Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thursday.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I can't dish out eggs in this online world but I can offer you some sweetness this easter in the form of some great musical joints seeing as I've broken up for a week from work and have some spare time.

I was having a conversation with Saul last night about some of the beard stroking that goes on especially at niche underground nights, "what's this record ?" with an obvious "I know" sneer to accompany the said question.
Get over yourself and have a dance mate. (even if we do know what it is).
It's in every walk of life, clothing, fashion, music, art, film on every forum/site that they cater for.
"OOOOHH he's not wearing that is he?!!"
"Oh what's he playing?!!"
I was on End Clothing's Monday Blues competition this week looking at what photo's people had put up of what they were wearing (I enjoy this, I like looking at what other people wear and get up to) and reading the comments of some people they just live in another world.
"The fit's wrong it doesn't work"
"You look like your dogs just died"
Bitch please..... Get over it all, it's always been the same, probably always will be the same.

Surely it's about having a good time, enjoying the music you play and listen to, wearing and loving the clothes you wear, being part of whatever scene your into and spreading some love instead of all this petty bollocks that fills the internet with some absolute drivel.

I took this photo of my little girl yesterday evening, we were just messing about taking photos of her posing but this photo when I uploaded it exploded into a sea of innocence and captured me for a short time, how great would it be if we could all keep this, she's just full of love, innocence and positivity.
Your children always bring out the best in your thinking.

So onto a few jams for the day, no stickiness with these just pure smooth bliss coming in the form of Double Vision's "Clock on the wall" from 1984 and Freekwency "By my side" which is released this week, ignore the first 40 seconds of the video (it's a bit weird and silent but it's worth the wait if you like the music we play/put up)
The last track again by Freekwency is a track I picked up a year ago but seeing as we are talking about Freekwency and I don't think I've put this up before ? I'll put it up, beautiful vocals and proper new boogie, ace bass line just packed with goodness.


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