Friday, 15 April 2011

The Art of Photography...

You often meet some interesting people in the walks of life, whether in the dark corner of a club while your experiencing a higher state of consciousness, a vibrating and joy filled dance floor or generally while pacing it around from A to B.

One such person is that of Kati Kriiva. I met Kati a little while back at a Discovery night in London, Ray Mang was playing and I literally bumped into her on the dance floor. I had known of Kati for a good while before that due to her being a proper music head and her amazing edits of disco and boogie records, but had never had the pleasure of meeting her.

Kati is a lovely person, the type that makes you realise life isn't such a fucked gig after all. She's also incredibly talented, not only with her musical prowess but with a camera.

When I first looked through her collection of photographs (all available for viewing on I was completely blown away with what I saw. Each photograph captures the moment perfectly and each holds a magnificent amount of atmospheric detail - something that is special and will last forever.

I've chosen a few pieces of her work to share with you all but make sure you check her blog out, even if photography isn't your thing.

I think breath taking just about sums it up...


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