Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sunny Sports Fisherman's Jacket...By Saul Wilks

Unfortunately I couldn't resist popping into Garbstore this afternoon just for a 'browse' and this was the result. Not to say I'm unhappy about that, I'm pretty made up that I managed to get this heavily reduced - I guess it was meant to be.

Japanese imported Sunny Sport's take on a Fisherman's jacket is quite possibly the coolest I've ever seen and if you're bit of a tweed freak like me then you'll appreciate how killer this jacket is. It kind of makes me think of a cross between what a German WW2 sniper would wear if he was on a fishing trip with Price Charles at Sandringham during times of peace. Sort of.

If you're into plenty of pockets and are the practical type then this is probably the jacket for you, I doubt I'll have use for as many pockets myself, because I don't intend to wear this fishing any time soon, but the obvious influences are there to see.

I've been lucky to pick up some great bits lately and this goes straight into rotation to make the most out of it while it's still cold, which it is.

The Japanese, you've got to love them.

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