Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mark Mcnairy suede gibson... by Shaun Dangerfield

The beautiful people at Kafka Clothing in Aberdeen did a wonderful service on these and threw a free pair of Paul Smith sock's in the parcel, that was greatly appreciated and debuted on a dance floor that same night, I can't recommend them highly enough and with the labels they carry I suggest you get on over there and hit their sales up.
"Kafka was established in April 1990. Through the years the business has evolved to where it is today. Our philosophy is simple, to supply good product with good service.
We remain dedicated to the spirit of the independent and the individual."

I had my eyes on these for quite a while but just couldn't decide between a pair of Sanders (pretty much the same shoe but with different details, made in the same factory) these Mcnairy's or some Trickers suede chukka's, but with the sales I made the decision.
I'm good like that.... Decisive.

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