Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New York Clubbing 1983... by Shaun Dangerfield

I think it's common knowledge on here the eclectic taste in music we have but when it come's down to it I will always love the 80's in it's forms of Electro, Boogie, House, ElectroFunk, Disco, Breaks and Modern Soul, it's something that we collectively bring together and it's what our night Boogie Cartel is built on.
I've not viewed this footage before, I watched it tonight for the first time and although some might think what a waste of 20 minutes this for us is gold.

It shows how expressive that time was compared to today, the difference between street movements to latching onto whats on the internet.
Nobody will ever truly convince me that we are moving forward in the clubbing scene and when I heard the Jools interview with Arthur Baker where he questions it back then in 83' well it makes you think how far we can actually go considering we are 30 years on.

I'm just not sure it's a good thing with everything being so digital and how anyone with a basic musical knowledge can make a track in a few days, there are stand out tracks don't get me wrong and I do still buy new music but when I listen to new music trying to find some gems 95% of what I listen to is forgot about in a second, They aren't songs and I have no real attachment to it and for me to enjoy it and to play it out I have to love what I'm listening to.
Going off the subject slightly there, this is hosted by Jools Holland and Leslie Ash, The Tube.
It say's 84 but I think it's 83 as it focuses on New Order's "Confusion" which was released in 83 and he talks of testing his mixes out around the time so I'll go with that.

A New York taxi ride visiting the Clubs that were obviously getting talked about back home... The Roxy, Danceteria and Paradise Garage getting featured.
With some amazing footage in the Roxy of B-Boys breaking to The Incredible Bongo Bands version of 'Apache' and an interview with the Peech Boys in Paradise Garage again special viewing.
Highlighting Arthur Baker and Nona Hendryx, Quando Quango and Afrika Bambaataa.

Even if you aren't into music it's worth a watch culturally.

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