Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wedding Wears...By Saul Wilks

As mentioned in the post below, there's wedding bells in the air for two of our friends in two weeks time, so this was the perfect excuse to go out and kit myself out for the happy occasion.

If truth be told, I've not worn a suit to a wedding since I turned up at Shaun's in a two tone red number complete with crisp white Superga a few years back. Yes, that really did happen, plus I was tanned up to the max having just stepped off the plane from Ibiza the day before... God knows what I was thinking, but then my head was in the clouds after ten days staying with friends on the white isle.

Just to summarise, I looked like I'd just come from a stint at pink coconut club down on Miami beach circa 1986 ...Good times indeed.

Mindful of that fact that I'm no longer a cock sure twenty year old, I tend to opt for something a little more classic when occasions such as these arise these days, plus I like to buy something that I can wear for other scenarios aside from the purpose (or pretence) that I bought it for. So I was pretty made up to snatch this vintage tweed from the same fella that I copped the Margaret Howell shirt that I bought for my missus, complete with pocket square and for a very reasonable price.
The colour is ace and the cut is perfect, quite slim in fact, which although vintage gives it a more modern feel and appearance. I've already chosen this seasons polka dot button down Oliver Spencer as the accompaniment and to finish the ensemble I landed an ace pair of tanned leather loafers.

If truth be told I'm taking this to the Cotswold's with me this weekend, as it's perfect wear for evening dinner and tea and scones and lardy da daring with the local folk.

Bollocks aside, I'll be taking it because it looks killer - both worn casually with some chino's or for the more formal look and just goes to show that some of the more high end vintage shops that aren't chocker with 4 stripe Adidas cags and knock off Barbour's can really come up trumps for some decent gear.

Another great find that I'm over the moon with... It's so suave it hurts.

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  1. Wouldn't work without the pocket square- but mint with it.