Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Old Favourites never die...


Just what an earth is Saul playing at today? I can sense a host of confused and muddled minds asking... Firstly posting a Leopard print jacket and then what appear to be a battered pair of shoes... Well...

These are one of, if not my favourite shoe purchase I've ever made and quite rightly they've been worn to death. It's almost time to give these a much needed revival by putting them in the washing machine.

I nabbed these a fair few years ago now when they appeared on Oi Polloi, at the time I think only the Mancunian based boutique stocked them along with Not Addicted. I loved the style of the shoe then and I love it even more now and at £30 these were the biggest bargain I ever had the fortune of bagging, post Adidas days.

The mesh and canvas shoe just looks ace and they're perfect for the summer due to the perforated foot construction. I've tracked the ends of the earth to find another pair but they seem to be rarer than rocking horse manuer with Gordini not even having a webpage.

So as you sit there and reel over a couple of very different posts, take time to really pay attention to this one and feel the love that these amazing pieces of footwear have been given, here in all their battered glory!


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