Thursday, 27 October 2011

Boogie Cartel x The NYC Downlow..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Everybody know's my musical history, and it's common knowledge that me and Adele go way back and that a few of her song's are aimed in my direction, thing is Adele..... it's finished. Get over it.
So now your expecting a few love song's, a couple of meaningful ballad's..... think again.
Let me set the scene for you, dark dingy dirty slutty neon lit basement club 1986 a perfect pick up joint where it all happen's... The time of your life.
You enter the hole squinting your eyes as the neon pink beams go over your face, you can hear a deep synthy riff that get's louder as you walk closer to the inner door of this disgusting club, your heart's racing because you know it's gonna be one of the best 10 hour's of your life, an all nighter to rival any other of your life.
You pull the door open and it hit's you square in the face, a great backhander of bass, cow bell's, lasers, and synth.... A boogie wonderland.
If you still haven't pictured it I'll further your imagination, think Star Wars, think that amazing party on Jabba the Huts swinging ship - the Max Rebo band playing in the chill room, couple of storm troopers breaking to the sound of Shannon's "Let the music play" - all kinds of space freaks, freakniks, miss fits under one roof high on life enjoying a sleazed up disco ....... Welcome to the Boogie Cartel.

Now I've got you in that mindset he's a little guest mix knocked up for the NYC downlow, just over 2 hour's for your pleasure, like a massive ribbed gobbler it's there to serve a purpose and deliver, so get amongst it and enjoy yourselves.

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Much love Captain Turtle / The Boogie Cartel.

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