Saturday, 30 October 2010

Who are you Banking with these days?

All over the land people pay homage to the banking system, trusting them to take care of their money and personal interests. Banks are somewhere sought out for financial advice, to withdraw the fruits of our hard work or to make investments in our future. However, nestled away in South Wales, the Principalities capital city is home to a special kind of bank. This bank is special because the payments being made here are for entrance to a place normally off limits to the regular banking customer, its vaults. In this bank the withdrawals are the kind that are made the next day and come in symptom form, rather than hard currency. Welcome to the Vaults and Backroom, Cardiff’s answer to the nocturnal underground where the least likely thing to be asked for is an extension on your overdraught.

Cardiff has never really been regarded as a main player in UK clubbing circles, not in the recent grains of time anyway. A number of long established and respected nights have their roots grown from the soil of various dance floors in the City but as far as being regarded as somewhere that boasts a continued and strong scene for South Wales clubbers to find a home it has often been found wanting, until now. Each month, in the once savagely and notorious industrial landscape of Cardiff bay, a place as unforgiving and as far removed from the new found image of nightlife, bars and trying-to-be trendy restaurants that it now holds, a special and inimitable catalyst in underground music can be found in the vaults of an old grade 2 listed building that you’ve probably worked out by now, formally housed a bank.

Due to a collective of minds that obviously hold both adventurous yet creatively thoughtful undertones, Backroom has become the worst kept secret not only in the surrounding hamlets home to the aficionados of the deep and warm sounds generated from where valubale assets and money found it’s home once upon a time, but now spoke in many an after party circle in cities that might have once turned their nose up at Cardiff’s offerings to underground clubbing.

With a non pretentious attitude and a music policy that suits the hordes of Deep and Tech House disciples that adorn Cardiff in their droves it’s no wonder that Backroom recently celebrated it’s first Birthday to a sell out capacity of seasoned Vault goers, good time addicts and first timers each treated to an upfront selection of hand picked DJs that always seem to melt the sweat glistening tiles to perfection, with their respective sets bouncing around this temple where the night owls of Cardiff come to pray.

To sum up the atmosphere of backroom perhaps one could reflect on special moments such as a bank holiday set from Chicago veteran Derrick Carter when the security bars once intended to keep people out made the backdrop to a plethora of smiling faces and the infrastructure vibrated in harmonious sound. Or the moment a sublimely crafted, improvised back to back partnership of Melon and Cassy made a space normally so cold, forgotten and empty, ignite with love to the soul etching words “Tear drops on a dance floor”. Or maybe, just maybe the most fittingly appropriate scenario to date and the perfect way to pass a glorious year of memory making, good times and highs, was the explosion of confetti to mark Backrooms first birthday, played out to a soundtrack provided by German, Jens Bond, that peppered the most loyal and committed investors in banking history. This pivitol moment a more than fitting scenario that reflects the true image of what is undoubtedly the flag ship of Cardiff’s flourishing underground scene.

Although backroom isn’t the only night flying it’s flag for Cardiff’s fresh angle on good times and underground music, together with the likes of Delete and Ghosts, an enthusiastic, clued up and music obsessive community is invariably evident when stepping foot inside each of these respective nights. However, it’s an unmistakeable feeling when once a month I make the homely feeling visit to Bute Street and the architecturally rich structure that holds these walls that wish they could tell tales of the scenes of togetherness they have witnessed, for they are as an integral part to Backroom as the sound system, the music and the people. When all is said and done, Backroom has provided a substantial entry to Cardiff’s clubbing tapestry and although young in its lifespan, it’s a fair assumption that people will be investing their savings into the bank of Backroom for a very long time to come.

Saul Wilks ©

Friday, 29 October 2010

A mini Spree... The perfect solution to a Gash day.

I've not had the best of days today... I woke up late, twisted my ankle getting out of bed, Realised I've got a 13 hour night shift Saturday because the fucking clocks go back an hour and to top it off I've just got in to find that my tosser of a fridge freezer has decided to defrost itself, therefore leaking water all over my kitchen floor that has then proceeded to seep through into the electrics and short out all my lights leaving me in darkness, crying into my hands.....

STILL! It hasn't shagged the circuit my sockets / appliances are on so to cheer myself up I'm blogging a couple of purchases I've made to get me through these dark, dark times...

