Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Scouting around on lazy Sundays...

After a seriously heavy weekend which took us from behind the decks at Horse and Groom to a rather sketchy basement at the wrong end of Old Street, Parks in Hackney Wick to Moroccan bars on cobbled streets and the outer reaches of our minds, Sunday was a much needed day of rest. I spent it with my girlfriend pacing around the gloriously vibrant markets of Brick Lane - digging through crates of old records, searching through racks of vintage Tweed jackets and filling my face with some delicious Asian cuisine.

Once I'd drank in all the exotic sights and smells on offer I decided the recovery process wouldn't have been complete unless I went home with something... so me being me, I treated myself to the Universal Works Scout Parka in slate grey.

This is a fine bit of kit for summer, 100% cotton, plenty of pockets and a brilliant loose cut that looked too good on to put back on the rack.

All in all a perfect way to round off what was a truly ace weekend!


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