Monday, 31 October 2011

Little Breakout..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I've not really posted a little break away blog since my Norway trip.
No real reason as to why I just seem to let the focus of music or clothing take over (much like my actual life).
So as it goes we went for a very nice break away on Friday to Minehead in Somerset until this afternoon, lot's of relaxing, lot's of food (Too much food), and just a bit of time out.
I won't bore you with the detail's of how I met Billy Bear (not the cheap sliced chopped ham kind) but just share a few of the photo's I took over the last few day's.
I will bore you though with the fact that I've found my little retirement home "The Captain's Cabin" and I intend to buy it outright and bring the music to Minehead.... and spoil myself on their fish & chip's.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday night chill out time... Saul Wilks

After a 'quiet pint' that got very much out of hand last night, I'm having a Friday night just lazing around and chilling out. A couple of big weekends are coming up and I don't wish to be a spent shell when I should be partying hard so needs to a must and all that.

I've gone for an everyday ensemble made up of some of the comfiest wears I own. Plenty of Our Legacy, well worn in denims and trusty Superga court pumps. Throw some classic see sucker in thanks to Marks and Spencer's hat department and I've had a royal day playing records, laying on the couch and working my way through my DVD collection. American Gangster and Casino done - better get another 'lad' film in before my lady gets here.

Enjoy the weekend in comfort!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

On The Buses..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Olive.... why is she on here ? am I about to share an amazing tale about the early 70's sitcom ?
I'm just using her.... well her name to get to where I'm on about.
Landed at H.Q this week Olive..... Engineered Garments and Supreme.

Now the North Wood jacket was an easy decision, after wanting wanting wanting the original olive Birdshooter to no avail this was the answer to all my dreams'..... or at least that particular dream.
Wool herringbone lining, cord inner collar, tab throat storm flap,  reinforced elbows and a large poachers pocket on the back for those "service station" moments.
Easy as that, a timeless addition to the wardrobe.

The next wasn't an easy decision and I'm still not 100% on it for various reasons but.... it's the perfect colour I was after I'm just not really a 'Preme kind a guy, hoping to pick up an olive bucket hat in the near future because that just wasn't happening trying to find the exact one I'm after.
So the Supreme camp 5 panel was what made it's way over, just unsure whether it's for me or not, who know's but still on the lookout for a plain Olive hat.

Boogie Cartel x The NYC Downlow..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Everybody know's my musical history, and it's common knowledge that me and Adele go way back and that a few of her song's are aimed in my direction, thing is Adele..... it's finished. Get over it.
So now your expecting a few love song's, a couple of meaningful ballad's..... think again.
Let me set the scene for you, dark dingy dirty slutty neon lit basement club 1986 a perfect pick up joint where it all happen's... The time of your life.
You enter the hole squinting your eyes as the neon pink beams go over your face, you can hear a deep synthy riff that get's louder as you walk closer to the inner door of this disgusting club, your heart's racing because you know it's gonna be one of the best 10 hour's of your life, an all nighter to rival any other of your life.
You pull the door open and it hit's you square in the face, a great backhander of bass, cow bell's, lasers, and synth.... A boogie wonderland.
If you still haven't pictured it I'll further your imagination, think Star Wars, think that amazing party on Jabba the Huts swinging ship - the Max Rebo band playing in the chill room, couple of storm troopers breaking to the sound of Shannon's "Let the music play" - all kinds of space freaks, freakniks, miss fits under one roof high on life enjoying a sleazed up disco ....... Welcome to the Boogie Cartel.

Now I've got you in that mindset he's a little guest mix knocked up for the NYC downlow, just over 2 hour's for your pleasure, like a massive ribbed gobbler it's there to serve a purpose and deliver, so get amongst it and enjoy yourselves.

Clickable link-

Much love Captain Turtle / The Boogie Cartel.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Autumn Sky... By Saul Wilks

Where I live is steeped in industrial history and heritage and my house happens to be built on the old town dock, which if you're from Newport South Wales, probably means something to you. If however, as I suspect you're lucky enough not to be from Newport then the City was once one of the busiest ports in Europe thanks to the coal industry and other heavy industrial works of the area.