First off, I copped for The Bay Meadow 1930's tee from Levi's Vintage range. It's an exact replica in cut and design of the same tee shirt originally produced in the
1930's and is intended to be worn loose as it was back then. However, I'm going through a funny phase at the moment with regards sizing. Through pretty steady weight loss over the years, no doubt helped by my weekends of very little eating and 10 hour shifts on various dance floors. The trouble I've had with the likes of Barbour, absolutely swamping me etc is no ones business. So instead of nabbing a medium, I had a pop at the small in this and I think it fits alot better... Looser clothes don't really suit my frame as I tend to look like a crack addict and i do tend to find the Heroin-chic look isn't really one that does you any favors when you're trying to get somewhere with the target-demographic, IE beautiful Women...

Up Next I decided that I'd go for something a little different. Folk haven't really done much for me these past two seasons, however I have remained a loyal fan or their Tee's both for fit and design. I've got a fair few hanging up in my wardrobe and that's testament to the quality and overall look that they produce in their designs. I love the colours Folk use - perfect for everyday wear or for sporting on a night out, either way pretty much wearable with anything. Folk will continue to get my custom as long as they keep turning out ace pieces such as the Necklace cut and sew effort, which is my second purchase of note...

To Round off my mini-spree I finally landed the Tartelon jacket from Universal Works in the pretty dapper shade of plum. The navy version also caught my eye when it was first released but I've left it late to make this an addition to an already bustling winter wardrobe - it's pretty much sold out everywhere. In fact I've just copped the last one from End, again in a small - seeing as Universal Works stuff drowns me as well, or at least the fell jacket did when I had that. However, sizing drama apart - For £85 I don't think you can go wrong, the quality is something I wont question, it's evident from stock photos that this is going to be a nice little number to have for chilly evenings out when I cant be arsed to cart a coat around with me. The shawl collar is a must, the pocket detail and the buttons are all nice little touches to an overall stellar bit of kit.

It's funny how some new clobber can cheer you up... Not to mention the fact I've manged to fix the lights (being a qualified Electrical engineer does help I suppose) My ankles feeling a little better and the money I'm saving this weekend from being in work will go towards some more fine garments... No Wait, that last bit was bollocks, I really wish I was out this weekend. Oh well, can't win them all!

Have a top weekend, whatever you're doing!

Saul Wilks.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tales of a night owl...

With a gentle push of my thumb, the digital, hand held juke box that is my trusty and well loved ipod ignites into life and allows a steady stream of sound to travel the length of the headphone cord up into my waiting ears. My brain clicks into motion and almost mechanically my head starts to nod along with my foot in a synchronised rhythm, raising and then lowering, gently caressing the stained floor of Platform 3 of Newport Station. No eye service is required to know what record my ears are gorging upon, A sublime edit of Dexter Wansell’s slow disco burner ‘The sweetest Pain’ courtesy of OOFT trickles in and teases my body to start moving around, No doubt attracting the attention of some curious onlookers. I can’t really picture the scene myself, the wax sheen of my Oliver Spencer duffel coat reflecting the diluted sunlight into a muted tone and a pair of well worn Nudies, whose rolls flirt with a trusty pair of red oak Topsiders, must make me look like some sort of character from another dimension to the people also awaiting the 3.45pm to London Paddington.

With a quick one-two manoeuvre that could quite easily have graced the Paradise Garage during a set of Larry Levan classics, I seamlessly position myself for boarding, onto the glorious wonders of London town and with it, the epicentre of something that has truly taken a hold of my mind, body and spirit.
Growing up in Newport has always been a tough gig. I always used to feel as though I was inside a culturally oppressed vacuum where means of creatively functioning and expressing myself was hard to achieve. My early years were spent doing the sorts of things that young kids from Working class towns do although I was soon to learn that music could change that and give me the inspiration and release that I needed. From a very early age, I was exposed to the wonders of sound from parents who were committed and time served disciples of the Northern Soul scene. This early introduction to music, a somewhat formality with the type of people my parents are, is something I am thankful for every time I set foot on a dance floor, search out a particular night, or place a needle on a record.

