Friday, 29 March 2013

Sampled - How do you get to the Cocaine blues... by Shaun Dangerfield

Everyone knows the answer to that, but luckily I'm talking music (again). I love breaking down tracks and finding the samples from various other records.
Most of what you hear will have had inspiration from something/somewhere else right up to blatant theft.
I'll probably do a run on these over the next year and break down the various tracks to the original records, they usually go down to old Disco, Funk and Breaks cuts and this one is no different.
Going back to Philly 1975 with Peoples Choice 7" US release on TSOP records "Do it anyway you wanna" a big Disco record so an obvious one to use, there was a latin funk remake of the said track by Louie Ramirez in 1976 which was released on his LP "A different shade of black" full of salsa disco and in the same year of 76 Lester Bullock (Dillinger) also released a track called "Cokane in my brain" which samples Peoples Choice.

So That leaves us with the recent reworks/remakes/remix/theft whatever you want to call it and however you view it.
We were always going to end up at a Hip Hop record first and that comes in the form of the great Jungle Brothers in 1989 on Warner Bros records with "What you waitin 4".
The sample hits in around the 34 second mark.
Next up in a much more cut up style is Public Enemy with "Shake your booty" almost 10 years later in 1998.
A big leap then all the way up to 2011 and on to Escort who released a cover of Dillinger but renaming it "Cocaine Blues" on Nang records with remixes from Greg Wilson and Ewan Pearson.
I hammered this Escort version and that's how you get the Cocaine Blues.
36 years in the making and I would very much doubt if it wasn't sampled/edited or remade some other time in the future but it all come's from Peoples Choice.

Mother Funkin' Jams.... by Shaun Dangerfield

From the slow burning heat from The Controllers and Mtume to the Boogie beast from 1984 that is Raven and the amazing Jocelyn Brown.
Watchu' gonna do apart from "Juicy Fruit" it right up and grind yo woman to Mtume, grind it good and dry getting down feeling the heat soaking up that amazing vocal thinking "pwoper nawty" thought's righhhhtttttttttt up until the kids walk in the living room and double take at you. Then you need to just calm down and enjoy the music normally while throwing a couple of colouring books and felt pens about.
Think about your actions parents, this shits real.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

DJ Reverend live in Paris.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Earlier this month Reverend P (Patrice Larrar) held down a night in Paris scoring endless Paradise Garage classics, Disco, Soul and Funk all night under the continuous Motown party night at Djoon where he holds down a residency.
There are 3 parts available (part 1 is first mix and so on) and if you love your disco you'll know the majority but it's still 3 good mixes to have a dance to in the kitchen while making Mexican Enchiladas.
April 6th Danny Krivit guests at the next Motown party, it's not that far away Paris for a night out after all....

Thursday Get Up... by Shaun Dangerfield

Post Overalls Calico padded peacoat
Bleu De Paname wool/cord knit
Albam seersucker ringsnap shirt
M&S sky chino
Quoddy peanut suede grizzly mocs
Persol 714 folding
Seiko Chrono

Thursday.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I can't dish out eggs in this online world but I can offer you some sweetness this easter in the form of some great musical joints seeing as I've broken up for a week from work and have some spare time.

I was having a conversation with Saul last night about some of the beard stroking that goes on especially at niche underground nights, "what's this record ?" with an obvious "I know" sneer to accompany the said question.
Get over yourself and have a dance mate. (even if we do know what it is).
It's in every walk of life, clothing, fashion, music, art, film on every forum/site that they cater for.
"OOOOHH he's not wearing that is he?!!"
"Oh what's he playing?!!"
I was on End Clothing's Monday Blues competition this week looking at what photo's people had put up of what they were wearing (I enjoy this, I like looking at what other people wear and get up to) and reading the comments of some people they just live in another world.
"The fit's wrong it doesn't work"
"You look like your dogs just died"
Bitch please..... Get over it all, it's always been the same, probably always will be the same.

Surely it's about having a good time, enjoying the music you play and listen to, wearing and loving the clothes you wear, being part of whatever scene your into and spreading some love instead of all this petty bollocks that fills the internet with some absolute drivel.

I took this photo of my little girl yesterday evening, we were just messing about taking photos of her posing but this photo when I uploaded it exploded into a sea of innocence and captured me for a short time, how great would it be if we could all keep this, she's just full of love, innocence and positivity.
Your children always bring out the best in your thinking.

So onto a few jams for the day, no stickiness with these just pure smooth bliss coming in the form of Double Vision's "Clock on the wall" from 1984 and Freekwency "By my side" which is released this week, ignore the first 40 seconds of the video (it's a bit weird and silent but it's worth the wait if you like the music we play/put up)
The last track again by Freekwency is a track I picked up a year ago but seeing as we are talking about Freekwency and I don't think I've put this up before ? I'll put it up, beautiful vocals and proper new boogie, ace bass line just packed with goodness.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Boogie Cartel "Good News Boppers".... by Shaun Dangerfield

Free Wav download of the latest creation "Good news Boppers" with a heavy sample from the female DJ from the Warriors film.
I'm not sure where to put this down musically, but think Electric Boogie, 80's electro with ice and a slice. x

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Persol 649 Havana...By Saul Wilks

Having worn my trusty Han Kjobenhavn's pretty much every time we've had some sun in the past two years, I decided it was time to invest in a new pair of sunglasses to vary things up a bit.

Back at the beginning of last month some one gave me a cheeky heads up that one of those annoying discount shopping sites that has crazy deals had come into a shipment of Persol frames and sunnies and they were going double cheap.

