Tuesday, 31 August 2010

When you Discover the Warmth of Music...

So After what was one of the best bank holidays i care to remember, myself and 'Life through a Latex Window' and Disco compadrae Tommy Armstrong have put together a light hearted write up of what was a superb affair consisting of some of the best underground, upfront and classic sounding Disco and house around.


The Paper Mill, terrace pre party - Tommy Armstrong.

We met Sunday afternoon with heavy heads and high hopes. Still bearing the emotional scars of the eventful Saturday nights we’d all had, Sinister Delicious’ own Saul Wilks, our mutual friend and king of the gurn Ben, and yours truly congregated on the corner of Old Street like the three musketeers ready to take on the world once more. Our destination, The Paper Mill on Curtain Road, for the first half of a Discovery & Warm double headed monster of a party spread across 16 hours and two venues. A terrace party/BBQ during the day and a Jamie Jones Hot Natured set after dark - magical.

A brief rainstorm had passed and the clouds broke leaving the August sun to shine down on the small courtyard at the back of the Paper Mill where we plotted up, ready to ease ourselves back into a partying vibe. The atmosphere was small and cosy and the small early crowd was friendly, more family BBQ than pre-party, as if we had all been invited into someone’s back garden - exactly what we wanted for a chilled out catching up session before the real fun and games began. We sat down, spread out with shades on and Sol in hand sharing tales of weekend debauchery - what bank holiday BBQs are all about.

As the afternoon went on the tables filled up with an older crowd of disco and house heads, the chattering got louder and the laid back afternoon grooves were becoming disco fused early evening toe tappers. A few burgers and some class A’s later and the hangovers had lifted, replaced with the buzz of anticipation which filled the early evening summer air.

Sometime around mid afternoon the daytime headliner Pete Herbert appeared behind the decks, sending a ripple out across the floor which got the now bustling crowd up moving. Heads bopped from the tables and the minglers strutted through the crowds in time to Kasso’s Italo classic ‘Walkman’. The music seemed to seep physically out of the speakers across the floor, creeping up into my ears and down through my entire body. I started to notice rhythm in peoples chattering on the next table, the music had engulfed every inch of the terrace and entranced all that were stood in it.

Herbert teased the crowd by tossing up the first few bars of Grace Jones’ anthem ‘Pull up to the Bumper’ before volleying it straight onto the dancefloor for the crowd to get down to. Sharon Brown followed with the anthem ‘Specialize in Love’, a favourite of the Corrupted Disco boys. We were fully warmed up for the Technicolor adventures in disco which would take place after dark.
As the sun went down it was time to kick off the second half of the event, a Jamie Jones Hot Natured set at the Horse n Groom. The crowd brought the sunshine vibes along and embarked on a mass exodus next door to continue what was fast becoming the party of the summer.

Horse and Groom, Night party - Saul Wilks.

With the evident feeling of some good quality Mandy making its way around my body, we made haste the Horse and Groom to continue the party indoors with the building anticipation, that we would soon be regaled by fast becoming soul knight Jamie Jones. When entering the hassle free venue, the party vibe was strong with the two floors containing each respective party with ease. Down stairs the Discovery banner was proudly donned behind the decks, where Warm took the upstairs residence making for two floors of quality, feet moving Discofied grooves and stompers.

As the night progressed and the vodka lemonades were dispatched with ease, the two rooms started to fill up with a happy, loved up crowd all baying for the sounds that had tempted them to this Small pub in the heart of London’s Shoreditch.

As the time fast approached when Jamie Jones would be gracing the upstairs room, a shuffle of the stairs commenced and the warmth could be felt from the throbbing deep sounds being served up, including the magical Lee Foss track - 'u got me'. When the record reached its pinnacle the roof took off and all but to a man and women, the packed crowd exploded into a sea of Smiling faces and body moves.

As Ruckus hailed the entrance of Hot Creations king pin and man of the moment Jamie Jones, with his familiar fuzzy afro clearly visible, dropping some electronic boogie to make the now fever pitch crowd have it out on the hallowed floor, joy echoed around the building as everyone had a collective rush.

Jamie Jones’ set was one that would take some beating, fusing deep soulful house with vintage electronic tones and back through to vocal disco spirit lifters. When the crush got too much in the top room, a venture down stairs was met by Azari & iii proclaiming that I was being reckless with my love. A classic sounding vocal House stormer that takes no prisoners. Once again the scene was one of people going at it with Cheshire cat grins that were seemingly moulded into shape.

