Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Something for your Soul...

Anyone who knows me personally or is an avid reader of Sinister will know that when it comes to music I'm a very passionate cat. I've always swerved away from using the term 'Hero' as it sort of conjures up images of pre-pubescent fascinations with marvel comic characters so I'll try and explain this one the best I can. I would respectfully count Soul Clap as personal heros...

To me they are the best party DJs in the world bar none - I've been lucky enough to catch them once on New Years Day up at Warehouse Project in Manchester... I'd not been to bed from New Years Eve's partying and I'd caught the train up from London on the back of a quality session. Feeling a little fragile somewhat, when these chaps took to the decks in the second room I knew the suffering on that train had all been worth it. They destroyed the place.

I've posted up two videos that I've watched over and over - Unfortunately there's two because whoever was filming it obviously felt the need to dance (This is most understandable, as if I'd have been there I'd have been swinging from the ceiling) It's Soul Clap at mono NYD (presumably before they detoured over the Pennines and onto Manchester where I caught them later that night as detailed above) dropping my favorite jam of the minute, a sublime funk cut from MAM titled Bedroom Dancer. I've searched high and low for this record but it hasn't been released on its label - Outcross, much to my utter dismay.

The thing I love from the video, especially the second one is how much this pairing from Boston are into it, loving the vibe and generally doing what a lot of DJs fail to do - party themselves.

I'm lucky enough to have been hooked up with guest list for this coming Saturdays Wolf and Lamb & Soul Clap DJ kicks night at a secret location in London... I genuinely haven't been excited about something as much for a long time. I get the feeling it's going to be a very special night and with the energy that Soul Clap produce with such love for the party, together with records such as this you can bet your bottom dollar I wont have moved from the floor all night... Enjoy !


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