Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Boogie Cartel in Cardiff..... by Shaun Dangerfield

I love playing records to people, everyone dancing and smiling and having a good time.
When we put our night's on we usually take the last hour out and just throw some Boogie Cartel anthems in the mix and have a good play up.
We play a few certain records regular and I can almost guarantee that in the last hour you'll hear Ten City blazing through the system and Change playing it's way through the club like a one record carnival littering the dance floor musically like a thousand party poppers and an army of confetti canon's.
Over the years of knocking around the football and knowing some Cardiff heads from back then we have somehow managed to forge some very nice friendships along the way, which in turn has forged other friendships through the music/clubbing scene going to the same night's and sharing mixes until eventually they made the journey from Cardiff to London and hit up a couple of our nights.

I can honestly say these lads and lasses are all switched on and doing thing's for the right reasons, good company and on the same level.
What more could you ask for ?
Clare who works for a new club in Cardiff called Aura who pride themselves in putting on underground night's has started a little project of her own called Suburban Boogie with a view to bringing Disco and the surrounding genres to a night in a city that is very much controlled by the Techno and House scene.
First port of call and booking for her was ourselves.
Suburban Boogie presents....The Boogie Cartel. Which we we're obviously chuffed with as Saul is 15/20 minutes away in Newport and my wife and extended family are all from Cardiff, so while this party in south Wales was eagerly anticipated by ourselves we also knew that this was quite a risk for her to put a night on like this and to get enough interest from people to turn out for it.
We shouldn't have worried. We took to the decks and turntables at midnight and had free reign until 6am, we had intended to go there and take it in turn's as usual playing set's each but we ended up just playing a few records and passing it over, although I'm pretty sure Saul hogged the decks a lot more than any of us did.
The place went up, big smile's on dial's and hands in the air. Just could not have asked for more.

Aura Nightclub is a great intimate venue, a perfect rave den, it's dark and got 4 walls and a bar with some neon light's. Perfect, and if I'm not playing the August bank holiday weekend I'll be heading down there to see a legend in the form of Derrick Carter, no stranger to Cardiff and it will no doubt go off in there.
I always like to share a few photo's and videos if I have them as I like to log it all somewhere and Sinister seem's to be the place so I'll start with this video taken at 5am, numbers were starting to show then but this time in my opinion is the best time in a club, anything from 5am and the right people are always left (in my opinion).
No shock in what was playing.... Ten City.
And it wouldn't be Sinister without the standard pre-trip bag and garments photo.

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