Sunday, 22 May 2011

A couple of cheeky pick ups...

I'd better get on with this next post in a snappy and stealthily manor... If my bird realises I've been buying clobber again she'll string me up by my nads, and, like most gentlemen I know, I quite enjoy having a pair of bollocks.

Still, I've made myself a little extra money this week so I decided to invest in a few bits I've had my eye on for a little while starting with this lovely 'Great sweat' from a personal favourite Our Legacy, coming in this gorgeous muted red colour.

I'm very appreciative of good quality plain round neck sweaters. For casual wear and everyday knocking about I don't think you can beat a crew neck sweat with a battered pair of denims and a pair of moccs.

I've become more and more fond of Our Legacy, purely because of the simplicity, yet sheer quality of the items they produce. I already own this in other colours and I can't get enough of them. The shade of red used is really warm but together with the worn in look which is common for this design, it fuses perfectly and generally looks ace. I've been hovering around it for a while now so i thought no better time like the present to finally give it a home and some much warranted love over these next few months...

Going from sweaters to polo's and the second phase of my secret buying mission seen me splash the cash on a timeless piece from Ralph Lauren. This summer has seen me taking a more gilded look at the things I'm buying, preferring understated cuts and styling to colourful tee-shirts.

I chose this polo because firstly I loved the cool aura of thin stripes and the chest pocket. Stripes aside, I already know this will look really grand with some navy slim fit dockers, deck shoes and a decent hat.

At 70 bar, the quality will not be compromised or questioned unlike so many Jekyll pretenders to the polo shirt crown. A nice, elegant and smart bit of kit for summer and an addition I'm pretty chummy about.


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