Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New York Clubbing 1983... by Shaun Dangerfield

I think it's common knowledge on here the eclectic taste in music we have but when it come's down to it I will always love the 80's in it's forms of Electro, Boogie, House, ElectroFunk, Disco, Breaks and Modern Soul, it's something that we collectively bring together and it's what our night Boogie Cartel is built on.
I've not viewed this footage before, I watched it tonight for the first time and although some might think what a waste of 20 minutes this for us is gold.

It shows how expressive that time was compared to today, the difference between street movements to latching onto whats on the internet.
Nobody will ever truly convince me that we are moving forward in the clubbing scene and when I heard the Jools interview with Arthur Baker where he questions it back then in 83' well it makes you think how far we can actually go considering we are 30 years on.

I'm just not sure it's a good thing with everything being so digital and how anyone with a basic musical knowledge can make a track in a few days, there are stand out tracks don't get me wrong and I do still buy new music but when I listen to new music trying to find some gems 95% of what I listen to is forgot about in a second, They aren't songs and I have no real attachment to it and for me to enjoy it and to play it out I have to love what I'm listening to.
Going off the subject slightly there, this is hosted by Jools Holland and Leslie Ash, The Tube.
It say's 84 but I think it's 83 as it focuses on New Order's "Confusion" which was released in 83 and he talks of testing his mixes out around the time so I'll go with that.

A New York taxi ride visiting the Clubs that were obviously getting talked about back home... The Roxy, Danceteria and Paradise Garage getting featured.
With some amazing footage in the Roxy of B-Boys breaking to The Incredible Bongo Bands version of 'Apache' and an interview with the Peech Boys in Paradise Garage again special viewing.
Highlighting Arthur Baker and Nona Hendryx, Quando Quango and Afrika Bambaataa.

Even if you aren't into music it's worth a watch culturally.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Mountain Research White Tail BD Shirt... by Shaun Dangerfield

General Research put out exactly what's wanted in the current climate with the various ....Research offshoots they always seem to deliver with materials, styles and cut.
It's no secret that Japan make the some of the best clothing in the world especially when it comes down to materials.  It always feels special as well as looking special.

I love a good oxford shirt and this is a great heavy oxford, weight, construction, colour and cut are all superb and the contrast white lower panel sets this off a treat.

I've had this a while and never posted it up so with a spare day Friday and seeing as the sun was out I dropped in the garden for some shots but you'll have to excuse the non ironing of it as it's unworn as of yet.

I'm extremely lucky to have an amazing back yard and the colours on show as we head on into summer were out in full force so I've taken a few shots to put up with it, don't worry I'm not getting all Alan Titchmarsh about life just a little snap happy.

You can check out the ...Research website below with the War Field Research particularly tasty and of course Mountain Research and the equally interesting Prisoner Suit Research.


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ardour Brand (Focus on Micro Dot).... by Shaun & Saul

After the minor set back last week we have turned things around very quickly and are back on schedule.

We picked up the Japanese cotton micro dot scarves and pocket squares in 'Natural' with Navy spot today and they are looking fresh for launch in 2/3 weeks time.
Which should by the looks of things tally up with the sun making a long standing summer relationship with us....

Time 'Can't You Feel It'... by Shaun Dangerfield

Italo from 82' that sounds fresh as ever on todays sound systems.

I know Italo's marmite in the majority, personally I love it I love that crossover from Disco into the electronic era regardless of how cheesy some of it is lyrically.
This however is absolute gold, one from the box that will never fail to get a reaction and one of my finer pieces of Vinyl in my eyes purely on musical taste and what flicks my switches.
Synth, Bass line, Vocal, 80's rap it just melts me.
My only wish is that someday I could hear it out without me playing it so I can really cut some rug up to it.

The artwork by Franco Storchi is italo gold in itself and a classic, Raf Todesco the musical genius behind it shed's light on the artwork and in his own words...

"The cover has a very specific meaning and is meant to represent the transition from 70's dance music (man) to the new electronic dance music (robot). The gun means the killing of the old music from the new technological music. And so it was dance music"

I beamed from ear to ear when I first read that.

"hey hey you're the tops can't you hear me you're the tops hey hey you're the tops can't you hear me you're the tops i want to see you i want to feel you hey hey you're the tops you drive me wild cause you're the tops This is the number one sound on our hit parade by mister juke box Joe and miss Annie Slade Good morning..... Good morning it's a little ditty song with some catchy phrase it's get's better and better and then it fade's Good morning good morning CAN'T YOU FEEL IT, CAN'T YOU FEEL IT, I NEED YOUR LOVE RIGHT NOW CAN'T YOU FEEL IT, CAN'T YOU FEEL IT, I NEED TO KNOW SOME HOW"

Friday, 24 May 2013

Giorgio Moroder's first DJ set age 73... by Shaun Dangerfield

Let's not mess about.  This is (for me anyway) a big deal.
Giorgio Moroder making his first DJ appearance at the age of 73 at Deep Space, Brooklyn, New York.

Not just for the fact that he is 73 and DJ'ing but the fact that he's an absolute musical genius and legend in my eyes, I'll leave you with it.....

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Snapshot.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Recently the weather has been producing some seriously great skies and none more so than this outside our house last week.
If it was sweet I would have eaten it.  I almost held up a tiny stuffed toy lion out of the Lion King in celebration.

I don't know about anyone else but sunset's like this just give me the raging horn....

No ?

Ok then.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Engineered Garments Nautical Wind Parka.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I've still not put this up so I thought I'd share it, I know it looks a little fruity on first glance but I love this cheeky little nautical number from Engineered Garments.

Now I said to myself that I wouldn't have any more from the New York giant but this is like KFC's side order, it's a different gravy and I had to add it, it must have been a sixth sense with a look into the future because (Perfectly I might add) a couple of weeks ago we were confirmed to be DJ'ing in the NYC Downlow tent at Glastonbury Block 9 and I don't think there's any question that this is going to be the jacket I'll have on for 4 days, I'll probably ruin it but I'll get the joy from it and thats all that matters.

Anchors away....

Breakin In Space.... by Shaun Dangerfield

We think the Fervour post has been up long enough at the top now so it's back down to business, we have a few updates for you and some not so important posts.... like this one (unless you like 80's electro that is).
Aired this weekend on realhouseradio.com the Phil Jaimes electro show.  I only heard it myself today and it doesn't matter how often I hear them I still love listening to these records,  classics like Babe Ruth "the mexican" and Keymatic's "Breakin in space", "the smurf", Aleem "Release yourself" list is endless.
Get the Lino out.....