Saturday, 16 March 2013

Duxbak 50's Hunting Coat...By Saul Wilks

To add to my ever increasing arsenal of outwear, I copped for this 1950's Duxbak hunting jacket on Thursday from Spitalfield's market. They have a great collectors market in the morning, with all kinds of weird and wonderful items on offer. 

There's a couple of stores there that specialise in vintage American clothing, the letterman varsity sweats, cardigans and jackets plus loads of old worn French chore coats and the like. It's bit of a goldmine, although it's usually a little over price for what it is.

I was devastated this time around seeing as there was a beautiful read comfy brand hunting jacket that was too big for me going begging, so in the end I opted for this worn in and gorgeous Duxbak. Constructed from a canvas cotton this feels indestructible, which considering it's over 60 years old pretty much proves.

I liked it for its rugged design and the colour is always a winner. There's some lovely details to behold such as the cord collar and imprinted horn buttons, but I guess what I like about it the most is it's durability and warming qualities - it's a heavy duty coat and will no doubt last another 60 years!

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