Sunday, 9 May 2010

Haunting Electronic & female vocal... By Shaun Dangerfield.

Sinister Delicious' compadrae, Birmingham based Shaun Dangerfield on why electronic music fused with female vocals makes him horny -

Music is very much swings & roundabouts, it all goes round and you have to go back to be able to go forward, ive never been one to exclude any kind of music or type of track due to it being this or that, when music's good its great..... no matter what genre, age, or feel, if its good its good and i like to have a play about with them and they always seem to fit, this is the last mix i did a day or 2 ago full of 80's electronic/synth pop nu disco vocal and house, the whole track list varies from the early 80's to tracks released last month but i think the whole thing fits, im a sucker at the moment for a great female vocal, one thats full of sexual wanting and excitement... tracks that when you listen to you know how erotic she must have been feeling when she sang the lyrics, couple of re-edits in here thrown in for good measure but just hold tight for the first track and wait for a slice of delicious sexual female vocal and just pile it high on your plate and indulge on its frosty sweet topping......

Captain Turtle & the Race to the Neon Lights by Captain Turtle

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Shade them Peepers....

Okay, I'm rather obsessed with Sunglasses. It's true, I really do appreciate a pair of good looking, UV deflecting bad boy's that do a good job of protecting my eyes while looking effortlessly cool nestled nicely upon my nose and tucked neatly behind my lugs. It's not easy choosing a pair that doesn't make you look like a complete knob head or like you've just done dealings with Senegal's finest on a beach in Tenerife though.

So with this in mind, I was rather pleased to pick these gems up from the vintage goldmine that is Ebay late last night. A steal at twenty sheets, make no mistake I'll be wearing these at pretty much every opportunity.

Introducing - 70's vintage Faux Tortoise Shell from New York.

How i am in love with them!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Casual Curve, Newport edition...

Oooof, Cheeky cheeky stuff - I really need to sort my self out and get a camera. However, I refuse to be left out so here's a little look from my own Summer selections, a totally different vibe. Seeing as the Tories are on their way back in I've gone for a part - hunting inspired everyday outfit courtesy of YMC, Nudie and Superga. It's Fox hunter meets modern day street rogue. Everyday stuff, spiffingly good swagage.

(No foxes were harmed in making of this photo)


A Casual Curve.......

Many things in this life put some wind in my whistle and although many people will find it strange i will always have this massive passion for clothing and footwear... its just the way i lean.
Summers around the corner and i don't need any excuses to splash the colour out, maybe i am in the wrong job and i should apply as a dulux salesman but i do easily fall for anything vibrant... apple green, plum, red, orange, purple, all the colours in the rainbow and all the rest that lie under the sun and with clothing and brands being at the very best at the moment to say i have choice is an understatement, the finest lightweight waxed jackets, linens and light flannels, tee's & rain jackets... this is the weather.
First up 2 of my favourite's at the moment Oliver Spencers yellow waxed pole jacket and Engineered Garments multi plaid flannel which is very cool and lightweight for a flannel, ideal for a stroll through town... and also ideal for getting your rave on and throwing a few disco shapes about at your local discotheque !

Mr Turtle

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


After quite a heavy trip to the deepest darkest depths of mulberry road and enjoying (probably) the best tropicana party i care to remember i used the bank holiday monday to unwind and get horizontal to.

I did think about keeping at it especially after the hawaiian beauty by the door blew mr wilks out and turned her attentions to me...... but as the reality dawned and everything was wearing off i realised taking home this plastic wanabee probably was'nt for the best and got cwtched back up with the wife.

So for my first post (i won't make a habit of it please don't worry) theres some nice relaxing records for you to enjoy this tuesday night, nothing heavy

champaign - how about us hawks re-edit, gorgeous intro flowing nicely into what can only be described as the speakers making love

How Bout Us - Champain (Hawk re-edit) by Hawk Edits

marvin g's classic with an edit of beef and served up with a side order of mash and dripping with gravy for you to sink your teeth into

★ What's Going On ★ Re-Visited by Riviera aka Dj Estèphe & Vulzor by ★ ESTÈPHE

feels good you got the love - cosmic boogie edit, bit more uptempo and one of the best versions of this by a country mile, just let it run through you like a flock of seagull's in the seaside's clear blue sky.