I truly believe that the reason I am who I am, someone for whom music and the general associated subcultures are life, comes down to those Sunday afternoons when Mam and Dad would pick me up en route home from an all nighter and Dad would cumbersomely comb his exquisite collection of Soul filled vinyl, each one striking a lasting mark on my inner memory banks.
That’s why I find myself residing in Coach D, seat 54 A of the 3.45pm Newport to London Paddington service on a typically bland Friday afternoon in South Wales. However, the small amenities such as the weather and the clouds gathering on a far off horizon are not the things that infect my mind. It’s the inner warming knowledge that this weekend I will be setting foot in a place so full of opportunity and ideas that I can taste it in the gum that I chew, as always, in a motion that pays homage to the beat that circles around my head and the luscious vocal delights of Patrice Rushen.

I feel the Love coming on already, having to contain the joy enriched chemical reaction taking place all over my body, the feeling that makes me want to get up and relax my joints and go with the music. This is the reason I find myself on this modest carriage, because London is where it’s at. A spiritual home where I can explore the streets, canyons of individualism and pathways to the places I want to be… Dance floors filled with the sounds that I am infected with… The only remedies that I know work are the ones that are administrated by the procurers of this soul drenched, Heart beat increasing, leg moving, smile inducing sound of Disco, boogie and Deep house available for the reasonable sum of an entrance fee in stalwart temples such as the Horse and Groom, Shoreditch or Corsica Studios in Elephant and Castle.
However, this isn’t a club scene. This is something where the gravitational pull and energy source is the nights themselves and the music that will be played at these nights. Discovery, Warm, Horse Meat Disco, Disco Blood-Bath to name but a few, bringing in names such Mark E, Cottam, Jamie Jones, Faze Action, Yam Who? The Revenge and a mouth wateringly large community of artists, DJs and Producers whose different takes and styles on the main focal point of Disco and disco-influenced sounds is a spectrum that can take you on explorations from dark corners of a warehouse at 4.00am to sun kissed terraces at the height of summer.
I could and never would call myself a purist. There are people who were there from the beginning, when the original black originating sounds started arriving on these shores from New York clubs such as The Loft, Nicky Siano’s Gallery and of course, The Paradise Garage. However, music should never hold elitist tones. Music should be there for everyone to enjoy, whoever and wherever and I have always found that simple factor prevalent at the nights I have become accustomed too and have a deep feeling of love for.

When the robotic sounding announcement informs me that our desired destination of Paddington is only minutes away, the feeling that I get knowing that my fix of life and good times to be had are within touching distance, I feel an addictive excitement. Walking with a new found purpose, now striding in unison with the beat that tempts my every move to develop into a fully fledged groove, the effect of a warm concoction of Chemise – She can’t love you, a record so forward thinking for 1982 it holds that timeless mystique that makes it sound so good, making the hairs on my neck stand on end when the angelic like vocals seep into my brain. I know it won’t be long until my feet are flirting with a dance floor.

The weekends highlight is Saturdays soiree provided by Laser Magnetic, a duo consisting of Jonny ‘Chingas’ Hillier and Neil Thornton, together they have lured The edit label of Moxie Disco and it’s associated crew across the vast waters to play to a crowd that will draw it’s elements from a varied plethora of people. It doesn’t matter where they originate from, the vital statistics and make up of each individual is what makes life such an interesting thing… What really matters is that they will be gracing an old Shoreditch pub for one thing, the love of the music, that will be soaking into the walls and melting into the ears of everyone present, that’s an element of true togetherness and that’s a very special thing.

After an afternoon spent nursing unrushed bottles of beer and enjoying good food, I allow myself to drink-in the many styles and attitudes that awash the streets around Brick Lane in a magnificent and alluring glow. My other vice in life, clothing and the keen eye I have for it, is well treated with the amount of jacket porn that’s on constant display together with the enthusiastic magnetism of vintage boutiques and independent thread pushers. Curious eyes dart everywhere and I often catch my own get-up of faded denim shirt, rolled denims and Gordini mesh trotters being judged on the street catwalks of East London. I let the fashionistas take me in, staring through the occasional look of distain.

As the blanket of darkness starts to guide itself over the streets of Shoreditch, a rich and deep sound can be heard from a quieter looking patch of Curtain Road. The Yellow and Black exterior is an unmistakable feature of The Horse and Groom, venue for tonight’s meeting of mind and body. Once safely guided through the entrance, my company and I find ourselves cast into our element with a warm and feet tingling set consisting of Ilija Rudman, 6th Borough Project, Marvin Gaye and other such protagonists of Discofied sound waves and records.

