Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Colimbo Hunting Goods Observer Parka...By Saul Wilks

Since I last posted I must admit to having spent some serious dollar on new clobber. That's the rewards you get for spending Christmas in work, but then that's the epitome of swings and roundabouts I guess.

As a result I've got a magnitude of ace clothing to post up over the next few weeks, but if I actually get around to doing it is another matter, so don't be surprised if there's no update for another few weeks. However, I at last found the time today to head out and do what I do best.

Colimbo Hunting Goods is without doubt one of my favourite labels around and as it's Japanese made with a heavyweight construction, they never fail to produce killer looking garments that will see you right through a nuclear fall out.

Getting hold of it is like trying to get hold of a nice fresh pile of rocking-horse excrement, ie, it's an arduous task to say the very least. The couple of bits I have copped for have all been imported from State-side, Williamsburg to be exact and without doubt one of the best shops on the plant, Hickorees of the big apple, NYC.

I don't even worry about getting hammered by customs any more, the stuff they stock and the stuff I've bought is always worth a financial arse intrusion. Anyway, one of my latest picks was the Observer Parka, a rugged, durable jocker of a coat that would probably keep you alive in the Arctic circle - it really is that good.

I decided it was too good not to shoot for sinister so I headed out looking something like a crack dealer and did just that.

I'll keep the spiel to a minimum and let you take a goosey gander at the precarious shots I took instead.

Be warned, they're proper menswear like.


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