After no let up with the great sounds that were being served up, a surprise set from Pete Herbert greeted the crowd at around 3am when my record of the minute, the unreleased Hot Toddy Remix of Love Birds came cascading through the speakers with such a demanding force I thought I was going to take off. The place went off, and off and off.

As the daylight started to creep through the front windows, with Jacques Renaults - 'My Baby Loves me' working its way through a thinning crowd, it was time to bid fair well to one of the best parties I have ever had the privilege of attending. Every DJ that played done their respective nights proud and I’m sure every soul that was packed into the Horse and Groom that night wont forget what was undoubtedly, the party of the summer.
Saul Wilks.

Friday, 27 August 2010

A Nautical Affair....

I have always been attracted to striped garments. I'm not sure where this fixation comes from, but if you flick through the tee shirts in my wardrobe I would estimate that 70 percent of them have stripes in some shape or form. A nautical inspired look is something that suits me and plays to my tastes nicely... Boating shoes from Sperry or Superga cotu classic pumps, Roue Libre long sleeve tee's, Saint James breton knitwear, Guy Cotten or waterproof cagoules to top it off. Bright yellows, navy and white bretons, rustic oaks, clean cut... A style I find very wearable.

So I continue to pay homage to the season to season look that takes its inspirations from harbour sides and yachting scenarios in two, rather simple yet well constructed and perfectly styled pieces from Denmark protagonists Norse projects and Scandinavian street wear label Wood Wood.
First up, I've copped for the Hauge Tee from Norse, mainly because of its Weight and obvious durability. Constructed from a mid weight cotton, the feel of the garment is sheer quality and modestly priced at £47. I don't think you'll find a better quality tee shirt on the market for simplicity and style. Opinions will vary on the subject but after having an influx of tee shirts throughout the summer, including pieces from APC, R Newbold, Albam, Ralph Lauren and Folk. I can honestly say that the Norse effort is one of the better, if not the best out of the lot. Don't get me wrong, each label has their own specific detailing worthy of merit (Excluding APC, the quality of their summer Tees was appalling in my opinion) but the Norse Project Haugue feels so comfortable to wear and the overall look of the garment smacks cool. It's simple, it's neat and it's a look that i continue to adhere to.
Secondly, I've gone for Wood Wood's long sleeved stripe polo shirt which again has taken on a nautical style, opting for a Breton style stripe with contrasting collar and cuff detail. Wood Wood is a label that i have sparsely bought in the past (although they have turned out some excellent individual items, including last seasons Stockholm parka) every now and then they release something that really grabs my attention, anybody remember the ace 'gepetto' tee? I Still give it an airing every now and again. The 'I'll be your mirror' raglan sweat that I blogged a month or two ago as well, another class piece. However, this particular garment moves out of that street wear Esq arena of the aforemetioned items and lends itself a classic and all together smarter silhouette, something that i wouldn't normally associate with Wood Wood. They certainly pull it off though, in my humble opinion.
I'm sure some of you won't see the great attraction of two similar styled items, both hinting at a scene of trawler boats and a backdrop of vast oceans. However, everyone has their own take on the varied range of certain styles, whether that's recreating a modern day country gent or pulling off a work wear influenced get up... That neat, clean cut image of nautical chic is one that I will continue to love and wear. Strangley enough, I reguarly find myself peering out of my apartment window, checking for a non existent lighthouse.

Saul Wilks.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Native Style....

So it was that all important day yesterday. The day when the fruits of working hard pays off and a few numbers refresh a depleted bank account balance.

Although I've spunked a fair few quid the past two months on all manner of shirting, outwear, legwear and footwear i decided to bolster the footwear part of my wardrobe by splashing out on a pair of Native Craftworks Tracker Boots.

Not too dissimilar in look to a favorite pair of YMC boots that i own, now battered from numerous exploits around the country, I personally like the mid ankle boot and suede combination. Perhaps not the best selection for rainier months but a Stirling pick up none the less.

Presenting, Native Craftworks Tracker Boots... In a very fine Suede. Perfect for assaults on hilltops and dance floors alike.

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Individual..... by Shaun Dangerfield


After browsing various forum's for the past couple of year's trying to find a happy medium i decided to start up my own for those type's with a certain leaning......
It's in two section's of Clothing & Footwear and Music & Culture, basically there's a group of people on every fashion forum that are into the thing's I am into and also a lot of other's.