It’s not long until I find myself expelling some of the pent up energy that has been building inside me patently, from the time I first set foot on Newport Station – platform 3 and throughout the weekend. Then finally my journey has truly begun. It’s a journey that I will never grow tired of taking, a journey that encapsulates all my passions and opens my most stubborn of senses and a journey that allows me to dissipate the energy that I can exuberate and share with the like minded souls that surround me in this factory of memory making and love. This is home, this is me… this is disco.

© Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Good things come in Three's...

It seems like an age since I last posted anything on the clothing tip... I'll admit that lately, especially this Month, the only thing that's been on my mind is music and the amount of quality nights I've had the pleasure of being part of.

Due to the fact that doing weekenders, especially in London, depletes the bank account rather rapidly, my purchases have been put on hold this month. A small price to pay for such a memorable period of good times and sublime music.

Anyhow, one last night in the shape of Backroom, Cardiff this coming Saturday where personal favourites Futureboogie will be playing the second room to get over and done with and then I can arrange my funds to bring in these carefully picked items that have caught my eye over the past month.

Starting with some good honest jacket Porn, Barbour have definitely got it right for me with this little number, the Derwent. Hooded,waxed and with the gorgeous check lining found on Barbour pieces of this ilk, this takes me back to a rainy Friday afternoon at Liberty in London and a missed opportunity to purchase the magnificent Dunelm jacket which was quite similar to this, rather lovely effort from Barbour. I just can't shake the hooded jacket thing, no matter how hard I try - I'm just a sucker for them and this is top of my wants list as far as bolstering my outwear options is concerned.

Next up on my tactical hit list of clobber that I'm craving is this must have from Norse Projects. Pushed as an over shirt on some sites, I reckon wearing as a shirt does the trick nicely. A gorgeous check, not too dissimilar from a custom fit Ralph I own, I just love the way Norse fuse together a military inspired shirt with a classic smart almost gingham style check. It's effortlessly cool and for a ton, who could complain? Not me that's for sure. A definite nailed on purchase, when pay day arrives next week.

To round off a rather sexy threesome of goodness, I've chosen the J-shoe Lexington chukka. Once again I find myself getting tempted by styles that are clearly evident and a permanent fixture in my wardrobe. I have chukka boots galore but these leather finished Oak coloured beauties have a place waiting for them to snuggle up amongst the Quoddies and Native Craftworks. Who could blame me? A no nonsense, gorgeously simple quality looking piece of footwear that wont break the bank, but guranteed to make you look killer on your travels.

Ahhhhhhh, That felt nice... I wont be caught napping with regards clothing posts in the future. I almost forgot how good it feels spaffing about it!

There's my top three transfer targets... You can keep your Wayne Rooney thanks.

Saul Wilks.

Monday, 18 October 2010


Another storming night spent in deepest Shoreditch...

That is all...

Saul Wilks.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Honesysuckle Get-down.

With my recently purchased decks now a well settled-in feature of my gaff, I have the longed for privilege of being able to have a mix anytime I wish, experimenting and larking about, crafting sounds together and generally having a creative release and outlet for some truly amazing records that I have picked up...

Often, I would sit, aching to have the means to be able to play some of the new stuff I had obtained and generally have a mini one man party right there on my personal dance floor, the well shined laminate flooring... Such exploits are now a regular occurrance.

Last Friday morning, having risen early from my slumber in the excited preparation of my journey that led to Birmingham to stay with Dange and then the exploration down to the clutches of Londinium to meet up with Tommy and Ben for a night that exceeded all expectations, The Warm 11th Birthday, I took full advantage of my new pride and joy's and dropped a sweet sounding 45 minute mix of pure uplifting Disco Cuts and Boogie.

Naming it after a friends new musicobsessives group, 'Franklin Honeysuckles Cosmic Disco Party' I present to you the first in a series of mixes i'll be recording in the modest surroundings of my humble abode.

I hope it brings a smile to your face and a spring to your step.


Saul W - The Honeysuckle Getdown.

