Friday, 26 August 2011

Treasure hunting...By Saul Wilks

I love rummaging  through old brick a brack shops, flicking through crates of old knackered records and avoiding the dust in some vintage boutique. Although I don't particularly wear much vintage stuff these days - I always like to have a look at what's on offer - I've found some real diamonds in the past.

Yesterday I got up at the crack of dawn so I could hit up the Spitalfields collectors and antique market, a favourite with stylists, designers and home to many eccentric characters vending their weird and wonderful products to an enthusiastic crowd.

Aside from Vintage clothing stalls you can find pretty much anything of interest and it's always a lottery what you might find. Yesterday I encountered an old Roland Sampler machine, the mangled remains of a WW2 Hawker Hurricane that had been shot down (which was displayed, quite morbidly, with the details of the pilot that was killed in the crash) and False limbs.

Although the thought of buying a spare leg or forking out on a knackered synthesiser wasn't really appealing, the thought of a few crafty purchases to bolster my winter wardrobe and a couple of record purchases very much were. In particular I've been after an original Harris Tweed for the Winter for when I'm out walking or going somewhere a little up market. Then I came upon the rack of jackets shown below, complete with lots of battered Barbour's, blazers and tweeds.

After having a quick browse through I stumbled upon an absolute gem, original Harris Tweed with leather arm patches - exactly the sort of thing I was after. After a spot of mild bartering with the Italian girl whose store it was I managed to get it for a plucky 45 quid.

Together with the earlier Barbour bargain and a shed full of records, It rounded off a rather successful day on the shopping front and left me craving Winter even more, thanks the true character and beauty of this -

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