The Clothing & Footwear section does what it say's on the tin, it's just chat about clobber.... from Nigel Cabourn to Garbstore to Albam and any other label that the modern dandy wish's to talk about.
The Music & Culture side again is what it is and it's there because Music & Culture go hand in hand with Clothing, were going to be discussing various movement's, scene's, culture's & sub-culture's and building up background on it all including individual's and where they come from and to what leaning's they have... be it mod, casual, punk, soulboy, skin, or just by the music they follow, with photo's and vintage write up's & photo's its about preserving all the importance of our history and how it got to where we are today, on the flip side you can feel free to plug any blog's or website's of your own or other's that are simply worth reading..... a bit like Sinister', shameless plug i know, and also any of your own mix tape's or other's mixes or music you just love.

So no matter what background your from or which way you lean please feel free to join up and join in, the website is in very early stage's and is only 24 hour's old and will continue to be built on by myself and eventually have a nice little section full of good's to cater for all your need's.

The Individual


Monday, 23 August 2010

Tune in and get down...

54 Mode Radio show is the brainchild of fellow Welshman and Cardiff DJ Saul Healan. Saul's love of Disco, Soul, French Touch, Filter house and boogie has his Friday night show, hosted on Radio Cardiff, marked down as something I look forward to listening to.

Together with a stellar collection of sounds and a superb knowledge of the music he plays, 54 mode radio show attracts listeners from around the globe such as disco edit live-wire, Brooklyn's finest, Lou Teti (Disco Munga).

Being Someone with whom I have discussed and shared records with and the undeniable passion for the music we both love, Saul is making good headway with the 54 mode show and here at Sinister Delicious we thought it only fair to hook you up with some of his recent shows....

Follow the following soundcloud link for instant play options...

You can catch 54 mode every Friday night on Cardiff Radio (streaming is available online)

Check it!

Saul Wilks.

A Welshman's home is his studio apartment...

I learned something very valuable this weekend... On what was my long weekend off i decided to get my arse in gear and skip partying wholesale so i could fulfill a small ambition that has been eating away at my sub-conscious for a while. What with bank holiday weekend coming up I wasn't that bothered about the break and instead i decided to do my gaff up.

I've never really been into Interior design or anything along those lines, even though i find it quite interesting. However, I'm not sure what happened these past 48 hours but I transformed what was a bog standard four/four/two pad (complete with standard uninspiring dodgy canvas' given as xmas presents and boring color schemes etc) into something I'm now rather made up with.

The thing is, I've used my place as a doss house for a good two years - just using it to crash at and never really looking after it properly. I've always meant to spruce it up and had some good ideas that i wanted to implement but at the time, as long as i had my decks, a decent sound system and somewhere to relax then i was sorted.

However, as i previously mentioned It's been burning away at me for a while now to finally do something with the place and after initially sketching down my ideas and deciding what i wanted, I knew the sort of the thing i was going for. I wanted somewhere I could still relax after my hedonistic pursuits, I could unwind and lose myself in after a nerve testing day in work and have a blast on my decks when mates are over for a few drinks or pre-partying... But more than anything, i wanted it to say a little about who I am and what I'm about. My mind works in mysterious ways, granted, but it's mine and i can safely say that the new improved home of moi is certainly a reflection of that.
I'm pretty elated in what is achievable when having a weekend off from the madness, spending two ton and a bit of elbow grease....

As I sit here and type the last sentence, i once again glance around and afford myself a cheeky smile... I present chez Wilks, my new fortress of solitude.

Saul Wilks.

Latex Windows are the best kind.....

For those of you that follow this blog regularly, you will have noted contributions from a certain Tommy Armstrong, a rather talented chap from the depths of East London. Tommy is someone I share a profound love of all things Soulful and Discofied with, attending some pretty ace parties around the colourful metropolis. His writing style is unique and one that has him writing for other publications in and around the city of London.

Tommy has launched a very interesting blog that features the arts in it's many forms and I would encourage you to indulge yourself in some superb articles about London life and the various avenues of the creative community that thrives there.

Here's to future collaborations between Sinister Delicious and Life through a Latex Window....

Friday, 20 August 2010

Let it British Mille-rain...

If you look through your respective wardrobes, however vast or small they may be, you will probably see the instantly recognisable Gortex patch adorning one of your prized pieces of outwear, or the oily feel finish of a treasured Waxed Barbour or Filson. However, your eyes should most definitely gaze upon one insignia, attached to an unmistakable material that's synonymous with a host of quality labels.

