Friday, 26 August 2011

Alfresco Boogie... By Saul Wilks

Around a month ago we threw a part on a rooftop in Kings Cross, London. Shaun is generally more together than me and had his mix up a few days after the party, I stuck mine up a week or so back but didn't post it on here so for what it's worth here's an hour and twenty minutes of the set I played to close the terrace at 'The Boogie Cartel Presents a Roof Top Terrace Party' at The Big Chill House, Kings Cross, London 06/08/2011.

Great day / night with a rainbow smiling upon proceedings during Donald Byrd, Love has come around -a hair on the back of your neck moment for all involved...

Unfortunately, the last 3 records are cut off the mix but for what it's worth, enjoy !

 Saul W @ The Boogie Cartel presents - A Roof Top Terrace Party by The Boogie Cartel

Saul W @ The Boogie Cartel Presents, The Big Chill House, Kings Cross

Freddie James - Don't turn your back on love (Instrumental)
Patrice Rushen - Forget me nots (Munga cabin fever edit)
Donna Allen - Serious (Fingerman's nice to djs edit)
Feel - Let's rock
Collage - Romeo where's Juiliet (InnerWestSoul edit)
Komiko - Feel alright (Beaten Space Probe edit)
Sister Sledge - Thinking of you (Dimitri From Paris edit)
SOS Band - High hopes (OOFT edit)
Nu Shooz - I can't wait (XL Re-Rub)
Lace - Can't play around
The Whispers - And it goes (Mungas crack head mix)
Kastil - Low Luv
Donald Byrd and 125th street NYC - Love has come around (Deep&Disco edit)
Mona Rae - Do me (And munga gone done it edit)
HBB - Hunch Back Boogie
Affinity - Don't go away(1983 club mix)
Matt Hughes - Can't talk now
Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (Beaten Space Probe edit)
Masters At Work - To be in love
Chic - I want your love (Todd Terje edit)

Treasure hunting...By Saul Wilks

I love rummaging  through old brick a brack shops, flicking through crates of old knackered records and avoiding the dust in some vintage boutique. Although I don't particularly wear much vintage stuff these days - I always like to have a look at what's on offer - I've found some real diamonds in the past.

Yesterday I got up at the crack of dawn so I could hit up the Spitalfields collectors and antique market, a favourite with stylists, designers and home to many eccentric characters vending their weird and wonderful products to an enthusiastic crowd.

Aside from Vintage clothing stalls you can find pretty much anything of interest and it's always a lottery what you might find. Yesterday I encountered an old Roland Sampler machine, the mangled remains of a WW2 Hawker Hurricane that had been shot down (which was displayed, quite morbidly, with the details of the pilot that was killed in the crash) and False limbs.

Although the thought of buying a spare leg or forking out on a knackered synthesiser wasn't really appealing, the thought of a few crafty purchases to bolster my winter wardrobe and a couple of record purchases very much were. In particular I've been after an original Harris Tweed for the Winter for when I'm out walking or going somewhere a little up market. Then I came upon the rack of jackets shown below, complete with lots of battered Barbour's, blazers and tweeds.

After having a quick browse through I stumbled upon an absolute gem, original Harris Tweed with leather arm patches - exactly the sort of thing I was after. After a spot of mild bartering with the Italian girl whose store it was I managed to get it for a plucky 45 quid.

Together with the earlier Barbour bargain and a shed full of records, It rounded off a rather successful day on the shopping front and left me craving Winter even more, thanks the true character and beauty of this -

Touch of the year...By Saul Wilks

I've had quite a bit of luck of late when it comes to nabbing bargains and my luck continued yesterday while out shopping in London. Having to stick to a tight budget these days, hunting out the bargains is a necessity that needs to be mastered and yesterday I put this mastery into practice.

Barbour isn't particularly a label that sends shivers of excitement down my spine any more, I've got a couple of things in my wardrobe that I wear and love but a lot of the stuff coming out from them these days looks a bit cheap, done to death or generally shit. Its become a bit monotonous and dare I say it, a little bit boring hasn't it? Enter To Ki To and some refreshing ideas and designs, the now season to season collaboration has brought about some iconic jackets and garments worth the price tags they command.

While on my regular nightly internet scouting routine a few weeks back I came across a gorgeous red knit, designed by To Ki To for Barbour, I was going to stick it on my wants list ready for the winter as It's an amazing bit of kit. Luckily I did't splash out the £144 it's going for online and in shops...

Yesterday on impulse while doing my normal rounds around the shop rich pickings of east London I nipped into the Barbour pop up store at Spitalfields market for a quick browse. My eyes instantly diverted to the knitwear rack and there, hanging up was the very same knit I'd been lusting over, in my size and with a oner slashed off the price. £44, perfect fit, thank you very much Mr John Barbour. Turns out they'd had a sample given to them of each To Ki To product and I just happened to land at the right time, even the bird that served me said I'd had a right result.

What an ace knit this is as well, the details and quality are amazing, definitely a popular choice for me when Jackie Frost comes a'knocking... Check out these picks and drooooool

An August day on the South bank...By Saul Wilks

I've just got back from another London exertion, as I'm sure you're all aware by now my girlfriend lives there so I'm lucky that I can spend half of my time in one of the true great cities of the world.

I arrived in the capital on Tuesday afternoon around 1pm suffering with severe sleep deprivation and a rather sore head. Having no keys to my missus' gaff I headed over to where she works on the South bank in central London. Now for anyone who has never been, the South bank is an area that runs adjacent to the Thames, showcasing the arts, home to the national theatre and generally pretty interesting to stroll down in the sunshine... Except on this particular August day, the Sun was no where to be seen and it was chucking it down with rain.

