Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Suave and Swanky... By Saul Wilks

I don't have to sit here and talk up TK Maxx, if you're an avid reader it's a fair assumption you're into your cloth and more than likely you've hit the above up on numerous occasions. Anyone in this line of obsession, whether they admit it or not most definitely pays it a visit, as it can herald the unexpected, but then it can also herald untold amounts of shit as well.... That's the untold beauty of going to TK's - the unknown.

My last visit was made on the pretence of buying a gift for someone but as soon as I saw my chance to bail and go bargain hunting I was off rooting around the menswear section peeling through the racks of complete shite, trying to sniff out something decent.

It's a little unseasonal to be searching through racks of knitwear but a veteran of the TK Maxx scene knows that it's often the places you least expect to find a find, is where you'll actually  get your days reward. It was no different this time around either as I stumbled across this Lemon Ralph Lauren pima cardigan.

I won't beat around the bush with this one, I think it's cool as fuck. It strikes me as something Dickie Greenleaf would wear while getting down at the local underground jazz club, if he wasn't laying on the seabed in Sanremo bay that is.

Still, what's good for Dickie is good for me and if it wasn't for the shocking weather we've had for the past few weeks I'd have been sporting this with a button down white Oxford, a pair of handmade Moccasins and some serious slicked side parting action, as it's got that sort of vibe going on.

Anyhow, for a bullseye who could complain? Certainly not me sir, that's for sure. I'll just hope for some decent weather this weekend so I can finally give it a whirl, possibly to Wapping with lady for some Sunday wine and dine action... who cares really, as long as I get to look like I own a yacht for a few hours while mixing it with the locals I'll be happy.

Splendid stuff indeed.

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