Whether it's the infamous Albam fisherman's cagoule or the timeless Heritage Research longline parka, British Millerain has been the pallet upon which these magnificent creations have been painted.

The rugged durability and general look of these jackets are unmistakable and anyone who owns something made from the material archives of British Millerain will empathise with me. I think their waxed cotton fabrics work well with that outdoor, classic-modern look which is evident from the sort of labels using British Millerain for their designs.

Founded in the 1890's British Millerain have grown by taking stock of their age perfected know-how and dedication to research in the field of fabrics. That, together with the head-turning charm of the overall finished quality and rugged durability have made British Millerain come to stand for all the things that are expected in exemplary clothing...There can be no wonder that the fore-runners of quality and style are queing up for a touch of the British.

'Men who worked at sea a hundred years ago were at the mercy of the rain, wind and waves and often their fragile craft offered little protection from the elements.
Often survival was dependant on good clothing. If a man were soaked on deck, the icy waters could render his limbs heavy and slow his return journey to the shore. These early sea-farers devised a way of weather proofing their crude canvas smocks.

These garments, which were usually made from the remains of wind torn sails, were rubbed with linseed oil. They found that when the oil had penetrated the cloth it kept the biting winds and harsh sprays from reaching their skin. This idea of applying finishes to a base fabric was the beginning of generations of waterproof and water resistant fabrics.
Towards the end of the 1880's, British Millerain began to develop fabrics which would suit a wide variety of clothing requirements from the rigours of life in the armed forces to the lesser demands of country pursuits.
People may be surprised to see similar clothing being worn as a fashion item by the well heeled in the streets of capital cities and country villages around the world today.
Waterproof and water resistant fabrics have retained their popularity during the decades from 1880, when British Millerain began, through the war years when they supplied fabrics for use by British troops in India, through the fabrics revolution when synthetics emerged and right up to the present day.
The demand for "Millerained" fabrics is greater than ever and the skills of this family company have been passed through six generations to meet the requirements of the clothing industry worldwide.
Today, British Millerain is a major supplier of technical textiles. Producing apparel, canvas, medical, military, marine, industrial and sports fabrics.'

Saul Wilks.

Universally Ace...

“Universal Works” - It's about good honest menswear, it's about quality garments with a great fit. There is no great vision or message, no target markets, just garments for everyone, clothing to look stylish in because you the wearer makes it so, clothing you want to wear, clothing you will look good in.

Another day, another dollar, another purchase! This time my credit card had to take the damage but I couldn't allow this to slip through my hands...

Presenting - Universal Works instant classic, Velo jacket in gorgeous deep yellow, finished in waxed cotton with a cut and style that is perfect for my tastes.

After taking delivery of this fine piece of craftsmanship this morning and giving it it's first proper outing this afternoon, i can only echo the sentiments of Universal Works... it looks damn right tasty.

Saul Wilks.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Denim Head.....by Shaun Dangerfield

