Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Post Overalls - Summers Back ....... by Shaun Dangerfield

I've been enjoying Post 'O' Alls for a couple of years now, honest down to earth clothing. 
It's certainly been the time's for work wear inspired clothing & footwear but as others fade away and fashion moves onto something new Post Overalls continues to serve up clothing in the same way they have for the past 18 years since they started, same ideas, same concept, same great looks.
This is the Japanese cotton Mattalini jacket, perfect for hot summer day's and also for layering on the cooler one's.

Post Overalls since 1993-
The idea was to create vintage-inspired but practically new work clothes that can match with our love - superbly detailed and beautifully constructed vintage pieces. PO has its primary design idea deeply rooted in vintage work clothes and other functional garments-such as military outfits and outdoor garments-which are all evolved from work wear platform.

The colour swung me most as this is a reworked Post Overalls jacket brought out in various seasons but none that I have really taken a liking too until now, there was always something else out that I preferred but this is right up my street for this spring/summer

Cheers, Shaun.

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