Monday, 22 August 2011

Recent additions...By Saul Wilks

Over the past month or two I've picked up some rather natty tee's and polo's in the grim hope that we get an Indian Summer. As I look out of the window and see nothing but grey clouds and drizzle, perhaps I should have taken a rain check (pardon the pun) on that assumption.

Still, one cannot be put down for enthusiasm for the purchase and what follows are three rather ace bits I've clocked up, you know, just in case.

Starting with one of my favourite tee's I've bought in a long time - Folks Engineered stripe tee. Due to the way these are produced and cut, each garment is original and differs from its predecessor. This claim is backed up by the fact that the guise I received was different to the one on Folks website. It's a really dappa design and a gorgeous colour way which just lends itself to the fact that if Folk know how to do one thing right, it's produce killer tee's! 

Everyone knows how fond I am of the Breton stripe, I've got enough of it in my wardrobe to kit out the French navy now and although this cool pick up from London favs Albam has probably been done to death, I had to pick one up when I popped in on a fleeting visit (Its always funny how fleeting visits usually leave an indent on my bank balance).

The quality, as with all Albam produced goods is second to none. A really well cut and good fitting polo, pretty much Summer cool personified.

All good things come in threes, so I'm rounding off this latest additions post with an understated yet undeniably cracking piece from Our Legacy. The masters of the basic, the 'perfect' tee is just that... File away with the 'great' sweat and other expertly produced quality garments from what is one of my favourite labels around. The colour is amazing, let alone the quality. Our Legacy's wardrobe staples are unrivalled in my book, season to season, they just turn out the comfiest and well made threads around and for a reasonable amount of johnny ash. Splendid.

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