You think you can change, you don't want to feel so dirty about it all, it started out so innocent...... just a change from "trouser's", then before i knew it i couldn't stop my lustful craving's, every pair i clapped my beady eye's on i just had to touch, had to get my finger's in there and do my best to abuse the situation, i did'nt want a habit..... who would, i just wanted to get into them... all the attractive type's... all the different nationality's... japanese - american - home grown british - french - swedish....
I wanted them all, selfish i know and before i knew it i was sneaking around at midnight in a dim lit bathroom giving another pair a good soak and getting my hand's dirty in there exploring all the crease's in all their glory softening them up and getting rid of that raw dry feeling..........
Denim of course... i had to share the passion i have for denim with you because to be quite fair your the only one who will listen, hopping back & forth from various label's i just can't help satisfying my need's of trying new thing's, i don't like to stick to one type, you should have a different pair (at least) for different dayer's or nighter's.... casual or smarter - stomping or raving.
I would love to put up photo's of the various bit's of denim i have had the pleasure of but there just is'nt enough blogroll......... studio d artisan / acne / edwin / kato / lvc / our legacy / samurai / garbstore / albam / ps red ear / maharishi the list goes on & on i just like to try different label's and model's and see how they wear in, 90% of the time buying it in it's raw state so it's a blank canvas for me to work with, dry unwashed denim is a thing of beauty, and at first glance they may look the same but when you inspect them each label has it's own look, be it the colour of its died unwashed state, or the colour of the selvage.... orange / purple / red line / blue / rainbow etc, the term selvage come's from the denim which has a clean natural edge and typically in an unwashed raw state, the self-edge is the natural edge of a roll of fabric, it's the way the fabric has been weaved and as it loop's back onto itself it leave's the selvage line, so the edge's don't fray and churn's you out a very nice pair of denim, they then sew in the colour line along the edge - red line being the most common.
Being in a raw state in general the denim will be larger around the waist, thigh's and in length because the first wash they will shrink, so you tend to find that the turn up's commonly found on selvage denim is for a couple of reason's, for me a couple of tight turn up's solve any length problem's and show the selvage line's in all their glories so happy day's, i used to cold soak them when i bought them but i find you lose that raw "sheen" that i so love so i just wear them & wear them now until i get any sagging or they are old enough for the 1st warm wash to reveal the natural fantastic first set of wear line's and crease's, going on here i feel so im going to leave you on the denim i have on rotation at the moment in picture's, first up Albam's japanese denim chino's, very smart, perfect, a more refined look, the 2nd pair are Kato's one wash namba denim.... very soft and a pleasure to wear with orange selvage.
3rd up are my Edwin 505 loose fit cinch back red line selvage, not worn very much as the cinch back put's me in a corner in what i can wear them with, a bit more street and i have swerved away from that the last few year's liking a much smarter clean lined look.
4th up are the stunning garbstore revi's l type denim, again red selvage and these were washed once before wear but are wearing in very nicely, the vivid orange stitching and denim label patch just had me at hello.
Lastly are my edwin ed35's rainbow selvage as saw in the top photo, i cut the cinch back from these which is why there's 2 copper rivet's on the back waist, all add's to the character and im building these up into my new "tramping" denim, denim that you've worn in and just throw on for whatever, they had the first wash after 11 month's last night, they are coming along nicely and i need to wear them a bit more often to get the knee area going, ill save my other denim for a rainy day some time, but that little outburst has calmed me a touch...... like therapy.

Shaun Dangerfield

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Papas' Got a brand new bag......

I'm a self confessed accessory addict. I'll make no bones about it, whether it's Sunglasses in Summer or umbrellas in rainier months. I do love to mix it up and drop a nice little extra as an addition to my get ups.

So, it will come as no shock that i like to rock a bag every now and again. Not as a look thing, more to do with carrying stuff around (obviously) but while being practical, we should never over-look the importance of looking sharp.

With this in mind, I've added a rather natty little collection of the Bags that have caught my eye, for different reasons. I've also included my own favorite personal Bag...
Not into carrying stuff around? Get it sorted and give your hands a rest in style, ya big meandering dandy...

Calabrese Duffle Bag...
There's something i really like about Calabrese Duffle Bags, the rope style handles hint at a nautical inspired style and the overall simplicity gives it a modern edge with a sharp classic twist. I'm digging the red/brown leather trim the most, how about you?

Fjall Raven Kanken Rucksack...
I'm a big fan of bright and loud colours (in the right context), muted down with some more understated accompaniments and this rather garish Fjall Raven Ruck could look just the picture i reckon. A snip at the retail price, a rather cool little addition for the ramblers and festival heads.

Belstaff Colonial Bag...

This tasty little number is perhaps heading towards the serious end of the spectrum as far as price is concerned. However, the details on this rather eye catching bag are second to none. Being Belstaff, the craftsmanship and quality is assured. Suited perhaps for the modern city gent, resplendent in his Grenson's and Trailmaster...

Barbour Messenger... (Personal)
My favorite piece of bag wear that i own, i picked this little gem up from one of those overly-nosey toff type country gent stores while on my travels - the type that questions all these smart young rogues coming in to buy their Barbour internationals. A quality piece of kit that didn't cost the earth. Turned out nicely with matching scarf for those all important flurries into cold northern territories. Delightful.

Albam Summit Pack...

Last but not least is the magnificent Summit pack from Albam. Have they turned out anything that doesn't smack of coolness and sophistication? Press your chinos, dust off your Persols and don your Sperrys... Seaside strolls and backdrops of sand dunes fit this Rather ineptly named 'summit' pack perfectly in my clockwork head.

Saul Wilks.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Away Day Get Up?

Football isn't something that's always top of the agenda these days, I'm more likely to be pacing a train station forecourt ready to make my way to a nighter or to go exploring somewhere in some shape or form, than attend a match.