I bought my current house when the council, in all their wisdom, undertook the task of regenerating the now almost deserted dockland area of the city with modern housing and a host of other stuff they didn't end up doing.

All around the area I live are clues and relics of Newport's once illustrious and prosperous heritage both from an industrial and maritime perspective. I've always wanted to go out and explore the old ruins of the buildings which once housed numerous trades and companies such as The Baltic Oil Works but unfortunately for quite some time the areas where they are located contained a rather boisterous traveler community. Call me cynical, but I didn't quite fancy going wandering around a caravan site while brandishing an expensive camera.

Anyhow, fast forward to this evening and the gypsies have long gone (unfortunately the same can't be said for their mess) so I headed out and had a pretty ace time entering dangerous buildings and getting some snaps of the dry docks and surrounding areas including Newport's most famous structure - the Transporter bridge. I used to proudly announce to visiting friends that there are only three in the modern world, one in Canada, one in Middlesbrough and the one that sits proudly in Newport's Dockland area. I wasn't quite honest though, there's actually 9. God knows why I thought that would impress people, but there you go.

The majority of the area is obviously dilapidated and falling apart and nature has reclaimed a lot of the land. Still, with it being such a beautiful evening it was a pleasure to take some photos of some long forgotten places which once bustled with the heady fro of heavy industrial work and see my home towns often over looked enigmatic qualities through a lens... As I departed the scene, looking back at the glorious setting sun one more time I could almost hear the chirpy working class camaraderie that would have hung high in the air. Unfortunately though, all that I could hear were the expletive and cursing tones of a drunken hobo dancing on the banks of the river.

How the times they change...

Rustic niceties... By Saul Wilks

Rustic get up, cold weather, breath in front of my face, red nose makes Mr Wilks a very happy chappy.

Great isn't it? I was strolling around last night in work thinking how glorious the cold, crisp air was and couldn't wait to get out today. I've got my camera all set and hopefully I'll be able to catch some maritime ruins near where I live which will make some interesting viewing.

Can't stop, things to do but thought I'd drop today's wears into the mixer. The big jackets and coats are certainly coming out to play now! Enter Engineered Garments...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Some Sleaze & Some Disco..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

The lad's at BICEP are at times on very similar wavelength's to what we at the Boogie Cartel churn out, sleazed up boogie disco and house and this short mix from them is pretty good and house's a couple of record's I love which is always a bonus, this mix has one word for me attached to it..... "Bukake".
A long played out game of Bukake with "finishing" point's during the mix, real money shot's worth of vocal and deep beat.


And last but not least something for you to wake up tomorrow to and whack this on around 10am.
Will make your Sunday actually feel like a Sunday... as opposed to just a pre-Monday.
Easy listening, easy like Sunday morning.

Jean Carne - My Love Dont Come Easy (Disco Tech Edit)
The Chi-Lites - Inner City Blues (Disco Tech Edit)
Al Green - The Letter (Disco Tech Edit)
Curtis Mayfield - Trippin Out (Disco Tech Edit)
Freddie Scott- Got What I Need (Disco TechEdit)
Carla Thomas & Otis Redding - Tramp (Hawk Edits Reboot)
Bill Withers - Grandmas Hands (Disco Tech Edit)
George McCrae - Can't Leave You Alone (Scratchandsniff's Extended Re-Rub)
Sylvia Robinson- Sweet stuff (Disco Tech Edit)
Al Green - Light My Fire (Scratchandsniff's Extended Re-Rub)
Frankie Valli - Grease (Disco Tech Edit)
The Equals - Funky Like a Train (Disco Tech Edit)
Graham Nash - Chicago (Disco Tech Edit)
Gwen McCrae - Let's Straight It Out (Disco Tech Edit)
Benjamin “Benny” Latimore - It Ain't Where You Been (Disco Tech Edit)
Ann Peebles - I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Cosmic Boogie Edit)

With A Little Help From My Friends - I by dj ShmeeJay

Friday, 21 October 2011