Feels Good (You Got The Love) - Cosmic Boogie Edit by Cosmic Boogie

and onto the o'jays classic for the love of money, just to throw a bit of funk in the works.

For the Love of Money by marcuk

Jose Gonzalez - Hand On Your Heart (Pseudonym Edit)
probably the pick of the tracks for me today, full of love, meaning, and attention to detail, indulge.....

Jose Gonzalez - Hand On Your Heart (Pseudonym Edit) by ronanpsuedonym

Mr Turtle

Monday, 3 May 2010

FutureBoogie with Todd Terje and a selection of records for listening pleasure...

Soooo, I know its a little late but last weekend i travelled over to the west country for one of my favourite Nighters around. Futureboogie - held in various locations and venues around Bristol and beyond. It's primarily based in Bristol though and it's welcome as it doesn't mean horrendous journeys back from Manchester or London etc.
FutureBoogie's music policy is absolutely superb and the fact Todd Terje was headlining this particular night was even better. He didn't disappoint playing a set filled with Disco, Electronic beats and smattering of Tech and House. I didn't stop dancing all night so to celebrate that fact here's some Big records that's I'm loving right about now -
Mujava - Township Funk (Crazy P Remix)
Without doubt one of the coolest remixes I've heard in such a long time and a record that really exemplifies the sound i am in love with. Listen to it and I'm sure you'll agree. What an absolute groove! To take a track such as Township Funk with its gnarly basslines and moody atmosphere and turn it into a piece of Disco Gold is genius...Listen to that drop! Booooom Certified Disco Bomb right there. I can't say much more, this record is top of my play list every time i put my ipod on and an absolute dance floor weapon. God Bless Crazy P....
The Swiss - Manthem (Tensnake Remix)
At 8 minutes long, i wish it could go on forever! The Swiss are an Australian Disco/Electro band who have made other great records such as Bubblebath (Check out the Knightlife Remix if you can find it) However, Tensnake turns this into a get down epic, perfect summer tune and wouldn't be surprised if it's played out to a backdrop of festivals this summer to great results. It Builds and Builds with small smatterings of vocals before finally it gives way to those joyous chimes... Sit back and enjoy. Gorgeous music at it's best.
Lorenz Rhodes - Drop the P
Did anybody ask for a massive overdose of Funk? No? Well you're getting one anyway. Someone told me that the passion pours off the screen when they were reading my music posts. Can you blame me? Just listen to this, The record is so good i would marry it and have little Disco Funk babies with it. I'm not joking. It's what i live for! Hearing a drop like that on a dancefloor when you're right on one is what it's all about. Tear the floor up, get down and all done with a massive grin spread across your chops. Passionate is what i am, but if you can't rouse passion for records such as these then you have no hope. Mylo Drop the Pressure? Nahhhh Just give me Lorenz Rhodes in truck fulls please.
Grum - I cant shake this feeling
Okay, You might want to close your jonny peepers when the video comes up for this... It's slightly weird. But We're not here to chat about music video's. It's all about the sounds. Grum, what can i say? The young Lothian producer has got it down to a tee. It's all about Funky Electronic Disco... The vocals just about make this record perfect for any party. Grum has just released an album called heartbeats and from what I've heard of it it's of the same nature - a definite addition no doubt.
Anyway, that's my musical contributions for the time being, but a rather dandy selection if i do say so myself! And yes, that is me holding a Poster at 7.00am. Rather battered but one happy cat!

There's a New kid in Town....

Like two great forces coming together, The Moon and the Sun, The Wind and the Rain, I take great pleasure in introducing Sinister Delicious' new stable mate and all round good egg Mr Shaun Dangerfield... Expect rare and gorgeous music offerings, wisdom filled insights and clothing that's cool as fuck.

Welcome Dange, it's truly a pleasure to have you aboard fella.