits, nothing fancy just beat changes/intros/outros/looping etc to extend the record and make them a bit more playable, put a couple in to a live mix just to see how they sound.

Hope you enjoy, Shaun

Lee Foss - Run Around Captain Turtle edit

Mim Suleiman - Nyuli Captain Turtle edit

Clare Maguire - The Last Dance

Locussolus - I Want It

LeSale - City Lights

Prince Language - On The Double

Tyson - Out Of My Mind

Deadly Sins - Wanting You

Corinne - Dream A Little Dream

Hot Beach Edited 6am mix by Captain Turtle

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Electrofunk hmmm Shaun Dangerfield.

Here you go - get your teeth and feet into this, classic 80's stabbing grooves and big boogie love, feel good records, the musical equivalent to foods KFC.

Manuel Kim's Planet Laser Mixtape
1) Advance - Take Me To The Top (Remix Instrumental)
2) Komiko - Feel Alright (Manuel Kim Dub Edit)
3) Northend - Happy Days (Manuel Kim Dub Edit)
4) Class Action - Weekend (M & M Dub)
5) Sinnamon - Thanks To You (Manuel Kim Dub Edit)
6) Venna - Watching You (Manuel Kim Dub Edit)
7) Chocolette - It's That East Street Beat (Vocal Club Version)
8) Martin Circus - Disco Circus (Manuel Kim Edit)
9) Roundtree - Hit On You (Manuel Kim Edit)
10) Brooklyn Express - Change Position
11) Heather Parisi - Disco Bambina (Ajello Edit)
12) David Joseph - Let's Live It Up (Instrumental)
13) D-Train - You're The One For Me (Manuel Kim Dub Edit) -
14) Kool & The Gang - Fresh (Manuel Kim Dub Edit)

Podcast #44: Manuel Kim's Planet Laser Mixtape by Gomma

Floral..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I am liking a bit of floral at the moment, a splash of colour, only a hint of it, a discreet flash and enough to turn a head.
This however is not discreet, it's full on Botanical gardens vs New York, I love it, I've hovered over it since it was released but in general these day's I try not to buy items that have a short life span, while I am all for living the now, I also like something that has a decent life span and not something that will look a bit dodgy in the new year, who know's though I never say never.

Engineered Garments Floral Ground jacket.
I have had an Eng' Garm's ground jacket before and it's simple effective design gives it a stand out but relaxed look, just don't laugh when I put this on the blog as last purchase next week......

Cheers, Shaun.