Saul W - The HoneySuckle Get Down by Corrupted Disco

Sister Sledge - Thinking of you (Fingerman edit)
SOS Band - High hopes (Touchsoul edit)
MTume - So you wanna be a star (Blacklodge edit)
Mona Raye - Do me (And Munga gone done it)
Surface - Falling in Love (InnerWest Soul Tight as you like edit)
Confection - I choose you
Network - I need you
Kaine / Kathy Diamond - Love saves the day (Mario Basanov remix)
Superbreak - Are you free Tonight (Superbreak edit)

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Investing In Life Shaun Dangerfield

From Friday afternoon until Sunday night I knew we were in for nothing less than sensational time's, thing is the world revolves around good times, no matter what form that comes in.
Growing up and going through my various vices nothing hits me as much as music (football used to but welcome to 2010).
There's no point being into scenes or various pass times unless your there to take full advantage of it, so be that hill walking, bike riding, Saturday afternoon or getting your rave on, get into it.
I sit here when I get 5 and browse through all the various blog's and see what people are into, to say I'm suprised at all the hermits is an understatement, like I say you have to get stuck into what your into, you can go around week in week out and go to good parties, gigs, raves etc and every now and then something turns to gold.
Expectation's were high for Saturdays event at Corsica studio's and the friday warm up hit the spot as the music flowed as fast as the drink, when you and your mates share the same eclectic taste in music its a pleasure to listen to what they are playing, so after minor narcotic incidents and the usual babble of women we hit the hay at 3am almost too eager to sleep, by 9:30am we were on the chuffa to the smoke with pocket's full of everything we needed and soul's full of good time & charm.
We picked up our compadre's along the way and strutted ourselves through various drinking holes in a flash of rainbow as the Trickers, Sperry & Superga made waves in the London streets, by the time we left Shoreditch's Horse & Groom the haze was well under way and the anticipation for Warm's night of festivities was more eagerly anticipated than a sighting of the tiny white Youtan Poluo Chinese flower which reportedly blooms once every 3000 years...... I would say that's a slight exaggeration...... but it is'nt.

As we settled with our spirits (not the ghostly kind) and glanced around at the 6 others in there the flurry of Edits and Nu Disco were filling the room, we made our mark for the first hour or 2 in room 1, now by this time I was racing around the starship enterprise talking Klingon with Spock so forgive me if it was Sebo K or The Revenge who kicked things off ? either way it hit the spot and after a medley of gem's I moved into room 2 humming Jamie Jones edit of Crystalised by the XX in a mixed up frenzy with the Smash of Sugardaddy's Lovehoney....... In my element ??? Understatement.

So with Cottam & Mark E doing unbelievable things with my head (of which this period I know nothing about bar having a good old meet up with a boy named leyton from southampton who was very well turned out in Universal Works & Norse Projects.... I know I know but no matter where you go you cant help appreciating finer clothing, so we made our way into our spot with the finely turned out fella from the south side and his good lady) I finally shook myself together to see the mighty Horse Meat Disco enter the arena, and how glad am I to be able to remember the first track as the filthy latin beats filled the air and a cosmic bongo circus danced around my head, sublime record after sublime record paved the golden speakers and did exactly what it was supposed to do.... made kids dance.
As I got into more of a pickle (in a good way) my legs just gave in and my body let them take over and show me the way, like a mix up of dancing on ice and strictly come dancing I latin bounced myself around from 4am on, and by 5:15am Filthy Luka takes over for the Horse Meat Disco finale, it was sheer heaven, the Disco House, Nu Disco & Vintage Disco just blended into one of the best mixes I have ever witnessed, without doubt the best night I have ever attended, I hazed around at 6:30am and realised there was literally nobody left in the room, which spurred me on to a grand slam finish, I was'nt leaving now, it was as much a pleasure for Filthy Luka to play records for me as it was for him to play for the 2-300 he started with, right at the end he eased in Sunday Girl - Self Control Azrai & lll edit..... leaned over the decks and applauded me for staying, gave me a hug and said thanks for stopping, in the age of the ego it just turned my memory of the night into something spectacular, no more no less, it was special and I'm just glad I witnessed it, I would add a photo or 2 but between us there is literally none, probably down to the fact I would'nt get my phone out my pocket in case I just threw it like an angry monkey at the test station as he realised he just can't work it, saying that I do remember Leyton from Southampton taking one so somewhere there is a copy of our faces enjoying it as much as we did, hmmmm......... probably best it stays lost.

I will leave you with a few gem's I remember from Warm's 11th birthday, happy birthday indeed......

Warm 11TH Birthday - Corsica Studios, Elephant and Castle.

