Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mister Freedom Veste Ouvrier.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Mister Freedom.
Not a label well known on these shore's and still very underground.
Creator Christophe Loiron has something that I envy.
Moving to america in the early 90's with his passion for idea's and love of vintage he set up a workshop purely for him, The label is oustanding in our modern world and his workshop I would love to be part of.

Heavily influenced by denim & work wear over the year's he has filled his workshop/outlet with vintage denim, military clothing, various leather, belts, work aprons, textiles, chambray, mesh all hanging in various places nothing strategic or there as a museum but for changing and chopping as he design's and creates. 

He has spent the most of his life searching for the vintage garments he was after to put into the workshop, but as time went on he realized he was'nt finding the items he was lusting after, either because they were too hard to find or simply had not been made so he started making his own versions hence Mister Freedom being born literally building this up from scratch out of pure passion for what he believe's in, they now have quite a cult (elitist imo) following and rightly so.

The thing that interests me most in labels like this is quite simply the hand crafted feel, it just looks, feels, and smells better it stands out. 
Mister Freedom make quality well made well designed clothing, it's nice to get hold of thing's that feel crafted or that feel that someone has put their time effort and love into making what your holding in your hand's, at the end of the day it is still only something you wear but if you like your clothes then I urge you to at least try it.

This whole post is about a new French work coat they have released, it's simplistic (as early work wear should be) but heavy in design and rugged, it's nice in this world of the modern feminine clothing taking over to see such hand crafted menswear being made from certain label's and this jacket just ticks all those boxes, it's something Steve Mcqueen would have rolled about in daily for years and years and it will get better looking the older it get's.
Released in their spring summer themed collection "les apaches" based on the French street bandits of the 19th century.
Natural wood button's
9.7oz indigo metisse
cinch back belt
made in Japan

Cheers, Shaun.

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