Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday night chill out time... Saul Wilks

After a 'quiet pint' that got very much out of hand last night, I'm having a Friday night just lazing around and chilling out. A couple of big weekends are coming up and I don't wish to be a spent shell when I should be partying hard so needs to a must and all that.

I've gone for an everyday ensemble made up of some of the comfiest wears I own. Plenty of Our Legacy, well worn in denims and trusty Superga court pumps. Throw some classic see sucker in thanks to Marks and Spencer's hat department and I've had a royal day playing records, laying on the couch and working my way through my DVD collection. American Gangster and Casino done - better get another 'lad' film in before my lady gets here.

Enjoy the weekend in comfort!

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