Not being the shy type when a bargain is at stake, I logged on and was thrilled to land a pair of the classic 649's in Havana and Crystal - a pair I've flirted with on numerous occasions.

They finally arrived yesterday after patient weeks of waiting - the only complaint I've got really, seeing as they only cost me a ton, a price that can't be argued with.

I'll save you my usual rigmarole of wishing it was summer already, here's to plastic looking online shopping discount sites though... They came up trumps this time!

Bleu De Paname Vest Chauffagiste...By Saul Wilks

Everyday should be a Bleu De Paname day! Yet more goodness from those good old French folk, I picked up this delightful workers jacket courtesy of Anthem Store last week and have been rinsing it ever since.

Wooden buttons, faded indigo blue and a couple of handy pockets for those mischievous hands of mine, this is a great lightweight jacket for spring summer that happens to look pretty killer with just about anything.

Simple, exceptionally well made and down right lovely looking, this is another purchase I'm pretty happy with, especially when I'm rocking it with a big fat pair of Persol's this summer down by the French Riviera.

So damn cool it hurts...

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mike Brodie "Trainhoppers".... by Shaun Dangerfield

It's not very often we re-blog about something we find ourselves but these photos had me in a trance.
I saw this on the back of the Coggles blog in a post by Liv Siddall so I searched online for the photo's including the one's missing in the original post.

In 2004 photographer Mike Brodie documented himself train hopping across America with a group of youngsters on freight train's, living life on the banks of the railroads and with it has released this photo book.
Now I've heard of train hopping but in all fairness I've never wanted to look further into it in terms of interest levels.
I'm sure we all have our own view or take on sub-cultures but I had to laugh at the press labelled "Train hopping and squatting sub-culture" it's hardly any kind of culture more travelling and living but not actually getting anywhere.  But that's my opinion which lead me onto this and I couldn't help but look at those in the photo's and try and make them out.
Are they orphans ? thrill seekers ? rich kids with nothing better to do ? or just youngsters wanting to see the world a bit with not much money.

Now I've always loved "real" photo's that represent true life (in whatever form that is) and I think he does more than capture that with these photo's, one things for sure it certainly keeps you guessing and thinking.
The only reason why I say this is because you look around and no matter what you can always kind of tell someones background, not that it matters because I try not to judge anyone on who they are or what they do but with this I couldn't help but think what are you gaining from it ? personal experience ? because if there is more to these young people background wise and there is somewhere they could be I find it hard to figure out why they would be doing this.

But that's what impressed me most about these photo's, the fact of how much I did think about what was/is going on but from the expressions on their faces and the clothes they are wearing I couldn't help but think that they didn't have to be there, certainly no displeasure anyway and maybe I've read it wrong but that's what I take from this photo book.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Mackintosh Duncan.... by Shaun Dangerfield

You just can't deny Mackintosh outerwear, sheer quality and style and at the moment some of the outerwear available through various sources are just unbelievable value for money.
This was advertised on a forum I frequent for such a low price I just couldn't turn it down.
Hand made rubberised cotton Duncan mac in almost like a crossover moss green/lime colour, look's great on with darker block colours and the attention to detail as always with Mac is second to none.

The only real problem I have is evading the Old Bill in it so if you see this mac running through the park with the 5'o in pursuit then you know I've gone back to my flashing day's and I'll send you a V.O some time....

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pump Up the Volume...By Saul Wilks

If you've got a few hours to spare and you're a tad bored this weekend then get on this classic documentary about the birth of house music, from its disco origins right through to present day.

There's some great scenes throughout featuring New York, Chicago, Detroit as well as the Hac and other classic known clubs here in the UK.

Great soundtrack throughout... Definitely worth a watch.



Duxbak 50's Hunting Coat...By Saul Wilks

To add to my ever increasing arsenal of outwear, I copped for this 1950's Duxbak hunting jacket on Thursday from Spitalfield's market. They have a great collectors market in the morning, with all kinds of weird and wonderful items on offer. 

There's a couple of stores there that specialise in vintage American clothing, the letterman varsity sweats, cardigans and jackets plus loads of old worn French chore coats and the like. It's bit of a goldmine, although it's usually a little over price for what it is.

I was devastated this time around seeing as there was a beautiful read comfy brand hunting jacket that was too big for me going begging, so in the end I opted for this worn in and gorgeous Duxbak. Constructed from a canvas cotton this feels indestructible, which considering it's over 60 years old pretty much proves.

I liked it for its rugged design and the colour is always a winner. There's some lovely details to behold such as the cord collar and imprinted horn buttons, but I guess what I like about it the most is it's durability and warming qualities - it's a heavy duty coat and will no doubt last another 60 years!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sunny Sports Fisherman's Jacket...By Saul Wilks

Unfortunately I couldn't resist popping into Garbstore this afternoon just for a 'browse' and this was the result. Not to say I'm unhappy about that, I'm pretty made up that I managed to get this heavily reduced - I guess it was meant to be.

Japanese imported Sunny Sport's take on a Fisherman's jacket is quite possibly the coolest I've ever seen and if you're bit of a tweed freak like me then you'll appreciate how killer this jacket is. It kind of makes me think of a cross between what a German WW2 sniper would wear if he was on a fishing trip with Price Charles at Sandringham during times of peace. Sort of.

If you're into plenty of pockets and are the practical type then this is probably the jacket for you, I doubt I'll have use for as many pockets myself, because I don't intend to wear this fishing any time soon, but the obvious influences are there to see.

I've been lucky to pick up some great bits lately and this goes straight into rotation to make the most out of it while it's still cold, which it is.

The Japanese, you've got to love them.