Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What Was Worn Today...... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Or yesterday as the case may be, had quite a bit on the past week or 2 so post's have been whenever the opportunity popped up, and seeing as my compadre has already peaked on the pica post from Oi Polloi he's taken my post with him..... pfft.
So after a few day's out, some great food and a tired head your left with a what was worn blog post, with a few detail shots..... boring I know but I'm a sucker for detail, have I mentioned that before ? I think I may have.
And it was either photo's of Ducks or shot's of detail ? and seeing as this isn't a blog on Anatidae I've chosen the clobber shot's.
note: (If you were interested in the Duck photo's just message me and I'll send them you over, nothing freaky mind I'm a simple man and my beastiality ties stop at Horses.)

Nigel Cabourn Rangoon
Autograph custom modified shirt
Albam engineers vest/waistcoat
Albam Japanese denim chinos
Yuketen Maine guide

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