Friday, 26 August 2011

Touch of the year...By Saul Wilks

I've had quite a bit of luck of late when it comes to nabbing bargains and my luck continued yesterday while out shopping in London. Having to stick to a tight budget these days, hunting out the bargains is a necessity that needs to be mastered and yesterday I put this mastery into practice.

Barbour isn't particularly a label that sends shivers of excitement down my spine any more, I've got a couple of things in my wardrobe that I wear and love but a lot of the stuff coming out from them these days looks a bit cheap, done to death or generally shit. Its become a bit monotonous and dare I say it, a little bit boring hasn't it? Enter To Ki To and some refreshing ideas and designs, the now season to season collaboration has brought about some iconic jackets and garments worth the price tags they command.

While on my regular nightly internet scouting routine a few weeks back I came across a gorgeous red knit, designed by To Ki To for Barbour, I was going to stick it on my wants list ready for the winter as It's an amazing bit of kit. Luckily I did't splash out the £144 it's going for online and in shops...

Yesterday on impulse while doing my normal rounds around the shop rich pickings of east London I nipped into the Barbour pop up store at Spitalfields market for a quick browse. My eyes instantly diverted to the knitwear rack and there, hanging up was the very same knit I'd been lusting over, in my size and with a oner slashed off the price. £44, perfect fit, thank you very much Mr John Barbour. Turns out they'd had a sample given to them of each To Ki To product and I just happened to land at the right time, even the bird that served me said I'd had a right result.

What an ace knit this is as well, the details and quality are amazing, definitely a popular choice for me when Jackie Frost comes a'knocking... Check out these picks and drooooool

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