I've just started coming down from planet Joy, where a group of close mates and I found ourselves on the weekend courtesy of London's Warm and their 11th Birthday at Corsica Studios in Elephant and Castle...

I took up residency in the second room from about midnight onwards and didn't stop until 7.00am when we had to leave for our respective trains home. All I can say is this - this was by far the most special party I have ever been at, from start to finish. The people, The Love, The atmosphere and of course the Music were all spot on. Mark E's set was sublime, Cottam unmissable but Horse Meat Disco's Severino and Filthy Luka stole the show and dismantled the dance floor with every record they dropped... One word, Ace!

Not a hint of pretentiousness and everyone, Women, Man, Straight and Gay got on one and partied for the love of the music that had drawn them to this small enclave of South East London.

Watch this space for an in depth and seriously emotionally charged write up from 'Life through a Latex Window' Tom Armstrong and 'The Individual' Shaun Dangerfield.

I myself will leave you with a pick of some superb photographs from the night... Pictures say a thousand words...

Saul Wilks.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A thing of Vintage Beauty...

I'm a big fan of certain pieces of vintage wear... I don't think you can beat the look of a battered waxed jacket, a cagoule that has a musty aroma to it or an old worn in leather - all of which are telling traits of a piece of clothing that has heritage and history. I often wonder the story behind an individual piece... Where was it used and who by? Why and where?

Vintage clothing has become a precious commodity among fashionistas and collectors alike. London's East end, Manchester Northern Quarter... The online catacombs of countless vintage clothing pushers... Getting the kids addicted. The irony that a lot of youngsters are swaggering around in their ancestral forerunners garments while applying new attitudes to the changing times is an almost beautiful one.

Where do I fit into this? Well I was recently let down on a Belstaff that I had purchased, only to be told there had been a mix up and it was already sold. So of course, I did what any determined dresser would do in the same situation, I got on the case of finding something better, because once I've tasted blood, I can't rest until I've quenched my thirst.... or in this case, had a Belstaff hanging in my wardrobe.

In what was an amazing bout of fate, I quite innocently stumbled upon this absolute gem... Full on Vintage, worn in waxed Trialmaster that obviously out dates me and certainly whispers tales of times gone by.
I'm certainly looking forward to adding my own chapter of history to this charming jacket and would hope that it's next owner can feel the allure of the antics I will no doubt carry out on the special occasions this old timer gets a well deserved run out.

At £150, I feel like I've just had a bargain that is worthy of prime slot on the Antiques Roadshow...

Saul Wilks.

Oi Polloi, Bringing Henri Lloyd back from the abyss?

I'm Like most modern day young un's who discovered their love of clothing and the importance of looking good, together with the attitudes that shape us and the way we are, through the medium of Football terraces and mischievous away days with mates. The first sort of things I got into were the more accessible labels that were stocked in places like my local 'Wardrobe' boutique and a small independent shop called Henry Cordy's.

I was around 15 at the time when I first acquired what were to be my first purchases, the obligatory Aquascutum house check shirt and Henri Lloyd cap, a staple for anyone of a certain age group who found themselves becoming immersed in football and the side attractions that came with it. These first couple of bits ultimately became the fore-running garments that shaped me into what I am today... A complete obsessive. That self-satisfaction I get when leaving a shop with a bag full of threads is just as strong as when I was 15 and I'm sure will be when I'm 50... It's addictive as I'm sure you and your bank balance all too aware.

Soon followed an identikit collection of checks, patches, hoods and those moody looking items that complimented the most shockingly inappropriate skinhead that has ever graced the bonce of a young gentlemen. However, Through the plethora of these match going labels for the young, that I, like the many thousands of new breed match going scamps adhered too, a few pieces stood out and are still fondly remembered.

One such was the Henri Lloyd Ultra MrK 2 - A waterproof hooded (of course) jacket with plenty of pockets and a roguish look that was perfect for football going activities. Like most, as time evaporated, I moved in the directions that I preferred the most, ultimately growing out of what are now, rightly or wrongly associated as 'chav' labels.

With this in mind I was elated to see Manchester's Oi Polloi breathing life into Henri Lloyd, a label dating back to 1963, which you never seem to hear anything of these days, not even favored by young match going lads anymore and unfortunately more likely to be found sported on an asbo-child running amok on some grim estate somewhere.

