Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Luxury For Your Feet..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I love that word.... Luxury. It instantly fill's you with satisfaction and when your a massive nerd like myself "luxury" & "footwear" go together like Cannon & Ball. Not that I'm comparing Yuketen with an 80's comedy duo, this duo simply beam with quality, craftsmanship and dare I say it again.... "Luxury".
Like most thing's in life when hype take's control you can start adding extra money in to whatever it is your looking at and unfortunately in recent time's Yuketen has gone this way I'm not saying their shoe's or boot's are not worth the money (because they are) but they have easily risen in price by 30% something which I don't think will eventually do the brand any favour's.
That said I wouldn't think twice paying the asking price for these beauty's, the only thing putting me off is I have the Maine guide's in blue leather already and I think it will just come under the banner of "Greed" if I pulled the trigger on them, especially as it would be the navy suede effort's I would pick up, I don't usually blog about thing's I'm not picking up but these are pure sex for your eyes and they deserve to be looked at.
The Maine guide DB boot in navy suede first up, then the Maine guide 5 eye boot in loden green leather.

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