It looked more like a day in January than the peak time of our Summer, but unperturbed and sporting some rather natty rain wear I decided to capture a few pictures that caught my imagination while I passed the time on the banks of the ancient river.

What follows is a tongue in cheek interpretation of An August day on the South Bank...


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Luxury For Your Feet..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I love that word.... Luxury. It instantly fill's you with satisfaction and when your a massive nerd like myself "luxury" & "footwear" go together like Cannon & Ball. Not that I'm comparing Yuketen with an 80's comedy duo, this duo simply beam with quality, craftsmanship and dare I say it again.... "Luxury".
Like most thing's in life when hype take's control you can start adding extra money in to whatever it is your looking at and unfortunately in recent time's Yuketen has gone this way I'm not saying their shoe's or boot's are not worth the money (because they are) but they have easily risen in price by 30% something which I don't think will eventually do the brand any favour's.
That said I wouldn't think twice paying the asking price for these beauty's, the only thing putting me off is I have the Maine guide's in blue leather already and I think it will just come under the banner of "Greed" if I pulled the trigger on them, especially as it would be the navy suede effort's I would pick up, I don't usually blog about thing's I'm not picking up but these are pure sex for your eyes and they deserve to be looked at.
The Maine guide DB boot in navy suede first up, then the Maine guide 5 eye boot in loden green leather.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Recent additions...By Saul Wilks

Over the past month or two I've picked up some rather natty tee's and polo's in the grim hope that we get an Indian Summer. As I look out of the window and see nothing but grey clouds and drizzle, perhaps I should have taken a rain check (pardon the pun) on that assumption.

Still, one cannot be put down for enthusiasm for the purchase and what follows are three rather ace bits I've clocked up, you know, just in case.

Starting with one of my favourite tee's I've bought in a long time - Folks Engineered stripe tee. Due to the way these are produced and cut, each garment is original and differs from its predecessor. This claim is backed up by the fact that the guise I received was different to the one on Folks website. It's a really dappa design and a gorgeous colour way which just lends itself to the fact that if Folk know how to do one thing right, it's produce killer tee's! 

Everyone knows how fond I am of the Breton stripe, I've got enough of it in my wardrobe to kit out the French navy now and although this cool pick up from London favs Albam has probably been done to death, I had to pick one up when I popped in on a fleeting visit (Its always funny how fleeting visits usually leave an indent on my bank balance).

The quality, as with all Albam produced goods is second to none. A really well cut and good fitting polo, pretty much Summer cool personified.

All good things come in threes, so I'm rounding off this latest additions post with an understated yet undeniably cracking piece from Our Legacy. The masters of the basic, the 'perfect' tee is just that... File away with the 'great' sweat and other expertly produced quality garments from what is one of my favourite labels around. The colour is amazing, let alone the quality. Our Legacy's wardrobe staples are unrivalled in my book, season to season, they just turn out the comfiest and well made threads around and for a reasonable amount of johnny ash. Splendid.

Friday, 19 August 2011

New York - 1982...By Saul Wilks

Avid readers will know my love for music, particularly sounds on a Boogie, Funk and Disco tip... I came across this today while scouring around Sound cloud, recorded in 1982 by one of the true pioneers of Djing, John Morales for WBLS New York, it contains the sound I love so much... If you have an hour spare or just feel like feeling good and having a little dance then get on this. It's truly something special...

I'm off to throw a shape or ten... Enjoy

John Morales live on WBLS New York 1982

S.O.S. BAND High Hopes
BRENDA TAYLOR You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too
DEODATO Keep On Movin'
SHARON REDD Never Give You Up
RAW SILK Do It To The Music
VANITY 6 If A Girl Answers, Don't Hang Up
THE GAP BAND You Dropped A Bomb On Me
KLEIN & MBO Dirty Talk
INNER LIFE I've Got To Find Me Somebody
ABC The Look Of Love (Dub Mix)

 Early 80s John Morales Mix on WBLS New York 01/10/82 (w/ playlist) by Boogie Business

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Grenson Josh.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Suede upper's - leather contrast lower panel - crepe sole - leather lining and good enough to eat like a massive chocolate treat.
Sorry for the rhyme it's just how they made me feel.... from the footwear legend that is Grenson, the Josh shoe.
Grenson is just one of those label's that when you order something you know full well that no matter what, you are going to enjoy opening that box and appreciating what's in there, and the best thing is I never get tired of it either.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What Was Worn Today...... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Or yesterday as the case may be, had quite a bit on the past week or 2 so post's have been whenever the opportunity popped up, and seeing as my compadre has already peaked on the pica post from Oi Polloi he's taken my post with him..... pfft.
So after a few day's out, some great food and a tired head your left with a what was worn blog post, with a few detail shots..... boring I know but I'm a sucker for detail, have I mentioned that before ? I think I may have.
And it was either photo's of Ducks or shot's of detail ? and seeing as this isn't a blog on Anatidae I've chosen the clobber shot's.
note: (If you were interested in the Duck photo's just message me and I'll send them you over, nothing freaky mind I'm a simple man and my beastiality ties stop at Horses.)

Nigel Cabourn Rangoon
Autograph custom modified shirt
Albam engineers vest/waistcoat
Albam Japanese denim chinos
Yuketen Maine guide