Tuesday, 17 July 2012

In with the Old, Out with the New...By Saul Wilks

If you've been following the past few weeks then you'll know that I've been buying up a couple of vintage pieces lately and one thing that I wanted and have done for some time was a pair of classic loafers or driving shoes.

Having had the privilege to be brought up with tales of such fashions from parents who were involved in past heady and culture rich days, I have always maintained a vested interest in those kinds of styles, both in their classic and modern guises.

The first port of call for traditional and classic loafers would be that of the Iconic Ivy favourite Bass Weejun, in fact the recent collaborations with Mark McNairy have been outstanding and have often tempted me to part with good money for them. However, budgets are tight during these dark days so dropping £210 on a pair of shoes isn't quite as financially viable as it once was.

With the constraints of my tightening wallet firmly in mind, I was delighted to find these on my rounds last week in a quality little secondhand vintage outlet. There was actually mounds of quality old footwear to claw through but these caught my eye because of the two variation in leather colour used - the classic tan and the darker oak.

I wouldn't like to put a date on when they're from, but the quality is second to none and the condition very good for what I would estimate is an ageing shoe. The details on these though are quite spectacular and remind me of a pair I had when I was a young upstart...

As most who read this are probably aware, vintage clothing isn't particularly my bag...Still, for £45 one can't argue with the every-so-often virtues of rooting around second hand boutiques.

In fact, with the buys I've had lately, I might just do it that little bit more often.

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