Monday, 27 May 2013

Mountain Research White Tail BD Shirt... by Shaun Dangerfield

General Research put out exactly what's wanted in the current climate with the various ....Research offshoots they always seem to deliver with materials, styles and cut.
It's no secret that Japan make the some of the best clothing in the world especially when it comes down to materials.  It always feels special as well as looking special.

I love a good oxford shirt and this is a great heavy oxford, weight, construction, colour and cut are all superb and the contrast white lower panel sets this off a treat.

I've had this a while and never posted it up so with a spare day Friday and seeing as the sun was out I dropped in the garden for some shots but you'll have to excuse the non ironing of it as it's unworn as of yet.

I'm extremely lucky to have an amazing back yard and the colours on show as we head on into summer were out in full force so I've taken a few shots to put up with it, don't worry I'm not getting all Alan Titchmarsh about life just a little snap happy.

You can check out the ...Research website below with the War Field Research particularly tasty and of course Mountain Research and the equally interesting Prisoner Suit Research.


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