Friday, 29 March 2013

Sampled - How do you get to the Cocaine blues... by Shaun Dangerfield

Everyone knows the answer to that, but luckily I'm talking music (again). I love breaking down tracks and finding the samples from various other records.
Most of what you hear will have had inspiration from something/somewhere else right up to blatant theft.
I'll probably do a run on these over the next year and break down the various tracks to the original records, they usually go down to old Disco, Funk and Breaks cuts and this one is no different.
Going back to Philly 1975 with Peoples Choice 7" US release on TSOP records "Do it anyway you wanna" a big Disco record so an obvious one to use, there was a latin funk remake of the said track by Louie Ramirez in 1976 which was released on his LP "A different shade of black" full of salsa disco and in the same year of 76 Lester Bullock (Dillinger) also released a track called "Cokane in my brain" which samples Peoples Choice.

So That leaves us with the recent reworks/remakes/remix/theft whatever you want to call it and however you view it.
We were always going to end up at a Hip Hop record first and that comes in the form of the great Jungle Brothers in 1989 on Warner Bros records with "What you waitin 4".
The sample hits in around the 34 second mark.
Next up in a much more cut up style is Public Enemy with "Shake your booty" almost 10 years later in 1998.
A big leap then all the way up to 2011 and on to Escort who released a cover of Dillinger but renaming it "Cocaine Blues" on Nang records with remixes from Greg Wilson and Ewan Pearson.
I hammered this Escort version and that's how you get the Cocaine Blues.
36 years in the making and I would very much doubt if it wasn't sampled/edited or remade some other time in the future but it all come's from Peoples Choice.

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