Being a label which has its own rich history and archives of complete relevance, Oi Polloi have definitely struck a chord in the shape of the magnificent looking Viking smok. Available in an array of colours, notably the vibrant and best Orange colourway.

Exclusively an Oi Polloi Collaboration, I'm thinking this is one cool piece of kit to have in your wardrobe for ambling around in the cold and Wet Months... What with Henri Lloyds Sailing associations, these smoks are asking to be dropped with plenty of Breton stripeage and should be an instant hit with the nautical-look disciples among us...

Such as yours truly.

Saul Wilks.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Garbstore Mountain Parka.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Eagerly anticipating this autumn winter's Garbstore mountain parka's I felt a little disappointed in the real time compared to the preview photo's which wet my appetite, they are nice piece's but just not stand alone piece's, I like the variety of a wardrobe and to be able to pick a jacket up that could turn your general look into something a bit sharper, so after a good think I went back for the jacket I was going to pick up but was waiting for the autumn winter line first.
Garbstore mountain providence parka still, but in the forest green/khaki effort with red inner, something you can still pull around in the colder month's.....

Sexually Charged..... by Shaun Dangerfield

After tearing a muscle in my groin/inner thigh I had a lot of time to play with the past 10 day's, nothing to do but browse the net, watch film's, listen to music and have a mix, feeling quite frustrated due to my lack of "action" within the groin area this is full of the music that was going around in my head 24/7, sexy dirty raunchy raw hard deep beats, full of seduction, made by my vibrant hand's end of this week as I could stand up for the first time, shaky in part's don't worry it was just my leg giving way on me during play......

Hot Toddy - Down to Love
Jeanette 'Lady' Day - Come Let Me Love You Psycotic Munga Breakdown
Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood Daniel Lucas Edit
Hot Toddy - Freekend
Jimmy Edgar - Funktion Of Your Love
Ajello - Moody Bang Tensnake edit
The Three Degrees - Collage Peter Dragontail edit
Abba - Midnight Mouse Mighty Mouse edit
Prince - Wana Be Your Lover DFP edit
Private Pleasure Traxxx - Taboo Twins
Baxter - Sleeping In The Green World Nuvo Rich remix
Tron - Precious Little Diamond
Octet - Euro vs Dollar Pilooski edit
Private Pleasure Traxx - Taboo Twins

Yuketen Hunt Boot...... by Shaun Dangerfield

Soon as I clapped my beady greedy eye's on these monster's of footwear I had to pick them up, so many garment's to team them with, so many colour's & material's, I just could not wait to team these up with some grey herringbone tapered trouser's and tweed Woolrich railroad vest, all I need now is a gun and some bear's..... scrap that all I need now is a dancefloor and some silky deep nu disco and some smiling face's blending in from the light's and sound's, I'll have to wait for London next weekend for that though, hand stitched moccasion toe, mixed brown leather, melton upper, crepe sole... just need's gravy now

Friday, 1 October 2010

Something for the weekend...

I took delivery of a spanking new set of decks yesterday, so, to celebrate that fact and also the joyous occasion that is Futureboogie tonight over in Bristol, here's a tasty mix that myself and fellow Music obsessive and good friend Dave Edwards recorded last night.

Its a heady mix of Discofied Deep and funk filled sounds, lots of edits, lots of 'screw your face up and grind' and lots of gorgeous vocals...

Have a listen, get yourself in the mood and get yourself out and about this weekend.

Get up, Get down, Enjoy!

Saul W & Dave Edwards - Hot Under the Collar Mix

Saul W & Dave Edwards - Hot under the Collar Mix by Corrupted Disco

Robert James – Sleep Moods
Death on the Balcony – Cruel Banana
Gwen Gurthrie – Aint nothing going on but the rent (Cornelius Lease extention)
Atlantic Conveyor – Nasty Things (Jamie Jones and Gadi Mizrahi edit)
Voltage – Up all night (Munk remix)
Lee Foss – Happy for a reason
Omar Feat Stevie Wonder - Feeling you (Henrik Schwarz edit)
Azari & III – Reckless with your Love
Hot Toddy – Freekend
Ilija Rudman – See (Martin Brodin Remix)
Twin Image – My Baby Loves me (Tim Zawada edit)
Jones and Mizrahi – No this is the place
Lee Foss – You got me
Electric Jones – Nasty Party