Thursday, 9 January 2014

Oi Polloi Short Vid…. by Shaun Dangerfield

Since starting Ardour Brand I have had times where I just feel completely disconnected with certain aspects of retail, you have to give yourself a little slap and try to not get sucked in with the large money and advertising driven fast fashion roller coaster.

I won't lie, in recent times I've looked at some of Oi's choices and felt that they are quite a way away from when they first started, but I always find myself going back and seeing if they have what I'm looking for and they always seem to bring it round.

I hardly browse anymore for various reasons, mainly because I know what I want either from label or look and I just get what I'm looking for as opposed to window shopping and picking up bits I might see and think "oh that's nice".  Unfortunately I don't enjoy online retailing much these days, it all seems to have merged into one big bubble where everyone has the same labels and usually the same items or looks, maybe a different colour but it's pushed me further into buying from abroad where I can find the threads I'm not going to see 1500 pictures of on instagram.

All the shops feel similar, with similar staff and similar outlook, that original lusting and wanting of something different, fresh or something of substance just seems to have been lost as we have progressed, it's all about fashion rotation and new season new styles, out with December and in with January, there's no longevity in what's being peddled to us.

Now I know there's plenty out there who feel exactly the same way as I do.  I just want some passion and meaning behind what I'm looking at, listening to, buying or wearing and as I've said previously it's partly why we started Ardour, it's not about money or status we just want to put out some good honest items that come from a meaningful place where it's not about how many we can sell or how many shops we can get into, it's about having a good time and enjoying what we do.

I watched this video yesterday and I thought I would put it up for those who haven't saw it, being from a similar background it was a nice reminder that British culture, sub's, music and that substance that I love Britain for is still around and that hunger is still there with some people…

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