However, tomorrow sees the Return of my beloved home town team, Newport County, to the dizzy heights of the National conference. Fate would have it that first game of the season has pitched the club against relegated Darlington F.C.

As i sit here and type, rather wired and starting to regret agreeing to be picked up at 8.30am for what is likely to be a mind numbing journey i couldn't help but think of all the times i would be in this position, awaiting the break of light to go and meet my mates for a good old fashioned away day.
Of course, for the style conscious amongst us, you know what it's like and the pre-planning of what your going to wear, for those all but (now) infrequent visits to the football.

So here we are, something I've not done in a long time:- Opening day look... Universal Works, Mikkel Rude, Nudie and Superga. Perhaps this outfit will add some colour to a bleak and grim Durham landscape. I hear it's pretty grim up north...

Saul Wilks.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Head to Toe.... by Shaun Dangerfield

As the autumn winter season is creeping in slowly and the change in direction of clothing & footwear take's place, this season is harder than ever to pick out all the piece's on offer that deserve to grace the path's and dancefloor's of the uk, while trying to pick out the key bit's and seeing what's on offer in the lookbook's that are out you just can't ignore the thread's and footwear from a certain group of label's, from my own perspective that is, i'm not saying everyone should like these...... just that these piece's & label's deserve recognition, with all the 'net scenester's in supreme & visvim and fashionista's wearing whatever they are told to wear next it make's a refreshing change to see so many good independant's making there own way, some may say certain bit's are part of the workwear and heritage boom etc but nobody can deny the quality and the modern crafted look that's being churned out by these label's, the japanese brand ts(s) redesigned in 2009 and brought up to scratch by Takuji Sazuki are turning out some stunning gear, expensive but you get what you pay for in life, ts(s) focus on the workwear with a sporty military feel to it, it certainly has an edge and get's the juice's flowing, this is the first collection photo for a/w2010 and also a preview of the grey/blue sport overshirt/jacket with slash waist pocket's ....

4 Brand's that are still on my radar, much loved on my part & tick the boxes for obvious reason's of cut quality look's and originality are nigel cabourn, engineered garments albam & garbstore, turning out season after season quality good lookin' clothing, the look's are out and about on the www. so feel free to take a peak into what they are about and see what's out in the coming month's, albam's trail parka looking decidely tasty in the dusty orange with chambray inner, currently owning albam's hill walker in orange with chambray inner im 50/50 on picking it up but keep your eye's fully open for this beauty......
Garbstore's mountain parka being refreshed again (and that's a good thing) in the navy canvas with navy check wool lineing, a fantastic casual parka and my only wish is they release it in a mid-light colour tweed, you have to have dream's right !
The Multi check shirt layered underneath is a very tasty offering also and both on the hitlist.....
After recently picking up the navy cabourn cameraman i could'nt help but be impressed with the a/w beige version, a stunner and look's hard to resist, with some fantastic knitwear to follow it up with including some natty wool hat's from mr Cabourn he is again another firm favourite.
Underneath it all that 2nd layer is just as important in my book, with all the usual suspect's on file making trail vest's and sleeveless knitwear, the like's of haversack, woolrich, post overall's and engineered garments are excelling, some more to keep note of though are spellbound & frost birgens for vests shirts and knitwear, spellbound ahead in my book as birgens only has a few bits i would take but lookswise are quite different, the spellbound brown toggle trail vest first up, they have other mid layer vests out aswell and the bureau in belfast stock a decent range of it all, so check the website for the full range this a/w, the 2nd photo is the s/s yellow otto cardi from frost birgens, they release the darker a/w colourway's but i think this show's it in all it's glory....

Gorgeous no doubt about that, which lead's us firmly onto footwear, the sole of your body and the key in individuality, in my humble opinion these day's it's better to put the extra and get that special pair you really want than 2 or 3 decent pair's, after recent purchase's of mark mcnairy, tricker's & santo domingo boot's i was thinking of where to go next........ for around 5 second's, it's purely justifying the purchase's which when you have a very good collection is hard to do, but with rugged good look's from yuketen, trickers, mark mcnairy, quoddy, and other's it's hard to say no, i am torn between the quoddy grizzly boot and the yuketen hunting boot for the next offering to my feet, but i'm sure ill make the right decision, after that it's a pin the tail on the sole to see what's next on board out of trickers x present dark green brogue boot's with vibram sole, mark mcnairy's navy derby shoe, or yuketen's double ring moc's, everybody will have a different favourite but still great to look at eh.......